Top 10 best tourist attractions in Ajman, United Arab Emirates

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Ajman has another name which is Ujman. It is a little part of the United Arab Emirates, which covers the area of only 260 square kilometers. Its capital name is Ajman. It controls Masfut and Manama, which are two small areas having agricultural features because of the situation along the Persian gulf. There are around 235,000 number of inhabitants. Most of the population lives in its capital, Ajman. However, the place is less habituated but still you get to see the sign of commercial businesses. This state is home to many commercial offices, markets and about 50 international and local retail shops.

10) Ajman Museum

Ajman Museum hall is located in the eighteenth century fort that has features like corals and gypsum. It is constructed in a way that gives its royal and outstanding charismatic look. It was the place for Ruler’s royal residence and was office until 1970. Because of its look and architect, it is an outstanding tourist destination. The gallery of Museum contains intriguing accumulation of archeological art craft, original, old weapons, manuscripts, and reconstruction of traditional life in different tone.You can see the beauty of old days. The exhibition hall (inquisitively) served as a police headquarters from 1970 to 1978.

9) The Red Fort, Ajman

The Red Fort was built during reign of Sheik Humaid canister Abdulaziz Al Nuaimi. The Red Fort comprises of four rooms and two towers, each tower contains two rooms. After the reconstruction of fort, a third tower was added to other two towers. The name that has been given to it is Red Fort because of the red mortar work on its wall. This fort is model of old times architecture. This fort has many trees in its surrounding, giving it the look of totally concealed with greenery. The beams constructed in fort are made from wood, which gives overall look of traditional destinations in Ajman.

8) Ajman Beach

Despite of not being as developed as other states in UAE, Ajman is honored with a fabulous area and a portion of being a charming shorelines in UAE. It’s an amazing pleasure for individuals searching for unwinding. This fun is not only available for adults, but kids can also enjoy with full safety. Ajman’s beach is loaded with luxurious and expensive hotels, which earn a lot of money from greatest fascination of their little emirate.

7) Dhow Building Yard

Keeping world’s biggest dhow building in focus, Dhow Building Yard of Ajman has been built in such a way that is now one of the best places to visit in Ajman. It’s an extraordinary perception to see Dhows getting constructed by utilizing conventional techniques and apparatuses by experienced professionals, who construct this expertise sets like their prior generation. The most astonishing part of building is the way Dhows are built; they don’t have any outline or blue print by any means.

6) Sheikh Zayed Mosque Ajman

Sheik Zayed Mosque is an amazing model that represents traditional engineering with sacred aspect in most significance way. Because of its beauty, it has become one of the best places to visit in Ajman. The official opening was made by the Ajman ruler Sheik Humaid receptacle Rashid. Based on a vast area of territory of 37000 sq. meters, there is a facility to welcome 2500 worshippers at a time. It is a great asset of Muslim world with respect to tradition and history.

5) Etisalat Tower, Ajman

A current milestone in Ajman is the shining new Etisalat Tower planned in conventional mosque-style with paint in pink colors on tints and having a good status with the resemblance like a big golf ball. It is one of the world’s most popular skyscrapers. It is an indication of the advancement and a development blast observed recently in UAE. The Etisalat Tower is an amazing point for tourists and you must never miss this spot whenever you visit Ajman state.

4) Mowaihat Archeological Site

The main attraction of Mowaihat Archeological Site is cultural tradition. It was accidently discovered in the year 1986 and was a curios place in stating. Later on, the site was polished and was developed as an attraction point for tourists from all over the world. There are vessels, tombs and various copper elements that represent corps remains of many humans. Archeology fans can surely have a quality time while visiting Mowaihat Archeological site.

3) Hassa Buweid Castle

Hassa Buweid Castle is situated on the top of the hills as it represents historical heritage of Ajman. This fort was built by late Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi in 1976 on top of the stone hills and these hills have color stones. The castle is shaped like a tower and was usually developed for the protection against enemies. There are two fine rooms built in this castle and they look like the other ordinary rooms built in other castles.

2) Ajman fish Market

Ajman fish market is quite a busy place to visit as it has been observed in recent years that 85 percent of tourists visit the fish market while staying in Ajman. Because of this fact, a decision has been made to make Ajman fish Market a tourist destination and arrangements were made in this regard. Special consideration has been given by government to this place and have kept the place clean, tidy and beautiful. The market has been renewed in such a way that will not only fulfill the purpose of selling fish but making it an attractive place for people.

1) Ajman City Centre

It is a big mall with all the facilities of shopping, fun and for fabulous dining experience. There are many fashion stores including hyper market, six screen cinemas and many restaurants. It was developed by Majid Al Futaim properties. You can have a combine experience of shopping and entertainment. A big portion of the land has been allotted for shopping into this centre. Its retail area is about 37,000 sq. meters. You can have 16 multi-cuisine restaurant outlets for every type of customer whether they love meat or the person who are on dietary restrictions. The other special thing is its magic planet that has its own crazy world to have adventure.

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