Top 10 Best Tourist Places In Phoenix - Arizona, United States

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The fifth-largest United States city by population of more than one million residents, Phoenix is the capital of South Western U.S state of Arizona. Perched out as the anchor of Phoenix metropolitan area, also known as the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix settled as an agricultural community near the confluence of Salt and Gila. In 1881, Phoenix incorporated as a city in the northeastern reaches of Sonoran Desert. Some might not expect dive bars, great music and street art wrapped in this capital city of Phoenix having a subtropical desert climate. It is world-wide known for its fine arts, architecture and superfluous tourist attractions, also it is loaded with Serene Desert gardens, museums, and award-winning dining. For the live souls and peace-seekers, we have ranked 10 Best Tourist Places in Phoenix to let them explore the natural beauty and man-made fascinations muffled in a stunning desert backdrop.

10) Margaret T. Hance Park

Margaret T. Hance Park is a public park in Phoenix, Arizona, settled above the Papago Freeway Tunnel . This place is popular among the locals and the foreigners for being a cool picnic area and playground, which is actually named after the first female mayor of Phoenix city. Surprisingly, this public park is home to a VERY large population of homeless, mentally ill and drug addicts. People having dogs in a mood of walking to release stress, the place is paradise for them. To some people, homeless people and the environment of puffing drugs is a bit awkward! But Margaret T. Hance Park is a friendly place allowing the visitors to enjoy walking, talking, sitting, and duck & fish feeding, place for a date at this serene and calming park of Phoenix city.

9) Hole in the Rock (Papago Park)

Hole in the Rock (Papago Park)

Hole in the Rock is a historical landmark in Phoenix city, this places surprises people for tremendous landmark rock formation with multiple cave-like holes in the sandstone created by erosion. Accessible through a smooth path rising towards the hill, Hole-in-the-Rock is a popular attraction in the Papago Park in Phoenix city. For physical fit people, it would just require 5-10 minutes to complete this small manageable hike. All the nature-lovers out there, wandering for a lifetime fun, Hole-in-the-Rock (Papago Park) in Phoenix city is calling you to escape the heat and get some beautiful views of the Valley of the Sun. You might just need comfortable shoes to walk around and take in the Arizona desert environment. What can be better than a strenuous free activity, and just a little energy to hike to get to the hole, that is basically a giant rock allowing you to sit and catch a breath for witnessing Phoenix city’s beauty at its peak!

8) Children’s Museum of Phoenix

Designed for babies to children up to age 10, Children’s Museum of Phoenix is a must-go place in phoenix city, having Expansive museum with 300-plus interactive play areas. The place is not a typical playground area engaging children to meaningless stuff, but they have truly invested emotions for building three floors of interactive activities for children. For the toddlers, there is a play area with soft materials and bridges they can climb. (Much better than having them sits in front of a TV all day, as like in typical children museums).

7) Wrigley Mansion, Phoenix

Roaming around the world to explore peace and beauty is never complete without a fine dining and lumps of great food. Among the Top 10 Best Tourist Places in Phoenix, Wrigley Mansion is a must-to-visit-place for making your trip memorable for next decade to come. This landmark building has been designated as a Phoenix Point of Pride, lying over atop a 100-foot knoll with views of great Phoenix to the south. Featuring 24 rooms, 12 bathrooms, and over 16.000 square feet area, Wrigley Mansion is designed in a combination of Italian and Spanish Colonial style. The irony is, Wrigley the owner of this spectacular mansion died shortly after its completion at a cost of $1.2 million. In Phoenix city, Wrigley Mansion tempts the tourists for refined architecture and art along with great food. Want to relax your tired and cranky limbs? Wrigley Mansion is right there standing proudly on a top of a hill offering beautiful sights, outstanding service, and wonderful ambiance to their guests.

6) Heritage Square, Phoenix

Undoubtedly, this city can be listed among the richest city of U.S for absorbing a wide and fine range of architecture and art. Heritage Square, lying on Block 14 of the original townsite of Phoenix is a live example of city’s vibrant Victorian past. Owned by the Phoenix city, Heritage Square is all about history, technology, great food or just a quiet place to reflect! Surrounded by many popular landmarks of the city i.e. Arizona Science Center and Chase Bank Field, Heritage Square attracts tourists for holding Phoenix’s best local events including Masturi Festival of Japan once a year.

5) Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix

Alighted on 3.5acre area, Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix is beautiful and spacey garden featuring a tea garden, a teahouse, a 12-foot waterfall & a koi pond. In the middle of the city, the garden allows you to relax and spend a quality time at a serene location stuffed with Japanese architecture. All it requires an entry of $4 for relaxation, meditation, or just to feed some koi fish.

4) Castles N’ Coasters

Engrossing approximately an area of 10-acre, this Park holds four outdoor miniature golf courses, multiple thrilling rides, and an indoor video game arcade. Sounds damn cool, right? This family amusement center is perched out in Phoenix city to entertain the tourists throughout the year. To spend a wonderful time with friends and family, this place is an ideal option for spending a reasonable price in return of a variety of rides: Desert Storm, Splashdown, Ram Rods, Dixie Jr. Wheel, for all ages. In a mood to have a thrilling experience with your gals, Castles N’ Coasters-the cute and little park is standing there in North Central Phoenix to give you ooze of excitement. (Note: The place may seem a bit pricey to some people, but each ride worth a single penny spent a lifetime fun)

3) Phoenix Zoo

It is the largest privately owned, non-profit zoo in the United States, opened in 1962 spellbinding more than 3,000 animals. The Phoenix zoo is all about motivating people to care animals and show positive approach towards natural beauty of world as this nation’s largest zoo is giving shelter to many notable animals i.e. Jai (Tiger), Suriya (Tiger), Cookie (Lion), Kitambi (Lion), Indu (Elephants), Sheena (Elephants), Reba (Elephants), Ruby (Elephants). If you are planning your day with children, this petting zoo worth your visit for sure, to figure out an excellent wide array of animals in large habitats, terrific splash play area for kids and camel rides.

2) South Mountain Park

South Mountain Park is one of the largest urban parks in North America and in the world, roosting over at over 16,000 acres. A place is an ideal option for soothing your soul while watching, wildlife and a drivable road to a lookout with sweeping city views. Captivating many great mountain bike trails including the Desert Classic and Hidden Halley along with rock gardens within gorgeous mountain ranges, South Mountain Park is Phoenix’s must-watch sight for local and foreign tourists.

1) Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix

For being at the top of Best Tourist Places in Phoenix city, located in Papago Park, in Phoenix, central Arizona, Desert Botanical Garden entertains and amazes the people displaying interesting cultural and historical information within its realm. No matter if it is the cactus all looked alike, the paths that lead to historical primitive buildings, and a world-class collection of Desert plants of more than 21,000 plants including 139 species which are rare, threatened or endangered hugging each other in this enormously well-laid garden, this place is phenomenally magnificent.

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