Sunset Rock, the best picnic spot in Keene, New Hampshire

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Are you ready to get your bag pack prepared for a wonderful place to see in New Hampshire? Yes! If you are in a mood of hiking and climbing, then the best suggestion is right at your threshold, because you’ll get to know about a heavenly place which people hardly even know about. This local landmark, located in a small city Keene in New Hampshire, is the beautiful rock, that faces westward over the city and you see the whole city with a bird’s eye view. Through the midst of the shadowy trees runs a beautiful walking-track towards a cable antenna leaving behind the access to the main road.  While you walk up the path, the nature’s beauty welcomes you ahead with happy chirping birds and many squeaking squirrels running one tree to the other. The right time to visit this pristine place is when the daylight begins to drain away and the beautiful layers of heavy clouds start masking the golden bright sun.

Why is this place so amazing?

People mostly bring along picnic baskets and enjoy food with friends and family here. Picnic in the cool air under the deep shadow of maple trees is the best thing to do during the summers. However, during winters the whole place wears the layers of soft white snow but the pathway still remains clear without any difficult terrain to reach the rock. People enjoy barbeques and bonfires during winters with family gatherings. The remarkable thing of sunset rock is that the hills have a lot of history to them that only the old local people of the place know about. The view of downtown of Keene with people walking across the street, you can view all your favorite shops and restaurants down there including the Hallmark, Urban Exchange, Your kitchen store and of course Antiques at Colony Store. Holding binoculars in hands, people see the magnified view of the streets curling down the hills with button like cars that swift across the roads like a striker disk on the playing board. Leaving the household worries behind, people come to enjoy this spot and befriend nature and take many cool pictures. Though it is a peaceful place to relish the serene environment but people may bring along some music of their taste and spend a really nice time up there.

Many well equipped hikers and climbers like climbing down the rock through steeper side of the hill for their good practice. Since Keene is a valley and lot of rainfalls are expected, sunset rock looks more beautiful during rain but it is wiser to take along some extra jackets to keep away from cold during rainy days. For many foreign visitors, this place can be of more fun and amusement during October, when Keene hosts an amazing pumpkin festival. You can view all the proceedings of the pumpkin festival up there with a good pair of binoculars when the giant orange jack-o-lantern mountain looks amazing as viewed from the sunset rock. Now, whenever you get a chance to visit New Hampshire, you must consider coming to this startling rock because never a place has been so mind refreshing as a beautiful place like sunset rock in Keene.

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