Top 10 best tourist places in Poland

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In this article we are going to share best tourist places in Poland. Poland has become one of the best attractions for tourism in Europe zone. There are lots of castles, mountains, lakes, and beautiful villages. All these things attract tourists to visit Poland. And they come back with full satisfaction from tours.

10. Morskie Oko , Lysa Polana

Morskie Oko means the eye of the sea. It is situated in the surrounding areas of the most beautiful mountain Tatras. This lake increases the beauty of the Tatras. It is the largest lake surrounded by Tatras.  Dr. Tytus Chalubinski was discovered Morskie Oko as a tourism sector in the middle of nineteenth Century and being a famous since then.

9. Kasprowy Wierch, Zakopane

Kasprowy Wierch is located at the city of Zakopane and it is one of the best red and black ski pistes in the entire Poland. This is the best place for them who are skiers of advance level. If you want to get to the best place for snowboarders then you need to go to the Kuznice where you may catch the cable car. The other road may be closed to traffic.

8. Wawel Castle, Krakow

Wawel castle is one of the oldest structures in Poland. It was founded in the 14th century. It was commanded by Polish monarch Casimir lll the Great. It is being the home to people of the Paleolithic Age. This place is now a storehouse of the Polish crown Jewels, the Szczerbiec coronation sword which is being preserved there.

7. Warsaw Uprising Museum, Warsaw

The Warsaw Uprising Museum is a famous museum of Warsaw which is located in the Wola of Warsaw. Wola is a district of Warsaw. This museum is located in the power station which was opened on the 6oth anniversary of the Warsaw uprising. The Warsaw museum is dedicated to this uprising of 1944.

6. Bieszczady Mountains, Warsaw

Bieszczady Mountains, Warsaw

This is one of the best tourism places in Poland. This is the most remote area of Europe. This place is famous for its romantic weather and the green beautiful nature. The traditional churches attract tourist to it and they are made of wood. Its wildlife scenery is also very spectacular. The most amazing view of this mountain appears in autumn and summer season.

5. Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw

People come here on a tour to for recreational purposes as well as educational purposes. Parents love to take their children to this science Centre as there are lots of things to experience with their explanations. Psychological sector of this museum also enriched.

4. Tatra Mountains, Krakow

Tatra Mountains are one of the most spectacular views of Poland. It remained covered with snow through the entire year. The sharp edges of the mountains, beautiful round ponds, waterfalls and valleys are the main points that attract people to it make a tour of this beautiful place. Here tourists may also visit the mountain foot city of Zakopane.

3. Malbork Castle, Malbork

When Teutonic Knight came over the Pagan Tribes, they transferred their main office from Venice to Malbork. Malbork is known as northern Poland in these days. This red brick castle is a symbol of their presence in the city of Northern Poland. This is one of the largest Gothic strongholds in Europe. This fortress has been standing by the Nogat river from 1274.

2. Wieliczka Salt Mines, Krakow

Wieliczka Salt Mines are the oldest companies in the world as it is considered. The inside structures as well as the dozens of sculptures which has been shaped and curved with the rock salt. These sculptures are very ancient and recently they are being contemporized by new artists. From the 15th century huge amount of salt has been mined from this salt mining site.

1. Auschwitz concentration camp, Oswiecim

Auschwitz-Birkenau may be the best experience for you visiting a museum in Oswiecim. The museum is visited by 25 million tourists every year. Auschwitz concentration camp will be the main hit for you which will amaze you at first time of entering the museum. This museum symbolizes the memory of 2nd world war.

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  1. I have a good experience of Bieszczady Mountains because I have been there several times in my whole life and every time had huge fun there.

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