Top 10 Best Tourist attractions in Buffalo - New York, United States

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Possessing surfeit of architectural gems and illustrious art collection, Buffalo is the second largest city of US state of New York, which also enjoys the courtesy of being the wealthiest city in America once. Located on the convergence of the Buffalo River, the Niagara River, and Lake Erie; Buffalo city still contributes a major part in the economy of state for being a favorite tourist destination in summer for its large waterfront setting. Once entitled as the Queen City of US, Buffalo city offers an assemblage of cultural treasures, historical buildings and diverse variety of modern artwork for exciting tours in Buffalo, New York.
Today we have narrow-listed the best Tourist Places, as the city has a profusion of scenic and modern beauty along with thrilling nightlife options for tasting and tours to make unforgettable memories.

10) Niagara Square

For witnessing stunning architecture and beaux art, Niagara Square is epitome spot smack in the heart of Queen City, surrounded by notable historical and municipal buildings of Buffalo city. Acknowledging several factual incidents of US’s history i.e. assassination of President McKinley and French and Indian War in 1763, this central hub dating back to 18th century is a favorite hangout spot for tourists to bask in the incredible beauty of buildings and significant places along with flashback of The City of Good Neighbors-Buffalo history.

9) La Salle Park

At the meeting point of Lake Erie and the mouth of the Niagara River, there lies La Salle Park which is Buffalo’s prodigious waterfront park. Surprisingly the former dumping ground turned into a scenic beauty of the city that attracts people to family gatherings, Skate Park, picnic tables and an awesome hangout spot for dogs. Buffalo’s gem is all about watching the sunset, walks at paved pathways, or just enjoy a barbecue in cold breezes of La Salle Park, Buffalo. (Note: La Salle Park is the highly recommended place to visit in Buffalo during summers, where the water fountains keep you alive and your pubs hydrated.)

8) Buffalo City Hall

Installed at Niagara Square, Buffalo City Hall is must-to-do thing in Buffalo city, as being one of the tallest building in US, this 32-story is masterpiece of Art n Décor. From floor to the ceiling of the building, this seems like a pyramidal complex. Luckily, this government building provides tours to praise the stunning architecture and witness the aerial view of the city from top viewing top on every weekend. Skipping such 1930’s building absorbing Native American cultural influences will be not a good idea, as the Buffalo City Hall is all about stunningly beautiful architecture from a 1st-floor entrance to Hallways. And yeah, the tour to magnificent Council Chamber and observation deck at the top must be taken seriously.

7) Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino

A gaming space complex which has become ideal fun place for adults is this Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino which is not just about gambling but… Spending quality time having scrumptious food and diverse range of bakery ever makes it a big Yes for date and couple time in Buffalo city. All you need to have a memorable time is few bucks, passion to rock the place and do not forget your partner to thrill the great assortment of machines and cozy environment.

6) Coca-Cola Field, Buffalo

A complete package of entertainment, family time and affordability makes Coca-Cola Field a big hit and prestigious asset of the city. Every year since 2002, Buffalo Wing Festival tempts loads of crowd at Coca-Cola Field to enjoy a different kind of wings at an affordable price. For those having a tight budget, this place is highly recommended in Buffalo city to get a load of baseball, fireworks and unavoidable food!

5) Albright–Knox Art Gallery

From its Greek architecture of building to diverse collection of modern and contemporary art collection, this art museum is live example of preservation of extraordinary art collection to allow people enjoying art of 150 previous years. While roaming around such amazing art gallery, do not forget taking a stroll of the wax room having a massive block of bees and tea tent.

4) Buffalo Zoo

The second largest tourist attraction of Western New York, Buffalo Zoo welcomes approximately 400,000 visitors every year. Featuring notable animals i.e. Bighorn Sheep, Animal Pavilion, Giraffe and Gorillas, the park is all time favorite destinations for families and kids. Stretched over an area of 23 acres or so, the zoo is loaded with a mixed bag of wild animals and exotic plants of 320 different species. Spending few buck for meaningful entertainment at Buffalo Zoo deserver big thumbs up!

3- Darwin D. Martin House

This national historic landmark is more than a traditional museum in Buffalo, perched out at the verge of Delaware Park. The complex building is 20th century’s masterpiece, which was built by a self-made man Frank Lloyd Wright, who would not have imagined that it could become his best work. While in Buffalo city, the two hour of this spectacular property deserves to be on your bucket list.

2) Delaware Park Front Park System

In the city, which is all about making money and moving ahead in economy, serves a great spiritual escape to connect their soul with nature? And that is Delaware Park Front Park System, brimmed with sights and sound of nature all over the place, and a delightful balm of roses to keep you alive! The park is truly a blessed place in the Nickel city to meditate and relax your mind for a while. Nestled near the Niagara River and Lake Erie, Delaware Park is Buffalo’s precious gem stretched over 506 acres of area, crammed with elements of nature.

1) Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park

The park is bit different than typical park, narrating the story of mariners and submariners to make people realize the patriotic duties of their heroes, towards their country. Featuring ships, aircrafts and myriad of aircraft models depict the plot of civil war and World War 1. Park-cum-museum attracts thousands of people throughout the year to stretch legs enjoying nature and technology at one place.

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