Top 10 most beautiful places in Ontario, Canada

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Ontario is the 2nd largest province of the Canada. It is located in central east of Canada. Toronto is the capital city of Ontario. There are 250,000 lakes in Ontario and world’s one fifth pure water belongs to this place. As people from 200 countries with 130 languages are part of Ontario’s population, it is the most multicultural province of Canada. It contributes to a major portion of the Canadian economy. Most of its economy is based on agriculture, finance, tourism, manufacturing and other industries. Tourists from all over the world enjoy the natural beauty of its wilderness and luxurious activities of modernized cities.

10) Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is a public aquarium, situated in Downtown Toronto. It is under the ownership of Ripley’s Entertainment, who is the owner of two more famous aquariums in Canada. About 135,000 square foot area of this strained fascination includes 1.5 million gallons of oceanic and fresh water from all over the world. Its nine different galleries have about 16,000 sea animals. The names of these galleries are Canadian Waters, Dangerous Lagoon, Rainbow Reef, Ray Bay, The Gallery, Discovery Centre, Planet Jellies, The Shoreline Gallery and Life Support System. The dangerous Lagoon gallery includes world’s largest underwater watch-through tunnel. Sharks, horseshoe crabs, rays, five species of jellies, electric Eels, sea turtles, rock fish, red lion fish and weedy sea dragons are some prominent species of its marine wilderness. It is a great place to have fun and party along with families and friends.

9) Toronto Public Library

Toronto Public Library is also known as the Toronto Reference Library, which is situated on Yonge Street, Toronto. Its astonishing architecture in five floor building is considered Canada’s largest public reference library. Proper systems for a natural light source and ventilation are maintained in the building. It is heavenly great place for book readers and students. The library offers programs, classes and workshops on literature, travelling, business, science, music and many other topics. Books and information in more than 100 languages are kept here in hard and electronic forms. Free wireless internet facility is also available to visitors. Vast collection of books, different levels of privacy and moving shelves make it a fascinating one!

8) Sainte-Marie among the Huron

Sainte Marie among the Huron was agricultural based protected missionary centre for the retired priests, which became the hub of the Huron Christian Community. It is located at the center of Huronia, near modern Midland of Ontario. In 1920, it was declared as a national historic site of Canada. Sainte Marie among the Huron has renovated its original site after a long historical and archaeological research. There are different artisan cabins both inside and outside the lobby of the Mission Centre. These cabins contain many original historical artifacts laid out in their original structure. The building also includes a small museum, an art gift shop, a very good restaurant and a theatre, which runs a movie after every half an hour. Visitors can experience the unique lifestyle of Canadians Pioneers through guided or self-guided tours. The site welcomes school trips and group visits.

7) Dundurn Castle

Dundurn Castle is a historic Italian-Style villa, situated in York Boulevard in Hamilton. It was built in 1835 and took nearly 3 years to complete. It was built on a site previously used as secured military camp of the British Army in 1813. It includes a small military museum outside the building. Families, children and other visitors get to know the stories and facts of family and servants who lived and worked in this castle through a guided tour.

6) The Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is the largest zoo of Canada with an area of 710 acres. It is located in Toronto, Ontario. It is divided into 7 different regions to exhibit the wilderness of the zoo. These regions are American, African, Indo-Malaya, Australasia, Tundra Trek, Eurasia and the Canadian Domain. More than 5,000 animals of over 450 species are habitat in these regions. Animals are kept in their natural and indoor protective environment. Canada’s only giant pandas, polar bears, snowy owls, arctic wolves, Indian rhino and white lions are some important attractions of this zoo.

5) Canada’s Wonderland

Canada’s Wonderland is the largest themed amusement park of Canada. This 330 acre amusement park is situated in Vaughan, Ontario. It is considered among the most visited amusement parks of Canada. It is a place where families, children and groups of friends visit this wonderful place to enjoy some quality time. Adventurers can enjoy a roller coaster that can exaggerate at the speed of 148 km/h and many other thrilling rides. Its 20 acre water park provides visitors an opportunity of swimming, different water sports and rides.

4) The Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is the largest museum of art, cultural and natural history in Canada. It is situated at Queens Park in Toronto and an interesting place for the visitors of all age groups. Due to a huge number or artifacts, the museum is largest field research institution with preservation and research activities in Canada. Its forty galleries exhibit more than 6 million artifacts and objects. It has the largest number of Dinosaur fossils forming more than 150,000 specimens. Its precious collection includes Asian arts, African cultural artifacts and jewelry, Egyptian Mummies, many historical treasures of earth, rare jewels and remnants of comets from all over the world. More than a million visitors per year explore the Royal Ontario Museum.

3) Parliament Hill, Ottawa

Parliament Hill is a hill located on the Southern Banks of Ottawa River in Downtown Ottawa. This place is considered as the crown land area, cultural and political hub of the city. Canada’s parliament building is situated on this hilltop. This Parliament building is an important cultural attraction of Ottawa. Its architecture is a historical marvel and unique kind of structure. The building consists of three different blocks in which the central block is dominant by Peace Tower and it has The Parliament Library, Senate and House of Commons. East Block has restored offices of Canada’s first Prime Minister and others. West Block includes offices of Ministers and Members of Parliament. Peace Tower shows spectacular view of the landscapes. Dozens of statues of historical personalities and monuments are kept in this building. In summers, sound and light increases the beauty of the Parliament Hill during night time.

2) CN Tower, Toronto

It is about 553 meters tall, making it world’s 7th tallest free standing structure made up of concrete, basically a communication and observation tower situated in Downtown Toronto. It provides some spectacular views of the city streets and sky high buildings around the tower. It is approved as a marvelous engineering, which made it  internationally reputed entertainment and award winning dining facility place. It is equally enjoyable place for adventurers, children and other adult tourists. There is world’s best elevator ride, which is also known as Sky Pod. It has a Sky Terrace, which features an Edge Walk known as highest hands-free full circular walk in the world. Overall, its a great place for adventurers!

1) Niagara Falls

You probably would’ve heard about this wondrous place on earth didn’t you? Being one of the most famous and populated attraction place in Canada, Niagara Falls attracts over 12 million people to its eye-catching natural scenic views. This place usually proves that the nature is one of the best thing to make yourself ease all the pain and distractions. It is basically a combination of three waterfalls, which is a part of Niagara Falls but got different names. The waterfalls are the Horseshoe Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls and the American Falls. These falls are located in the middle of Lake Ontario and Erie Lake and are shared by Ontario and the state of USA. It is a popular tourist point for the couples and families. Visitors enjoy a beautiful glaring array of lights and fireworks in the night trip to Niagara Falls, but it looks more astonishing especially during summer season.

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