Top 10 most beautiful places in Australia

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10 Most Famous Places in Australia

Australia is famous for a lot of things, from iniquitous landscapes to mellow cities and splendid beaches. It won’t be possible for anyone to see the entire country and experience everything the continent has to offer on a single tour. So here we have compiled for you a list of top ten must visit places in Australia.

10) Sydney Opera House , Sydney

The Sydney Opera House is without doubt Australia’s most quickly recognizable places. With its lofty, sail-like arches that overlook its modern architecture, the Opera House has come to represent Australia just as the Statue of Liberty represents America or the London eye represents London. The building was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II on October 20, 1973. From that day onward the Opera House has achieved the status of the busiest public venue in the world with more than 3000 performances every year and an audience of close to 2.1 million every year.

9) Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney

The Sydney Harbor Bridge, also known as The Coathanger is the biggest steel arch bridge in the world with its highest point surging more than 130 meters from the harbor. The bridge was completed in 1932. The bridge is instantly recognizable around the world; the New Year celebrations of the Sydney Harbor Bridge are famous worldwide. A tour of the bridge is available to the visitors, which takes you to the top of the span from where the view of the harbor is mind-blowing. The tour is available in the morning as well as in the evening and at night.

8) Uluru


Uluru, previously known as Ayers Rock, is the world’s largest monolith locaked in Australia. Uluru attracts more than 400,000 visitors annually. According to modern geologist it is almost 700 million years old located in Northern Territory in red desert. After rising many tourist visits to this place government established every tourist facility here including picnic park. Climbing this rock is prohibited by locals but still many tourist can’t stop them self from climbing the rock.

7) Great Barrier Reef


The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s longest t coral reef system. The reef located in the aptly named Coral Sea stretches over 2600 kilometers. The gigantic system of reefs can even be viewed from outer space. It contain more then 600 different types of hard and soft corals. Many sea species dwells in these coral reefs in Australia.

6) Royal Botanic Gardens


The Royal Botanic Gardens were established in Sydney by Governor Bligh in 1816. The gardens are located near the center of downtown Sydney. The Gardens provide a stark contrast to the surrounding urban area and offer amazing views of the Sydney Harbor. They cover an area of about 30 hectares; there are more than 7500 species of plants in the garden.

5) Port Arthur


Port Arthur is a small but well known town in Tasmania, South Australia. It was once used as convict settlement and now it is converted into open air museum. This prison was abandoned in 1877 but was converted into tourism spot in 1927 because of its popularity. This land was auctioned sector by sector and investors started building entertainment attractions there. This place is also used for education purpose for related students as a Model Prison for them.

4) Coober Pedy


Coober Pedy is a town in South Australia, at a distance of about 850 kilometers from Adelaide. The town is also known as the “opal capital of the world” because of the precious opals found there. Coober Pedy is also well known for its below-ground residences, called the “dugouts”, they were built due to the scorching heat in the area.

3) Kangaroo Island


Kangaroo Island is South Australia’s most visited tourist attractions; it draws in over 140,000 visitors every year. Some of the most visited spots in the Island include; Flinders Chase National Park, Kelly Hill Caves, Seal Bay, Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and the Parndana Wildlife Park.

2) The Bungle Bungles


Bungle Bungles is the name given to the beehive-shaped sandstone formations located in Purnululu National Park, it is one of the most intriguing geological landmarks in Australia.

1) Castle Hill


Castle Hill is another of Australia’s well known monoliths it is a giant pink granite rock. Cemented roads go all the way to the top of Castle Hill, providing amazing views of the city Townsville that lies below.

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