10 Best Tips for Losing Weight

Desperate people that finally lost weight shared the secrets of their success in this list. This list represents important things that you need to know if you want to lose weight, that come directly from people who used them. With no more words, here are the 10 Best Tips for Losing Weight


Always measure the alcohol that you consume at home very carefully because it is very easy to fool yourself. Alcohol concentration plays an important role in the weight loss process.

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Don’t ever give up. This is a very important rule because you are going to get alot of bad days and maybe bad weeks, so you need to know that this happens to anyone ! Just keep focused and get straight back on your diet and just limit the damage that has already been done.



As you probably know, losing weight is not really rocket science. The most important thing that you need to know is that exercising really is the key to success on this sustained weight loss topic. If you try to vary your routine, including cycling, swimming and walking regularly, everything will work out just fine


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Another important weight loss step is to be honest with yourself because if you go over the required calories, but also keep a record, it’s the average calorie intake that really matters in the end.



You should really repeat this one in your mind : Live is too short so build in treats. The weight loss process is nice and slow but the key element is not to think that you are on a diet or that you are depriving yourself of anything ( Yes, including chocolate ) because if you think positive, everything will work out just fine.


An important step is to buy some new clothes after you are down a size or two because that way, you are being reminded of what you have achieved, you feel good being yourself and most important you are reminded of not to go back to the old sizes. If possible, just cut out, throw out or give away the old stuff.



This weight loss tip is important too: Use scales in your kitchen. It’s amazing how easy it is to deceive yourself. If you use scales, everything becomes so easy.



It’s really a good technique to stick a wedding invitation or just a holiday photo of one or more places that you want to visit, in a visible place inside your kitchen. This is alot more subtle that just a fat photo of yourself and it reminds you, when you are tempted, that you have a goal.



A good tip is to write everything down, especially when you are having a bad days. If you write things down, it’s like you are telling yourself those things, and it’s only if you write those things down that you know what you are doing or trying to do. As lame as it seems, this method really works and you should try instead of just rejecting it.

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The most important weight loss tip that you need to keep in mind is that you don’t need to cut out all the food that you enjoy. You might like the occasional takeaway but now that you are trying to lose weight, you should save up calories to have that takeaway or earn it. If you will restrict yourself to just fruits and vegetable, you will probably give up very quickly. You can still eat your favorite food and lose weight at the same time, but you just have to tweak those foods a little bit, like for example: low fat spread instead of the usual butter, light mozzarella, low fat cheese and most importantly olive oil spray which will make you feel like you’re not really on a diet.

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