Top 10 Best Tourist Places in Bolivia

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Bolivia is full of natural beauty which attracts thousands of travelers toward the best tourist places in Bolivia every year for entertainment and adventures. Climate conditions in Bolivia varies drastically from one place to another, from the tropics in the east to a polar climate in the west. Bolivia have a Latin American culture and Spanish cuisine. Some of the best tourist places in Bolivia are

10. Isla Del Sol

Isla Del Sol is a small hilly island with almost 80 relics is composed of rocky material and has a large number of eucalyptus trees. It is 133000 ft high islands and one of the best tourist places in Bolivia. The ruins of pike kaina, chincaca ruins and the temple Del Inca are the place to explore. Many restaurants and hostels are available nearby, serving their main food item trout fishing to eat.

9. Laguna Colorada, Potosi

Within the border of Chile a salt lake is present that has white to red color due to the presence of borax and algae. night can be spent there in the small villages located in the surroundings. Tourists are attracted towards this lake because of the tantalizing mural. it is a 6.649 miles in length which gives you a mesmerizing view.

8. Madidi National Park

Madidi National Park is one of the most biologically distinct encircling over 70,000 square miles and consisting almost 9,000 species of birds is a marvelous and best tourist places in Bolivia to visit and explore its green natural beauty.

7. The Witche’s Market, La Paz

The most haunted, kooky and mysterious place in the capital of Bolivia la pace in Cairo chamber is The Witch’s Market. It is a small place to visit yet very colored and fresh face market. It is a place where you can buy traditional folk antidotes and llama fetuses which people vary in their house garden as they think it protects them. It is actually some sort of cultural place for believing but an amazing place to visit.

6. Muela De Diablo, La Paz

Muela de Diablo 3995 m high is the best excursion spot for people who are highly keen on hiking and trekking. even mountain biking is also enjoyed there. A trial must be hard to reach the mountain which is also named devil’s tooth due to its shape. public transportation is used to reach there.

5. Amboro National Park, Manuel Maria Caballero

The Amboro national park was established in 1984 and is located in Bolivia, Santa crass department. it covers an area of 1,709 sq mi. The nearest hotel to stay is amboro hotel in Buena vista. there are lots of things to enjoy like swimming, camping with by hiring guides, waterfalls and lush greenery. 750 species of birds and 120 species of animals can be explored.

4. Laguna Verde, Altiplano, Sur Lipez Province

A salt lake present on the chile border is approximately 16 km in area having appropriate temperatures to stay. this lake is green to emerald in color. a huge volcano can be seen sticking out behind the Laguna Verde. this lake covers a surface area of 1700 hectares. it is a pleasing and spectacular scenery for the tourists to visit. visitors also love to find flamingos dancing in the salt which gives view. it is a cold and windy lake.

3. Lake Titicaca, Bordering Bolivia and Peru

The largest lake of the South America is lake Titicaca which brings millions of visitors as a vacation destination. This place is popular for having a number of steamships made here. The lake covers a large surface of earth which have length and width of 190 km and 80 km respectively and have a fresh alpine climate favorable for many travelers. It is a mountain lake which was formed in the basin named Tianjin. The impressive thing about the lake is that it has 42 islands and many water birds winged from one island to another.

2. Tiwanaku Verzonken Tempel

Tiwanaku Verzonken Tempel is the highly visited place during the months of June to September, located in western Bolivia and 42 miles west of the la Paz city and can use airport located near to visit this place. It is located on the shores of a beautiful lake Titicaca bordering Peru and Bolivia ruled by this empire for over 500 years. Rectangular blocks are laid over the ground and have faces carved on them. It is a good place visited by the tourists.

1. Salar De Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni is one of the spectacular feature and the largest fleet on the earth. It is a flat land of salt which came into being by the drying of pre-historic lake named Minchin. It is a land stretched on an area of 4,000 sq mile so most visitors travel this land on vehicles. While visiting this place people can also visit many other beautiful spots here like it covers some fascinating lakes, natural hot springs, hot geysers and many other pleasing features. Salar de Uyuni looks spectacular after the rain when whole scene looks like a mirror.

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