Top 10 most beautiful places in Scotland, United Kingdom

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Scotland, a sovereign state of United Kingdom is blessed with a vast land of mountainous wilderness and jaw-dropping views of dramatic mountains, valleys, luscious green field, forests, shrieking rugged coastline and roaring hills. Literally, Scotland is truly exploded with sheer beauty to amaze the rational thinking of people with its magical and vibrant scenery. The beautiful and magnificent Scotland is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with East North Sea and North Channel along with Irish Seal to the South-West. Scotland is well-known for its breath-taking beauty of natural 790 Islands, the awe-inspiring landscapes and amazing man-made wonders. To amaze you and leave you speechless, let’s take a look at the top 10 most beautiful places in Scotland, UK which might blow up your mind.

10) Melrose Abbey

Melrose Abbey is the elegant tourist site at the Scottish Borders. Melrose Abbey is believed to be the resting place of King Robert Bruce as his embalmed heart was found in a 1988 excavation. This enormous abbey was founded in 1336 by Cistercian monks and is stunningly carved with the decorative details of dragons, saints and gargoyles. Tourists really get amused to explore this gorgeous ruin and its engaging Christian history and the splendid gardens. Melrose Abbey is really a beautiful site to visit in Scotland, UK and for that you may fall in love with the mossy old stones and crumbled roof-tops. Melrose Abbey is a perfect spot for history nerds to experience the ascetic lifestyle and praise the architecture of humanizing quality.

9) Scott’s View

Scott’s view is famous for its association with Sir Walter Scott. It is believed that the ‘Scott’s View’, which lies at the Scottish Borders was the favorite relaxing spot for Sir Walter Scott. He used to spend quality time at this point on the way from his house at Abbotsford. Aesthetically it is narrated that his horses stopped at the same spot before his burial at Dryburgh Abbey. At the Scottish Borders, the Scott’s view along with Ellden hills is a memorable experience to get strikes with optimum world’s beauty in summers under the cloudy sky.

8) Rosslyn Chapel

Rossyln Chappel is located on a small hill at a village of Roslin Midlothian, Scotland. It is considered as third most Sinclair place to worship for Catholics in the village. It is the most remarkable and beautiful building to savor the art and architecture of 15th century. The whole building is literally covered with mysterious stone carvings, pillars and symbols. The stone ornamented building Rossyln Chappel is one of the controversial places in Scotland and a legend itself. It is claimed that the treasure and secrets of Romans are hidden with the chapel walls. No doubt, it’s really an enchanting and magical building to hold the secrets of the history.

7) Mull of Galloway

Mull of Galloway at South West Scotland is a promising countryside which is super favorite for those who are desperate for peace and tranquility. The warm climate, sandy beaches and splendid view of cliff tops is all what lies within this unspoiled paradise. The Robert Steveson’s designed the whitewash lighthouse and its 115 steps, promises the dramatic and unseen scenery of Mull of Galloway. It’s a lifetime experience to collect the breath-taking views of majestic Scotland in one’s subconscious mind for all the years to come.

6) Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Scottish Portrait Gallery is an art museum in Edinburg. The museum was opened in 1890 and possesses a huge collection of paintings and sculptures of about 3,000 and 38,000 photographs. It also exhibits sculptures of many royal personalities of Scotland along with posthumous portrait of Mary, Queen of Scots. It’s a splendid building with a vast historic collection for art lovers and royalty seekers. It simply provides the best opportunity to experience the oasis of peace with its calm environment and royal vibes from tranquil gallery.

5) Loch Ness

Loch Ness is counted as one of the top most rated attractions of Scotland. Loch Ness is home to a legendary aquatic being, the Nessie (Loch Ness Monster). This beautiful and soul satisfying lake is surrounded by Urquhart Castle, the village of Drumnadrochit and many exotic high lands of village to visit and adore the magical beauty of Scotland. Loch Ness is considered as the most famous lake of Britain for its engaging and enchanting monster, the Nessie. People come to see the beastie Nessie, even it has not showed an appearance from past eight months. The vacationers truly praise the cruise of Loch Ness and the real fun by visiting the picturesque villages surrounding the Loch Ness, Scotland.

4) Fairy Pools

Fairy pools, Skye is claimed to have unnatural origin for its green/blue and icy cold water. Fairy pools embrace the magical scenery and cold water to provoke the wild swimmers for an adventurous swimming. Fairy pools, Skye of Scotland is all about to unleash your daredevil and experience the daring largest waterfalls and walk from Clen Brittle towards the striking fairy pools. The weather is usually calm and normal but it becomes really challenging when it is raining hard and you’re travelling on foot. During summer season, there are some companies that may provide shuttle bus services from different locations to the Fairy Pools that makes it really easy for the tourists.

3) Luskentyre Beach

Luskentyre Beach is declared as the most spectacular and the largest beach of Harris, in Great Britain. It lies on the west coast of Harris, in the outer Herbides, Scotland. The North Harris Mountains and sand dunes make the beach as a paradise on earth. The theme and scene of Luskentyre Beach with the ideally blue sky, grey rocks, and stunning turquoises make it a place out of this world. This stunningly beautiful place of Scotland is best to see before meeting the destined end. People can enjoy cycling, hill walking and many more fun activities at this amazing beach.

2) Glasgow Science Centre

Glasglow Science Centre is a giant science centre and it was officially awarded a five star rating by Scottish tourist board. At the South Bank of River Clyde, Glasglow Science Centre offers super amazing fun to the people of all ages. This science and technology museum offers interactive exhibitions, a planetarium, IMAX theatre and cafes. Tourists are offered to enjoy plenty of activities of spectacular stimulated star-gazing, seamless digital projection system to take you off through the galaxy. Tourists are highly recommended to experience the great IMAX theatre and entertaining science centre with frequently changing exhibits at Glasglow Science Centre.

1) Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is another best and beautiful contribution of Scotland to the world. It’s sort of a mixed museum of educational exhibits animal sculptures and the art of history. Along with 9,000 objects and the great paintings of British and Scottish lustrous art, this museum is surprisingly charming and historically breath-taking. The museum is worldwide famous for its Scottish and French art including Salvador Dali painting and the Christ of Saint John of the Cross. The museum was refurbished in three years and then was reopened in 2006 and since then, this has been one of the most attractive places in Scotland.

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