Top 10 best tourist places in Adıyaman, Turkey

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Adıyaman province is situated in the south-central region of Turkey, which is populated since the ancient times and hence, it is the home to multiple civilizations. The name of the capital city of the province is also Adıyaman. Weather in winters is cold while in summer it is hot and dry, but the nights are pleasantly cold. Tourists are attracted towards a number historical places and local customs of hospitality. Colorful local handicrafts in the shopping and especially local food of Adıyaman province also attract visitors towards its speciality.

10) Ataturk Dam

Ataturk Dam is the largest dam of Turkey on the Euphrates and the Tigris Rivers in the southeastern region of Turkey. It is one of the largest Earth-Rock filled dams in the world. Name of the dam was presented with the honour of Mustafa Kamal Ataturk. The reservoir of the Ataturk Dam is huge, which has covered an area of 817 square kilometres. Sometimes, this reservoir is called as a sea by the local people due to its huge area. The Ataturk Dam reservoir is an important source of seafood and fisheries. DSI’s Ataturk Fish Hatchery contains about 33,000,000 fish of various species. An international sports festival is organised by the Turkish National Committee of Olympics and some other Government Departments on Ataturk Dam in September or October every year. Local and Foreign athletes participate in rowing-canoeing, sailing, swimming and various underwater sports.

9) Old Bazaar

Old Bazaar is a historical local shopping place, situated in the Downtown in Adıyaman city. For shopping, this market has gained some serious attention of the visitors from all over the world. Natives of this place and visitors can buy handmade shrugs, shawls, blankets, carpets, rugs, saddle-bags and different fine quality wearables. Wooden and copper art pieces by local artisans are also some of the famous attractions in this market. The Bazaar provides something for every person who visits here on his interest. Visitors can experience a genuine traditional shopping style of Turkey.

8) Pirin Caves

Pirin Caves are situated in the ancient city of Perre or Pirin in the southeastern region of the Adıyaman city. It is one of the top most tourist attractions in the Adıyaman Province. These caves are also called Pirin Cave Tombs of the Turkey. This site contains beautifully carved rocky houses and sanctuaries along with the underground rooms, shelters and stairs as a pathway to these underground shelters. As per an estimate of the experts, this place belongs to the ancient Armenian kingdom of Kommagene. No one has claimed to know about the complete and genuine history of these caves but still, it is a great point of interest for many visitors in Adıyaman.

7) Altin Kurna Turk Hamami

Altin Kurna Turk Hamami is a traditional Turkish bath with traditional Ottoman architecture, which is situated in Ortaca. The process of Turkish baths in Hamami starts with peeling in which bacteria, harmful and waste material including dead skin layer are separated from the body to restore the purified upper skin. After peeling, a printed foam massage is served to cover the whole body in accordance with the Turkish tradition. Males and females, both enjoy the leisure of Hamami with diverse varieties of massage. Tourists from all over the world come here to relax after a whole adventurous trip of Turkey through the massage and traditional Turkish bath.

6) Kahta Castle

Kahta Castle is a must visit place in Turkey. Kahta Castle is a fortress constructed by the people of an ancient Armenian Kingdom (Kommagene) on a cliff in the village of Eski Kahta. This fortress was built facing an ancient city of Arsameia to protect the summer accommodation of the king in the 13th century. The site was rebuilt to some extent in Mamelukes and Roman era. The current government of Turkey has also tried to restore this fortress to its original ancient glory. This place is a cultural heritage and an important tourist’s landscape of Turkey. Visitors can experience different spectacular and eye-catching views of this historical landmark from the top of Arsameia.

5) Adıyaman Archeological Museum

Adıyaman Archeological Museum is the richest museum in the region, situated in the center of the city of Adıyaman. Single story building of the museum includes a photo-lab, archive and working place in its basement. The ground floor of the building contains a linking room, some administrative offices and two exhibition halls along with beautiful gardens. Museum exhibits excavations dig out from the area and from southeastern Anatolia project. These exhibits include axes, drills and cutting tools, weapons and pottery of copper age, iron and bronze-age jewellery, statues and different artifacts from Roman and Hellenistic periods along with a diverse collection from the Islamic periods of Ottoman and Seljuq era. This museum attracts thousands of visitors every year from all around the world.

4) Namrut Dagi National Park

The Namrut Dagi National Park is a famous historical and tourist site of Turkey, which is situated between the Adıyaman city and Kahta. This national park contains a huge mountain with huge ancient gods sculptures, ruins, bridges and some other historical sites. Nearby forest of this site is the home of jackals, bears, foxes, badgers, wolves and some other wild animals. Tourists from all over the world visit this spectacular place and experience the art of the ancient nations ruled and survived there. This site is easily accessible by visitors with their vehicles. Different hotels and restaurants are available nearby the national park for the accommodation and the meal for the visitors.

3) Severan Bridge

Severan Bridge is a historic Roman Bridge, which is still in use and considered as the 2nd largest arch-bridge constructed in Roman Era. This bridge is located in a prehistoric city of Arsameia in north-eastern region of Adıyaman Province and joins Kahta Creek on the provincial road to the Sincik in Adıyaman Province. The bridge is constructed by 92 large stones. Each stone has a weight of 10 tons. The bridge has originally 9 to 10 meter highfour Corinthian columns. Two columns are standing at Kahta Side while other two columns are standing at the Sincik side. These columns are dedicated to the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus and his family. The bridge is certainly a great historical site to visit.

2) Pirin Golf and Country Resort

Pirin Golf and Country Resort is one of the best places to spend holidays in Turkey. This 5-star resort provides luxury and wonderful experience of golf and ski to the visitors. The resort contains a golf academy, in which trained and cooperative trainers and staffs teach the visitors about how to play golf. Visitors enjoy playing golf in seven different golf courses surrounded by the natural beauty and amazing wilderness. A 5-star hotel and spa are situated next to the golf course, which contains beautifully furnished rooms and a spa centre along with 3 spa zones. Outdoor and indoor swimming pools, a steam bath, a hot tub and a sauna are available there to serve the guests. The hotel also incorporates a lobby bar and 3 different restaurants, which serves various Asian and European cuisines. A sportswear store is available there from where guests can rent ski equipment and bicycle.

1) Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut is a 2,134-meter high mountain, which is situated in the south-east of Turkey and is famous as the home of executing Gods of Past Roman and Armenian Nations. Mountain ridge with a lot gigantic status is an important attraction of this mountain as it was considered as the Royal Tomb for the First Century BC. Many famous Greek Gods statues like Hercules, Zeus, Apollo and many other ancient statues are erected on Mount Nemrut. The site has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1987. Road trips are organised for this historical place from the nearby town of Adıyaman and facility of Helicopter tours is also available. Visitors can also enjoy overnight tours organised from Malatya or Kahta.

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