Top 10 best tourist places in Switzerland

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In this article we have shared are experience in to find best tourist places in Switzerland. Switzerland is the most romantic place for the newly married couple. There are lots of mountains covered with snow and the lakes and castle which make the honeymoon trip memorable.

10. Gotthard Pass, central Switzerland

Gotthard Pass is a link between the German and Italian part, related to Switzerland. It makes a connection between the cantons of Uri (north) and Ticino (south). It is one of the highest mountain passes. It is 2108m high from the sea level.

9. Château de Chillon, Montre

Château de Chillon is located in the city of Montre which is situated by the Geneva Lakeside. This city is like a heart of Switzerland .Here you may visit the Chillon castle, tower, countryside. The eleventh century castle is one of the most popular and historical place in Switzerland. You may reach the castle walking by the lakeside or can catch a train or a bus to go there.

8. Mount Pilatus, Lucerne

Mount Pilatus is 2120 meters in height and situated near the city of Lucerne. There are facilities of the cable car, from where you can enjoy the most spectacular view of the Swiss Alps. This is one of the reasons of the popularity of this Mountain. The walking tracks are also very fine through the mountains. Here you may enjoy the natural beauty and thrilling appearance of the Swiss Alps as an addition to your tour to Mt. Pilatus.

7. Eiger, Jungfrau

Eiger, Jungfrau

The Eiger is one of the white pick mountains of the Jungfrau regions. This mountain looks fabulous contrasted with green vale and Swiss Alps. It is a 3970 meter high mountain of the mountain Bernese Alps. This mountain is perfect for climbing, hiking and mountaineering.

6. Swiss Alps, Jungfrau

Swiss Alps cover a portion of the great mountain Alps. It’s the Switzerland portion. It’s also the central point of the Alpine and that’s why it’s called Central Alps. The highest pick of the Swiss Alps is named as Druesberg. It’s a famous tourist spot in Switzerland. People from a distanced place come here on a tour to experience the roof of Europe.

5. Stelvio Pass, Davos

It is one of the best tracks for cycling in Switzerland. The main pass is the highest pass of Europe and people love to have a car or cycle race in this curvy road, once they visit Switzerland. It increases the heritage site of both Switzerland and Italy.

4. Jungfrau Region, Jungfrau a

Jungfrau Region is such an area which will calm your eyes and mind by a single glimpse of it. The main attraction of this region is the Alpine. There are three mountains which appear like tower with white ice covered pick. Those are named as The Jungfrau, Monch, and the Eiger. They make a perfect tourism destination combining with the village.

3. Rhine Falls, Schaffhausen

The Rhine Falls of Schaffhausen is the largest waterfall in the entire European continent. This place is famous for tourism. Another reason, for what the waterfall being so special is the multi platform to observe the fascinating view of this. In the summer season this place remains full of crowd and they enjoy the boat riding around the falls.

2. Matterhorn, Zermatt

Zermatt has become one of the top tourist attractions in Switzerland because of the Mountain Matterhorn. Its sharp pick and snow covered area makes it a perfect place for tourism. People come here to honeymoon and the climbers come here to experience some adventures of the highest pick of the Matterhorn. This pick is 4478 meters high.

1. Lake Geneva, Geneva

Lake Geneva is one of the most romantic places Switzerland where people come to pass their time enjoying the lakeside view and the beautiful mountain surrounded by the Lake Geneva. Geneva is the 3rd biggest city of Switzerland and this Lake increases its importance much more to the tourists so that tourists come on tour to this city.

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