Top 10 most beautiful places in the World

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In this world everyone wants to see the most beautiful places of this world, very lucky people able to see these all places. Top 10 most beautiful places also known as the paradise of this earth, paradise on this planet. After visiting these places you will feel you have been seen the whole world, the whole universe.
After thorough search we are able to compile a wonderful list of these beautiful places of this world.

10) Isla Vieques, Puerto Rico, United States

You want to know a reason why United state Navy always stayed too long in Puerto Rico? Isla Vieques is located approximately five miles from Puerto Rico. This place is very famous, very unique place with spectacular views of wildlife, of several forests. If you will visit this place you will see all those things which you have never seen before. If you think how to entertain yourself here, the answer of this question is very easy. Here you can enjoy in several sandy rolling hills, grass covered and leafy forests and white sandy shorelines. The accommodation of this place is very reasonable and affordable like many other similar best hotels in united states.

9) Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Fernando de Noronha is most famous place, because it allures many tourists from all over the world. It is located approximately 220 miles far away from Brazil, from Brazil north side. Here you will learn about most interesting facts about islands, only 250 people are able on the sanctuary, and they all have to pay proper taxes of environment to preserve the beauty of all islands. Fernando Island is not enough for you to show the wonderful side of paradise, you will stay there at cozy restaurant, your bed rest and quite different breakfast, the beautiful views of island from your room window.

8) Morzine, France

The wonderful place of this earth to show the sign of heaven, located in the Porte’s du Soleil, Porte’s du Soleil also known as the heart of France. Classical place to get back to nature, many nature lovers usually stayed too long in Morzine. Abundant snow with green trees you will see every where will give you more comfort. Its grantee that will be you’re most healthy and refreshable trip, your lungs use to take dirty air, here you will take fresh air.
Here you can do several outdoor activities like hiking, rafting, mountain biking, and you can see more closely to the nature.

7) Thorny bush game reserve, South Africa

No-doubt Africa is one of the most wonderful continents on this world, full with kinky and outlandish animals, you will not found in anywhere, and in Dutch wildlife. Thorny bush game reserve basically located near the temperament of loved. During your trip you can take ride through jeep in safari style. Un-comparison able place on this planet!

6) Algonquin Park, Canada

Algonquin Park is located in the midpoint of southern Ontario, approximately from 3 hour drive from Toronto. Algonquin Park is known as the natural side of heaven on this planet. Algonquin Park is covered with precipitous coastlines, hasty rivers and over green trees. The other side of this park you can see the camping, several buildings of park, and roadhouses as well. You will get relaxation and comfort after your tighten routine. Here you can search about wildlife, and can enjoy through hiking, skiing, fishing, and swimming.

5) Kiribati, Micronesia

Kiribati is most famous island located in the east side of this earth, usually known as Gilbert Island. The Kiribati island also known as the biggest marine reserve. because it handles almost 35 islands. Because of sandy white beaches, crystal water, and luxurious accommodations attracts many tourists.

4) Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is most famous place for nature lovers; it is developed with the passage of time. The garden island has many characteristics, like over green forests, rushing waterfalls, and outstanding rivers. It covers almost 45 sandy beaches, and now you can easily know why most tourists prefer to visit this place.

3) Patagonia, Chile

Patagonia is very small region is Chile, and it is handled by a proper authority, otherwise it will become the house of different spiders and bucket. It is located in south side of Chile, and has two parts one is south Patagonia, and second is North Patagonia.
There are many over green forests, ice-fields, rushing water falls, and stunning river.

2) Cotswold, England

It is very better place for you, located in the Gloucestershire, England. The characteristics of Cotswold are over greenery, in Dutch wildlife, winding roads, and awe- inspiring views. The accommodations of this place are very reasonable and comfortable too. If you want to visits this place than must visit it in autumn, when weather is mild and country is full with orange, yellow and red leaves and flowers.

1) Tristan da Cunha, Germany

It’s known as the world’s romantic island, and attracts many tourists from all over the world. It is located the south side of Africa. Lonely planet is full with several inhabited islands and one Hide Island as well. The place is also famous because of its hospitality.

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