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The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of the Paris is usually known as Sacre Coeur Basilica and sometime simple Sacre Coeur , is a Roman Catholic church and it is also called as minor basilica which is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus , Paris , France . Tourism industry got boom in this area .


Montmartre is a hill in the north of Paris . It is 130 metres high and gives its name to the surrounding district , in the 18th arrondissement . It is must visited place for the tourists . For the visitors it is not hard to feel as though you are climbing up to the heaven when you visit Sacred Heart , the beautiful white castle in the sky . it is very famous place because of its construction during the World War I. It is fact many people come to visit this place to admire the superlative view from the top of the 271 foot high dome .

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It is one of the most recognized and famous tourist catholic churches in the whole world . It is located high on the butte Montmartre of Paris and there are at least one hundred steps to get there from the Metro stop . It is very difficult for the older ones to reach there . Most tourist forget that this place is a beautiful church for Catholics for worship and their purpose for making the tour is the spectacular panoramic view of the Paris , it is also famous place for the artist tourist they come to see the famous artistic area .

The basilica project

The project to built this places was started by a group of influential people , there were two main reasons to built this place there are given below as , they had pledged to built this church if Paris escaped unscathed from the World War I with the Prussians and they saw the signs the defeat of the French at the hands of the Prussians army in 1870 . The project was approved by the National Assembly in 1837 , the main purpose to built this building for the worship place for the Christians .

The Building

The building was designed an immense basilica in a Roman – Byzantyne style . This architecture was different from the other buildings of the France , which were mostly built during Romanesque style . The construction of the Basilica started in 1876 , Paul Abadie also added in this building 83 meter tall clock tower , here Savoyarde clock installed which is one of the world’s largest  clock . Instead of Basilica there are main and highest top point of the Eiffel Tower which is very famous for the tourism . It is most noticeable landmark and one of the famous place for the tourism.

Getting to the Sacre Coeur

Abbesses , Anvers and Lamarck Caulaincourt one of the closest Paris Metro stations to the Coeur , You can take any cable car to reach from the base of the church .

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