Top 10 Best Tourist Places in Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe have enjoyed the status of best tourism attraction till early 1990’s but after the land reform program in 2000, there was 75% decrease in tourist which highly effect the economy of Zimbabwe. We thought we should remind you about the glory and best tourist places in Zimbabwe so that tourist return back to enjoy natural beauty and natural wounder.

10. Harare

Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe with an area of 370.9 sq meter and elevation of 1,490 feet. It is the most populated city of Zimbabwe which was founded in 1890. Due to its presence at high altitudes it has a subtropical highland climate. This huge city has a number of outskirts to visit which should not be skipped by the tourists like Chapungu Sculpture Park, Zimbabwe Museum and National Heroes Acre. It is a one of the largest commercial city of Zimbabwe which is popular in trading for the variety of products including Cotton, Maize, Tobacco and Citrus fruits. It is the city where gold is mined and has many industries like chemical industry, steel industry and textile industry.

9. Doon Estate, Harare

It is a fluky state of Harare the best place for shopping as one can buy homemade things like confectionery. Coffee of the state is one of the delicious things to enjoy as it has a great taste that one cannot forget. Local authors and artisans can be enjoyed there in a lovely manner. Shops there include Dendera gallery, Zimbabalooba, Roz Byrne and many more. this place is serving good food from vegetable platters to salads and yummy lemonades.

8. Bungee Jump off the Victoria Falls

The most kooky, nutty and terrifying thing to do is Bungee jumping from the height of 111 meters off the Victoria falls. This is been running by a company named Zambezi Adrenaline Company. it is one of the most adventurous dive into the Zambezi. A person is tied from its ankle with a rope and can jump into the Zambezi in four seconds. This fall is one of the first top five jumping on the Planet. It is one of the seven natural wonders. it is the best place in Zambezi to visit. thousands of people enjoy this jump every year.

7. Zambezi River

The fourth largest river flowing up to 2700 kilometers is the Zambezi river in Africa. Zambezi river is the best place for tiger fishing, from September to April. Summers are the best months for fishing as the fish feed in these months the more. Fishing is usually done at Kiambi Lower Zambezi. Here one can be provided with all types of facilities including luxurious accommodations to cottages and best camps. Boats are provided for fishing with a boatman and cooler boxes fixed in. the place is visited early in the morning. A huge number of tourists visit this place every year.

6. Chimanimani Mountains, Zimbabwe

Chimanimani is actually a park that includes outstanding Chimanimani mountains. The astonishing scenery and immaculate environment of these mountains have always attracted audacious travelers. This provides hiking, rock climbing, camping, caves and natural swimming pools. most of the range is levelheaded with quartzite ridges. The highest point is 2440 meters high. the village of chimanimani was founded by Thomas Moodie. At 70 meters high and 16 meters round tree called mahogany can be visited. Bridal Veil Falls can also be visited which is located above the Chimanimani village. Base camps are available for the limited number of visitors.

5. Bulawayo, Matabeleland

The second largest city after Harare and the number one industrial place to visit is Bulawayo. as of the 2012 census it has a population 653,337 was estimated. Bulawayo railway museum, Matobo national park, National history museum, The Nesbit castle, Khami ruins, Chipangali wildlife are some of the places not to miss in Bulawayo. it is also called ‘City of Kings’. It is located near to the watershed between the Zambezi and Limpopo drainage basin. it is a multicultural city. the residents here can speak at least three different languages including English, Shona, Xhosa, Soth and Tongo. The city has sub tropical climate.

4. The Great Zimbabwe Ruins, Masvingo Province

It is Zimbabwe’s one of the ancient archaeological sites which is believed to be the city constructed by Gokomere culture in 11th century. Later this site was settled in 14th century, which is now turned into a ruin. here some walls can be seen with height of above, then 5 meters, which are not joined by mortars. this property of almost 750 hectare is divided into three groups named Hill Ruins, the Great enclosure and the Valley Ruins. first group include several layers of human settlements. second group includes a variety of blocks arranged in a regular courses made up of granite and the third group is a series of living is a best place to visit in Zimbabwe.

3. National Herberium and Botanic Gardens, Harare

This is a 58 hectare garden is one of the best research center containing 500,000 plant species and has 900 trees and shrubs. it has a diverse variety of species from southern Africa. It has sections of trees containing Lowveld, Highveld and Eastern Highlands. It has plants from the regions that have climatic conditions similar to Zimbabwe. It has also an educational institute which provides information about the Zimbabwean flora. It is a great place to spend a day.

2. Hwange National Park, Metabeleland North

Hwange National Park in one of the best tourist places in Zimbabwe, covering an area of 14,651 km which was founded in 1928 and constructed near the Kalahari desert. It is located between Bulawayo and Victoria Falls. This area is dry and has a lack of water during winter months but during the wet summer months the park become lush green. It has almost 500 species of animals, birds and huge number of elephants which make it an important place for predators. It has many camping and picnic sites which attract the tourist even more. This park can be explored by walking or using animal trails. It is one of the best places in Zimbabwe to visit.

1. Victoria Falls

Victoria fall is a waterfall with the height of 355 feet ( 108 meters ) located at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is the worlds largest waterfall on the basis of its width and height which was discovered by David Livingstone in 1855. It is forged by the Zambezi river that plummets into a 100 meters deep chasm. Its boom can be heard from 40 kilometers away. It has a diverse collection of flora and fauna. A large number of birds can be seen there and has a large variety of fish. Now this place is named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Main attraction of this place is a devils pool located right next to the cliff and is a place to swim and face a number of amazing things.

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  1. Thanx for such nice informations about Zimbabwe.
    Bungee jumping at Victoria Falls is really adventurous.

  2. Olugbanga Olabi

    I love this place Victoria Fall in Harare. It is a huge massive falls which makes noise to far 2 kms away also. It feels thrilling to watch this and the national parks in the way to Victoria falls make it one of the best place to visit in Zimbabwe.

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