Top 10 best tourist places in Portugal

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Portugal is a very beautiful country with many artistic and cultural tourist spots. Thousands of people every year visit Portugal tourist attractions for amazing life experience. Portugal is not too expensive to live, cost of living is quite cheap. There are many historical places linked to ancient stories and myths. Portugal is quite famous in it’s natural beauty, Old strong buildings, Green valley and many beaches that be a good reason to must be visited Portugal while in Europe. Here are the top best tourist attraction of Portugal.

10. The Baxia, Lisbon

The Baxia is one of the oldest cities of Lisbon, Portugal. It’s a downtown city and the old traditions still can be found here. The traditional shops still are there for the shopping lovers. Whoever loves jewelries must go to Baxia. There are three different roads for jewelries and clothes and their names are also by the resource name. To buy gold jewelries you may go to Rua do Ouro, it means Gold Street. To buy silver jewelries you may go to Rua da Prata (Silver Street). The parallel roads at the city’s heart are true beauty in Portugal.

9. Funchal, Madeira

The people who are likely to enjoy fresh and modern culture along with traditional touch, they should take a tour of Funchal. Funchal is the modern city of Madeira in Portugal. There are lots of options to have fun and celebrate with your friends in Funchal. You can go to the nightclubs, casinos for some extra recreation. The restaurants here are much enriched with lots of good food. So the food lovers are also welcome to this city. You can just take a walk through the city and it’s a must that you’ll enjoy the surroundings.

8. Vila Franca do Campo, Azores

Azores is the closest city of Portugal towards Europe from U.S.  Azores is a beautiful Island with green portrait like landscapes. If you are a water sports lover then Azores has every arrangement for you. Most people enjoy watching the whale and yachting diving is also famous here.  You can see the whales while enjoying a boating trip through the sea. Vila Franca do Campo is the largest town of the island. This town has developed with the pineapple and orange cultivation.

7. Praça do Giraldo, Évora

Evora is a 2000 year old city with lots of historical symbols such as Renaissance fountains, Moorish courtyards, Labyrinthine streets, and Gothic gateway and tower. Praça do Giraldo is the main help to Évora tourism as it serves the best coffee to the tourists in Portugal. There are lots of open air cafes and it was the place where many people got executed. This city makes the imagination of Portugal kings come true. The King Joao II selected this city for the wedding of his inheritor with the daughter of the Catholic Monarchs.

6. Cais da Ribeira, Porto


Porto Portugal

Porto is the capital of Portugal. It is the way to the north region of the country. Porto is not only a city, the nation goes to by this city and the most renowned wine from Portugal is known as Porto. Cais da Ribeira is the most romantic place in Porto. This place gets its life when the sun goes to a home. The illuminated cafes and the bars and restaurants become the most spectacular thing. The couples can enjoy the music and the coffee, grilled fish and fresh air . These attractions make it best in top 10 best tourist places in Portugal.

5. Faro, Algarve

Faro is the Capital of Algarve. It is one of the famous tourism sectors. The Tavira is the favorite place for the British tourists. The Convento da Graca is also very popular because of its great service. There is a train which will take you to the west of Logos as well as to the Vila Real de Santo Antonio. It will go along the coast. You can enjoy the long sandy beach here at Faro. The boat trip through the Formosa Ria is also very exciting.

4. University of Coimbra, Coimbra

Coimbra is the old capital of Portugal. It is mostly famous for the great University of Coimbra. The spectacular view of the University along with the River Mondego attracts the tourist most. This University is established in 1290; this is one of the oldest universities of Europe. Coimbra is a most romantic place of Portugal. You can see the symbol of Mannerist work Porta Ferrea at the entrance of the University. The city is full of students with black hat over the head and a briefcase with colorful ribbons.

3. Palacio da Pena, Sintra

Sintra is one of the most favorite tourism sectors. The colorful palace of Palacio da Pena is the most romantic spot of Sintra. The recently opened restaurant adds wings to the magnificence of the Palace. From the terrace you can enjoy the most spectacular of the Serra de Sintra and the Sintra coast. When you are at Sintra, you should visit the Paris charge of Santa Maria (Igreja Matriz de Santa Maria), Chapel of S. martinho and Church of the Senhor da Pedra.

2. Vicentina coast, Odemira

Vicentine coast is one of the popular coasts of Portuguese tourism. You can reach to the west of Faro using this coast. It is a protected natural park. The fantastic shaped high cliffs by the side of the Atlantic are really impressive. If you are searching for a resort here, then Vila Nova de Milfontes can be the best choice for you.

1. Algarve, Portugal

Algarve is Portugal’s famous tourist spot. It is known for its sun, beach and the sand mark. Martinhal is a western Algarve beach resort. Algarve resort is also famous. The North Cornwall coast lovers should visit this beach at Algarve. The surfers will enjoy the most here. Once you go on a tour at Algarve you can enjoy Faro too. The world famous golf courses are also pleasant here. The climate of Algarve attracts the tourists the most.

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