Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Arkansas, United States

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Arkansas is a beautiful state of the United States of America, which is blessed with ample of natural beauties and important infrastructures. So, if you are planning to go on a tour to Arkansas, this state won’t disappoint you at all. Arkansas has waterfalls, caves, parks, museums and much more to enchant the tourists. Before going to Arkansas you must know about the names and the details of the tourism spots which are the most beautiful and impossible to miss out. The followings are the top ten most beautiful places in Arkansas with a little details about them.

10) Richland Falls/ Twin Falls

The state’s two most stunning waterfalls are in the same tourism spot. This tourism spot is located in the Ozark National Forest where the Devil’s Fork Creek meets Richland Creek. These two falls are considered to be the most difficult to reach waterfalls in Arkansas and a difficult trek as the trail is very poorly marked.

9) Thorncrown Chapel

The Thorncrown Chapel is an exceptionally planned wood and glass structure located in a tremendous natural setting in Eureka Springs. More than six thousand square feet of glasses have been used to construct this forty eight feet tall chapel. The chapel has placed on the list of National Register of Historic Places in 2000. It is a nice tourism spot to take your family.

8) Buffalo National River

Non-polluted rivers are now almost rare. Buffalo National River is a free flowing and non-polluted river, which is of more than 150 miles (240 kilometers) long. This river is very much renowned for a great camping, fishing and canoeing destination. It runs through the Ozark Mountains and is managed and protected by the National Park Service as it is home to deer, bobcats and a lot of other wildlife. This river begins as the main point of the big buffalo creek, which is about 15 miles above the park boundary in Newton County.

7) Crater of Diamonds State Park

Crater of diamonds state park is the only source of natural diamonds in the USA and is open to the public. It covers an area of 911 acres (369 ha) and is located in southwestern Arkansas, near to Murfreesboro. It is a plowed field where diamonds have been discovered continuously since 1906 and the world’s only perfect diamond ever discovered the Strawn-Wagner diamond was also discovered here. IUCN has enlisted the Crater of Diamonds State Park as a Class III Natural Monument or feature in its registry. The crater of diamonds is situated over an eroded lamproite volcanic pipe which is a part of a ninety five million year old eroded volcano, natural recurring processes brings the diamonds to the surface. Two diamonds are found per day by tourists on average. The park also includes a museum and a water playground within its boundaries.

6) Mount Magazine State Park

The mount magazine state park covers an area of 2234 acres (904 ha) and is located in Logan County in the United States of America. This park is now designated as a state park by the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism. The highest point of Arkansas is situated in the mount magazine state park, which is about 2753 feet high. There’s a lodge in the peak of the mount magazine (also known as the Signal Hill) that contains trails, cabins and a hang-gliding area. This park blessed with beautiful campgrounds, hiking trails, overlooks, picnic areas and a variety of interpretive programs on the floras and faunas as well as natural and cultural history of the park. It is a heaven for nature lovers and adventurers. There are options of rock climbing, hang-gliding, biking, horse-riding and ATV trail riding for the tourists in the park. There’s also a gift shop and a visitor center with an exhibition gallery for the tourists.

5) Mammoth Spring State Park

The Mammoth Spring State park is located in Fulton County covering an area of 62.5 acres (25.3 ha). One of the largest spring of the USA is located in this park, where about 9 million gallons of water flow per hour. The park offers fishing, boating and hiking for the visitors’ recreation as well as an Arkansas Welcome Center. The park contains a restored train depot of 1886 and a Frisco railroad caboose which are now being used as a railroad museum.

4) Hot Springs National Park

Hot Springs National Park is the oldest Federal Reserve and is adjacent to the city of Hot Springs. The hot springs of the park flow from the western slope of Hot Springs Mountain which is a part of the Ouachita Mountain. The water of these springs is considered to have healing properties by the local residents. The park contains beautiful paid and non-paid old bathhouses which are still in use for various purposes. The most attractive part of the park is an observation tower.

3) Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site

This school has students of class nine to twelve and is renowned as it is the place where desegregation began. Nine black teenager students were escorted by the army to their first day of school in 1957, this event is noted as an important moment in the Civil Rights Movement. It is located in the Daisy L Gatson Bates Drive in little rock. Here tourists can explore the galleries with an audio-visual directory to learn more about the school’s history and also the interactive exhibits.

2) Garvan Woodland Gardens

Garvan Woodland Gardens is a botanical garden covering an area of 210 acres and is located at 550 Arkridge Road. The University of Arkansas owns the gardens and open every day for a fee to the tourists. The garden has enchanting floral landscapes, streams, waterfalls, Japanese garden, conifer border and a huge variety of flora.

1) Blanchard Spring Caverns

Blanchard Springs Caverns, which is located in the Ozark-St. Francis it’s a living three level cave system. It is only two miles away from highway 14 and a short distance north of Mountain View. It is a living cave because it has slow metamorphosis running within caused by minerals deposited by the seeping and dripping of water. There are four different tours which are offered at the caverns, which are: the discovery trail, the dripstone trail, the discovery in the dark- headlamp tour, and the wild cave tour. There are tiny cave creatures such as salamanders and crickets in the Blanchard spring caverns.

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