Best Dishes for Diwali

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India is a country of festivals and Diwali is one of the biggest festival of indians . Diwali is a Hindu religious occasion.This is a very special day for all of them They welcome the day with lots of sweets and tasty foods. Now I am going to tell you the Best Dishes for Diwali.

10. Aloo Gobi Masala

There are different ways to make this dish Aloo Gobi Masala. But the spicy version is perfect to make your guests fascinated with delight on this Diwali. The procedure is also simple. You just need to blend all the Indian spices together to spice this dish. To take some twist you can add some mango powder to it. This dish can increase the glory for your dinner table.

9. Veg Biryani

This recipe can be the best for the vegetarian as they can’t taste the chicken or dumb Biriyani. This also takes less time to get ready. You can add as much as vegetables to give it taste or texture. A good combination of colorful vegetables can give your dish amazing look. You also need some Indian spices and most importantly the Basmati rice.

8. Butter Chicken

This dish is known by different names such as Murg Makhani and Makhan Murg. The name of this dish tells everything about the dish. The main ingredients are Makhan or butter and Chicken of course. This dish seems very favorable to all chicken lovers. You can serve the Butter chicken and its thick gravy with different types of parathas.

7. Mangalorean Kori Rotti

This is a Mangalorian special recipe. The rotti is different than normal Indian rotis. Rotti is made from rice paste and dried into hard and crisp. Then they are broken into pieces and mix with chicken the rottis. Absorbing the juice of the curry it becomes soft. Now it’s ready to melt in your mouth. This Mangalorian recipe goes with Diwali well.

6. Kachori

Kachori is very authentic Indian snack. This snack is often made in the most of the Indian houses. This tasty snack is also suits the best for the evening treat on normal days as well as Diwali days. To make this you have to prepare the stuffing mixture then put it into the flour balls then turn them in small size rotis. Then you should fry them in hot oil and your Kachori will be ready.

5. Bengali Pulao

Bengali Pulao is one of the most favorite and common recipes of Indian festivals. This is a very light food than the other Pulao recipes. You just need to take care about the quantities of the spices. You can add some turmeric to give it color. There is no need to add any meats or vegetables. You will need some Indian spices and Basmati Rice.

4.Besan Ke Gatte Ki Sabzi

Besan Ke Gatte Ki Sabzi is very famous in not only its originated place Rajasthan but also in the Entire India. This is an obvious part of Rajasthani Thali. Indians make this food on different occasions including Diwali. The Besan Gutta curry is actually a curd curry with Gramflour Dumplings.

3. Rasgulla

This is a perfect sweet to celebrate the Diwali, if you are willing to make this at home then no worries it very easy. You just to make equally round shape balls with flour and milk then deep fry them slightly in oil. Then add them into the sugar syrup. You can add a little amount of lemon juice to increase the taste. Now it’s ready to delight your mouth.

2. Coconut Laddoo

This is a very common recipe of every Indian festival. This simply tasty sweet food is very favorable to everyone as it is suitable for the Diabetics too. The procedure is so simple that every Indian housewife used to make it. There will need coconut and milk powder and boiled milk as resin and sugar as your taste. Give it a round shape then open your mouth to taste.

1. Kheer

Kheer may cite as the most used and most delightful Indian dish without which none of the Indian occasions gets completed. This is a very traditional desert but easy to make. First you need to boil the milk into thick then add sugar and rice. Then stir it till the rice boiled and the Kheer gets its thickness and light crown color. Now you can serve it garnishing as you wish.

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