Top 10 best tourist attractions in Bulgaria

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Bulgaria is a country situated in southeastern Europe and is the continent’s 16th largest country. The country has served as a stronghold base for several cultures and empires since the prehistoric times. Sofia is the capital and the largest city of Bulgaria, boasting an extremely important place among its European counterparts. The stronger sectors of the economy are mainly power resources, agriculture, and industrial projects. Bulgaria’s tourism industry is also on the rise as of present. From the dense forested mountainous ranges to the sun-kissed sandy beaches of the Black Sea to the fascinating historical narratives to the bustling party towns with an exquisite nightlife, Bulgaria has it all in store to attract massive tourist crowds.

10) Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is a major sun-splashed, sea-side party resort located on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Although it is home to a very little part of the permanent population, Sunny Beach receives thousands of visitors and is arguably one of the most renowned attractions during the summers. It’s packed with hustling pubs and clubs with a streamline of world-class restaurants and hotels next to the gorgeous sandy beach. A couple of water parks have also been developed nearby to attract more visitors through marine sports.

9) Perperikon

Thought to be a divine place since seven millennia, Perperikon is an ancient remain of a city depicting traces of human settlement. The region is hailed as the largest monolithic structure in the Balkan Peninsula. Since 5000BC, Perperikon is believed to have housed the famous Temple of Dionysius among other mysterious legacies and prophecies. It is a must visit place for history buffs and archaeologists seeking traditional roots into Bulgaria. Visitors can hunt down the ruins of buildings, altars, digging sites and visit the local archaeology museum.

8) Burgas

Burgas is a favored gateway, a far cry from archaic corners that pepper the rest of Bulgaria. It is the fourth-largest city of the country and is located on the Black Sea Coast. The city is famous for its sea-side parks and Art Deco architecture. The wetlands around the region are specifically noted for their bio-diverse nature and resource pools of flora and fauna. North Beach is the most popular leisure resort in the town where lively cultural festivals are regularly held. The majestic trio of magnificent lakes that surround the city also offers a great opportunity for recreation.

7) Pirin National Park

Pirin National Park is a wilderness borderland like no other in Europe. It encompasses southern parts of the country containing the Pirin Mountains and is one of the three national parks in Bulgaria. It was declared a World Heritage Site and is a popular tourist attraction. The Pirin has an abundance of flora and fauna and houses an interactive exhibit on the park’s forestry and wildlife. Through the craggy crevices and caves, dozens of hiking trails and mountain lakes pop up and offer icing on the cake that’s named adventure.

6) Belogradchik

Situated in the foothills of the Balkan Mountains, Belogradchik is a small town that never fails to awe-strike its visitors due to its geographical wonders. It boasts an enthralling display of strangely shaped, stone blocks that look like mysterious hoodoos. The Belogradchik Fortress is also established within the region and is considered one of the top tourist attractions due to its eerier and enchanted surroundings. Tourists may also explore the medieval cave architecture in the Magura Cave.

5) Varna

Being the 3rd largest city in Bulgaria, Varna is a major commercial and economic hub of the country. It’s located on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and is known as the maritime capital. It consists of a long trail of Roman monuments including historic bathhouses, and architectural sculptures along the roads. The city is also home to some of the best art complexes and historical museums. The beaches across the coast are packed with tourists as they enjoy the seafood restaurants and party in cocktail bars.

4) Pamporovo

Encompassed with the ice-caked white of snow and lush-green of pine trees is the popular mountain ski resort of Pamporovo. It lies near the southern border with Greece and accommodates a number of hotels, bars, and restaurants. During the warmer months, the place offers terrific hiking opportunities. But it’s the colder season that draws the greatest crowds. Several development works have been successfully completed to ensure that newer tracks for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter-related activities could be easily enjoyed. Recently, a chairlift ride has also been installed.

3) Rila Monastery

Situated within the forested valley of Rila Mountains in the south of Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia; the Rila Monastery is the largest and the most famous of its kind. The site was established in the 10th century and is the most important tourist icon in the country, both culturally and historically. The complex is noted for its vibrant wall paintings and external architecture. Rila Monastery also boasts a church, a residential area, and a museum all containing traditional artifacts that preserve the Bulgarian heritage.

2) Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Located in the sprawling capital city of Sofia, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a Neo-Byzantine style cathedral church and is one of the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals going around the globe. It depicts great monuments from the Soviet rule as well as the ancient remains of iconic fortresses and municipal buildings. Visitors can also tour the museum which is part of the National Art library located at the rear of the Cathedral and contains several Orthodox relics and exhibits. The snow-packed tops of the mountains in the background provide the backdrop for this amazing medieval experience.

1) Nessebar

Shimmering like a chunk of pearls on the coastal areas of Black Sea, Nessebar is the most prominent town and beguiling destinations to tour to. The place has a really deep-rooted historical significance as it was the stronghold of the Byzantine Empire. Nessebar majorly consists of two divisions: the first one boasts the prehistoric stuff whereas the other one is more modernized consisting of hotels and restaurants, etc. The glamorous churches built a dozen centuries ago still stand their ground along with the formidable fortifications.

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