How to increase height naturally

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Height is determined by a complex combination of genetics ,hormones ,nutrition and environment .Shorter people feel inferiority complex because of their short height. Everybody wishes average height. Here some tips to increase height naturally.

1. Why should one grow taller ?

It is a really important question why one should grow taller ? The first reason to grow taller is simply to impress future bosses and peers. Taller people stand out in the crowd. When a taller people came to the camp , he was always considered a threat and the natural response of fight or flight was invoked. Mostly women also prefer taller men because of the natural protection. Taller height increase your personality.

2. Genetics

The first thing is very important is your genetics. Genetics played an important role in increasing your height ,but it also involves the combination of different genes , if you have short parents it does not mean you will be short .

3. Consume a balanced diet

A person who have plump body will look lot shorter , its not you will eat balanced diet and you height will grow.
You should eat plenty of lean protein , such as white poultry meat , fish .soy and dairy also helps promote muscle growth and strong bones . Junk foods like pizza ,cakes .sweets , soft drinks and soda are the stuff to stay away from them.
Eat plenty of calcium food like yogurt and milk . Milk helps to promote the healthy bones . Get enough vitamin D . Vitamin D also promotes bone and muscle growth in children , it can be found in fish , alfalfa and mushrooms . A nutritious diet in which fruits ,vegetables, dairy, cereals, meat and plenty of water will aid the natural process for increasing height.

4. Keep your immune system strong

Keep your immune system strong by eating fresh foods and avoid processed foods . Eat wide variety of healthy foods, variety of fruits , plenty vegetables ,protein milk ,yogurt,cheese,nuts and fish are very important to keep your immune system strong.

5. Get Plenty of sleep

It is says that growing teenagers and pre-teens need maximum 11 hours and minimum 8.5 hours sleep. This is the main reason because in sleep your body regenerates your body tissues while you are sleeping. You should sleep at calm environment ,try to eliminate loud noises and unnecessary lights as well. If you have not get proper sleep ,try taking warm bath or you can take a hot cup of tea before going bed.

6. Avoid Growth stunning factors

Drugs and alcohol are substances that can easily affect your growth as your height as a child, so you should avoid them all that stuff . Malnutrition is a well-known cause of shortened height. There are clear difference between children who smoke and those who do not smoke and their height . To grow taller you should avoid anabolic steroid use as these are cause to stunt your growth Smoking really stunt your growth.The effects of smoking and second-hand smoke on body mass index are inconclusive. Children who smoke , or who are exposed to the second hand smoke are shorter than those who do not smoke or are children of non-smokers.

7. Have a good posture

To increase your height always stand straight instead of hunching your back , because having a good posture also helps you look much taller .

8. Enhance your height

Girls can wear tricky or high heels shoes to enhance own height . Avoid wearing flip -flops and flat sandals . From Flip –flops and flat sandals you will not look taller.

9. Show the best feature of your body

Always try to show the best feature of your body .if you have long legs then wear shorts or mini -skirts to show your legs , try to avoid wearing leggings and tides which will show your legs shorten and make your look taller .

10. Wear tighter clothes

Tighter clothes shows your body lines . If you wear baggy clothes making you look smaller. Wear tight clothes that make you feel good about your height .

11. Wear clothing with vertical strips

Try to wear clothing with vertical strips because it makes you look  taller . Horizontal strips do the opposite.

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