Top 10 best tourist places in Belgium

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This pretty small country, located in the center of Europe, has been, for a long time, a great tourism destination for the experienced and to the novice traveller. Almost everyone you will meet here, even in the more rural areas is likely to speak some English. Belgium is very rich in its cuisine, architecture, arts, culture and in mentality. The people are very friendly and another important fact is that the food is excellent. Here is a top 10 best tourist places in Belgium list, so you know what to do first, if you ever visit this fantastic country:

10. Charleroi

Are you into photography? If so, come to Charleroi, one of the best tourist places in Belgium. The greatest city in Wallonia is the place you’ll uncover the biggest Museum of Photography in Europe, arranged in an old Carmelite religious community and here, a guided tour is available. It blankets the history of photography from its origin up until the present day. Other should see attractions could be the Glass Museum, the seventeenth century Cartier Chateau and its bequest, the Saint-Vierge-Marie Church, the Town Hall and 300-year-old Sunday market.

9. Beer tour

You’ll find delectable beer onto every part of Belgium. There are over 650 separate mixed bags, numerous fermented by Trappist ministers. Visit Belgiumstarting off in Brussels, attempt a glass of non-malted wheat Lambic beer or Gueuze-Lambic (a mix of two or more Lambic beers with a champagne-like bubble). At that point head off south to Chimay on the edge of the Hautes Fagnes to the Notre-Dame de Scourmont Abbey, where friars have been generating extremely popular beer (and cheddar) since 1862.

8. Liège, Wallonia


Liège is the social capital of Wallonia and arranged on the Meuse River not a long way from Maastricht in the Netherlands and is one of the best tourist places in Belgium. Ruler Charlemagne was conceived here along these lines was scholar Georges Simenon, inventor of the fictional criminologist Jules Maigret. Must-see sights are the Palace of the Prince-Bishops, the medieval university temples, La Batte Sunday market (the greatest and most seasoned in Belgium) and the patios, stairways and plantations of the Coteaux de la Citadelle. Close by is the Spa-Francorchamps Formula 1 course.

7. Chateaux and castles of Namur, Namur

Namur, in the French Wallonia part of Belgium, is castles focal. The Castle of Veves is a children’s story, turreted building going again to 1410, which ignores the village of Celles and is still existed in by the first ever gang. The Castle of Annevoie is a rich manor outlined in the last 50% of the eighteenth century, with formal enclosures loaded with wellsprings, waterfalls and arbours. The Castle of Lavaux-Ste-Anne is an erratic, channel circled arrangement of vaults holding three divide historical centers and an accumulation of squishy toys. Don’t forget to ask for a guided tour in English.

6. Antwerp

Antwerpen (in Dutch) is Belgium’s imaginative city - and it generally has been a top tourism destination for tourists from all over the world. Back in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries this is the place specialists Rubens and Van Dyke were living up to expectations. You can visit Ruben’s Top 10 spots to visit in Belgium house and studio at the Rubenhuis - and see his work and that of other Flemish specialists in the city’s basilica and the Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten.

5. Ghent

The Flemish city of Ghent (Gent) is a laid back college town with more than enough bistros, restaurants and a cool vibe, set against a setting of thirteenth century Gothic places of worship, seventeenth century waterway side houses and Gravensteen, the Castle of the Counts, which is a medieval stronghold finish with bastions and torture chamber. Meander around by walking or investigate the city by water craft.

4. A theatre of War

Belgium has been a theatre of war for both European and planet wars. Visit Waterloo where, on 18 June 1815, Wellington crushed Napoleon. Today, you’ll find front line tours, Napoleon’s central station, Top 10 spots to visit in Belgiuma Wellington historical centre and a re-institution each June. Flanders Fields was the setting for World War I, and there are numerous landmarks, destinations and cemeteries in the region centred around Ypres (Leper), where the Last Post presses on to be played each day.

3. Tournai, Hainaut

It has been a top tourism destination for many years and one of the primary motives to visit the Walloon city of Tournai is the basilica, thought of a stand out amongst the most excellent religious structures on the planet and designated as a Unesco World Heritage site. The five-towered Romanesque and early Gothic perfect work of art was constructed throughout the twelfth and thirteenth centuries and today houses the Shrine of Our Lady and work by Rubens. Assuming that you have the vigor to climb the 257 steps to the highest point of The Belfry, an unsupported ringer tower, you’ll be rewarded with phenomenal perspectives all around.

2. Bruges

Bruges (Brugge in Dutch) is just about an hour from Brussels. Encompassed by a far reaching system of channels, its been known as the ‘Venice of the North’. Its noteworthy focus is the best-protected sample of medieval Top 10 spots to visit in Belgium flanders and a designated Unesco World Heritage Site - so get your Polaroids out! Chocolate mates will like investigating the city’s 55 chocolate shops and chocolate storehouse; beer partners, the De Halve Maan bottling works; and society vultures, the Flemish bosses (counting Brueghel) in the Groeninge Museum, and in addition the Belfry and the Béguinages.

1. Brussels

The capital is loaded with great structural engineering, exhibition halls, shops and restaurants - 16 Michelin featured inside 5 miles of the downtown area. Savour a java in one of the numerous patio bistros in the primary square, La Grand Place, which is lined with elaborate seventeenth century rococo town houses, organization houses, and a gothic Town Hall going once more to the thirteenth century (a guided tour is available). Walk around the extravagance shops in the glass-roofed arcade Galeries St Hubert, meander the Royal Palace or visit the modern Atomium, inherent 1958 to speak to an atom’s 9 particles, with exhibitions and panoramic views.

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