Top 10 best tourist attractions in Atlanta, United States

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Atlanta is one of the most populated metropolitan city of state of Georgia located in United States. Atlanta is a center of blooming culture and high economic growth of the United States country. The journey of success and growth that started quite a number of years ago has now been a tremendous bubble of success. Starting from the Civil war of America following by the Civil rights movements, the metropolitan city bloomed like a positive minded city with possessing growth prospects.      

Atlanta metropolitan city has now become transportation hub through successive pathways of highway, railroads and air. A worldwide succeeded city in means of commerce, It has also been progressing in fields like finance, education, technology, entertainment and art work. Atlanta GDP is ranked at the top list of the developed countries. Having diversified economy spread in the fields like media, business, logistics and information technology, Atlanta has gain growth prospects in terms of political structure, cultural activities and demographic features.    

10) History Reflective Center

The history center comprises of all the details that represent the historical times of Atlanta city. It absorbs the historical gardens, museums, houses, research center and farms of the city. The museum absorbs exhibits of art work of history along with the explorations of history times facts related to civil war of America, art works and many other related. The houses absorbs the living reflection and glimpse of old times and the history attachment of the Atlanta city with the houses. The gardens and the farms show a reflection of history times and connection to historical personalities.       

9) Atlanta Piedmont Park

One of the oldest park in the history of Atlanta, Piedmont park is also known for its wide area coverage. The history of the park also absorbs it to be connected with the Civil war of America years ago. Preserved with its natural look and beauty, the Piedmont park has been passed through reconstruction and maintenance phase in years back. Along with maintenance phase, a number of additions, like bridges, fountains, greenways, fishing streams and walkways, were made in the park to expand and glorify it. 

8) Oakland Cemetery

Oakland Cemetery is known for its big area spreaded up to acres in Atlanta. The history shows that few centuries ago, the place was designed as a beautiful garden but following the event of civil war of America, it absorbed a number of martyrs buried in the place after the war along with expanding in the area. Now, it also absorbs museum, greenways, animalsa nd sculptures for the tourists of Atlanta.   

7) Atlanta Theatre

Atlanta theatre also known as Fox theatre was built centuries ago. The history of theatre is quite interesting. It was actually built as a temple shrine with most beautiful interior decorated in terms of Arabs interior themes and designs. It had always been a much appraised and fonded historical point. Preserved with love and care, the interior at Fox theatre had to pass through reconstruction and repair phase a number of times. Atlanta fox theatre reflects entertainment series for the amusement of the tourists. It reflects screening of movies, musical concerts, opera dance and ballet dance. Along with being a entertainment point for tourists, it also absorbs the facility of arrangement of special occasions through Salon and Ballroom.

6) Atlanta historic site reflexive of King Martin Luther

National site at Auburn Avenue located in Atlanta represents the history of King Martin Luther. The site absorbs the historical reflections of King Martin, Baptist church identification where his and his forefathers ministry is prominent in history, Freedom hall that reflect the fact of his grave presence and center for non violent social change is also within this avenue.  

5) Home place of Coca-Cola

Centuries ago in Atlanta, a chemist Dr. John provided the people with his research. It was targeted to relieve the headache of people. A syrup formula was introduced by him in the market. Carbonic acid, water and glutinous chemical added by his friend, the syrup converted into a soft drink that became popular later. The soft drink is recognized as Coca Cola among the people. The place absorbs the wide history of the drink along with its progressive benchmarks acquired ahead with time in Atlanta.  

4) Stone Mountain Park

Stone mountain park at Atlanta absorbs graves of number of martyrs buried after the civil war of America. It also absorbs the graves of President Jefferson and his generals. It also absorbs a lake and a railway path along with cable network to reach at the top of the mountain. 

3) Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta absorbs a wide variety of sealife creatures. The aquarium at Atlanta also absorbs big marine creatures like whale fish and fishes. Aquarium also offers the facility to dive in along with the marine life creatures after showing the early possession of Scuba Diving experience to go through this.   

2) Puppetry Arts

The center of puppetry arts at Atlanta is a world recognized place located in Atlanta. The place absorbs a big collection of hand made puppets for the amusement of visitors and tourists from the whole world. The puppets are specially got from China and Africa in order to arrange puppet live shows, puppet videos and puppets photographs for the amusement of the tourists. The puppet shows are exhibited considering a wide range of tourists from teens to adults with the most sophisticated and family oriented themes.   

1) Turner Field Tours and Hall of Fame

The hall of fame absorbs the origin details and deep historical reflection of Atlanta Braves including a wide reflection of detailed history and achievements of Boston team. The Turner field tour allows the tourists to have a detailed tour of amusing places like clubhouses, scouts points at Atlanta, booths for broadcasting, media centers and many more, within an hour period accumulating a remarkable experience of tourism.


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