Top 11 best tourist places of Macau

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Tourism is a major industry in Macau. It is famous the blend of Portuguese and chinese cultures and its gambling industry, which includes casino lisbo Macao sands Macaothe Vinetian Macao, and Wynn. Nowadays, there are a lot of choices of hotels and resorts since it is one of the world class tourism industry in Asia.

 Many tourists in Macau either return home the same day or stay for 1-2 nights. Macau is trying to develop more areas to make these visitors stay longer. With the building of Cotai Strip where many premium hotels will be located, accompanied by shopping, food and entertainment, these additional attractions will hopefully retain tourists longer and encourage them to spend more money during their stay. There are different facilities to host huge conferences and provide facilities for entertainment at the same time. A Wedding Incentive Scheme encouraging guests to visit the unique former Portuguese colony would also help to attract a higher number of arrivals. There are a lot of several attractions for the tourists, and booming the tourism industry.

Here we have compile a list of Top 11 best tourist places of Macau, which you can visit.

11 : Museum of Macau, Macao :

 Museum Macau is located in the famous St. Paul fortress, the museum is one of the largest museum and also famous destination for the tourists in the special region. This wonderful museum is best place for Macau’s culture and history. It will make your tour memorable with your family and a perfect choice for your first stop in Macao to get simple idea of what the city is like before you make further discoveries. It is also considered the top 11 best tourist places of Macau.

10: The Venetian Macau, Macao :

It is located on the Cotai Strip, near the Venetian Macao. It is the largest single structure building of hotel in Asia and also considered the second largest building in the world. It is a 6-star hotel for the tourists and casino resort as well in Macao owned by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. It has a lot of features of dinning, entertainment, shopping, hotel performance and scale gaming with more than 35 restaurants, more than 250 boutiques and leisure and facilities.

9: Sendo Square, Portuguese :

Sendo Square is the famous lively plaza in Macau, where festivals and celebrations are held. The square plaza is decorated with different colorful stones, and it also considered the historic part of the Macau. Sendo square is located close to the former senate building, which shows the rich culture of the Macau. There are number of different shopping malls and restaurant for the tourists.

8: Macau Tower :

Macao tower is one of the important landmark of the Macao, it is one of the must see attraction in all over world .So, whenever you make a trip of this city than must visit this place, it will helps you to make your tour memorable. As it is the eighth highest tower in Asia, and the 10th highest tower in the World, and also known as the Great Tower. Macao tower offers the awe-inspiring views of the city and spectacular sights of the night.

7: Macao Jockey Club, Portuguese :

Macao jockey club is very famous for gambling, for betting on horses. It is located on Taipa Island, where horse racing meetings takes place most Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. It provides horse racing and gambling entertainment to the tourists, it attracts the several gamblers from the different areas.

6: Fortaleza do Monte, Portuguese :

It is the famous historical military center in Macao, it is the part of historic center of Macao, which is handled by Unesco’s world heritage site. It is located to the east of the Ruins of St Paul’s, the fort was built in the 16th century for protecting the church from the pirates. From the fortress, visitors get a excellent panoramic view of Macao.

5: Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, Frequsia Da se

Macao fisherman’s wharf is one of the famous and cultural attraction, which allure many visitors. It has rich culture, dinning, shopping, entertainment, accommodation and many other facilities. For the tourists, it is made up three main sections, one is Dynasty Wharf, second is west and last one is Legend Wharf. The Dynasty Wharf is the first home, which has many traditional Chinese towers in the imitation of the Tang-style. The East Meets West encapsulates oriental traditions and features of western design. The Legend Wharf features a recreational complex, combining shops, hotels, restaurants and a casino.

4: Casino, Macau :

Casino has beautiful variety of rich attractions and numerous historical and cultural heritages. It is also known as the Oriental las vegas for its booming and flourishing tourism industry. There are many important casino for the tourists, it offers an extensive array of games and 1000 slots of machines. But according to the Macao laws, youth under 18 of age are not allowed from entering the casino area.

3: A-Ma temple, St Lawrence’s Parish :

The A-MA is one of the oldest temple of the Macao, this temple was built by the cliffs and now attracts many tourists. At the top of the hill it offers the spectacular and silent views to the tourists. Best place for relaxation and comfort.

2: Ruins of St.Paul’s, Macao :


Ruins of St.Paul’s is considered the most great church in Macao, and also famous landmark. It was built in 1580 one of the biggest catholic church in Asia. Unfortunately, the church caught fire for a third time and what survived were the front area, the grand stone stairs as well as the glorious history. According to records, the church was white stones and magnificently decorated.

1: Kum Iam Temple, Macau :

Kum Iam temple is also known as the Kum Iam Tong, which is located at Avenida do colonel of Macao. It was establishes in 1900, one of the specialized museum focusing on Maritime relations. Museum has around 2,000 objects for the tourists. These introduce the boats, traditional Chinese ships, and equipment. Portuguese and Chinese technologies and discoveries are also exhibited.

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