Top 10 best tourist places in New York City, New York

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New York City, which was officially founded as a trading post back in 1624 is the most densely populated cities in the United States. Home to nearly 8.5 million people, New York plays a significant role in the dynamics of USA’s commercial, financial and social systems. The establishment of the UN headquarters in New York reflects the importance of the city as the main hub of international diplomacy. The diversity of the cultures and religions within New York also result in its worldwide fame. Moreover, the city is well-known for its tourist attractions, skyscrapers, and entertainment parks with the annual number of tourists topping 50 million in 2015.

10) Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is an entertainment, shopping and an Art Deco complex which spans of 19 commercial buildings. It is one of the finest entertainment attractions in NYC and also houses the legendary NBC studios and the famous Radio City Music Hall. Rockefeller also hosts numerous NY events which includes the lighting of Christmas tree each year. With its serene decks and cultural linkages, Rockefeller makes up for a terrific tourist destination. If you’re thinking of a tour for New York City, you just dont need to forget this place as the ice skating experience is worth the visit!

9) Chrysler’s Building

Chrysler Building is a skyscraper, surpassing 320 meters and it is still considered as the tallest brick building in the world. It is a typical representative of classic architecture and this glimmering pinnacle of Art Deco is associated with the Chrysler car company too. There are giant eagles embedded into this grand structure which are the replicas of the ones added into the Chrysler automobiles. The skyscraper was officially completed in 1929 and is situated in mid-town Manhattan.

8) St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Widely known for its grandeur and sumptuous structure, the St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church and another striking landmark of the New York City. Built in 1879, it has been restored and upgraded several times since then. The Cathedral’s tremendous bronze doors and white-lit exterior reflects its magnificence and It can house up to 2,400 people. Each year, an approximate of 6 million Catholics as well as tourists visit this historic monument.

7) Yankee’s Stadium

Yankee’s Stadium is a ballpark which serves as a home-stadium for the New York Yankees teams of soccer and baseball. Originally it was built in 1923 but was reconstructed in 2009 and it currently ranks as the most expensive stadium ever built. The ballpark has thus far hosted hundreds of college soccer games, baseball league matches, international soccer contests and as well as concerts. The Yankee Stadium has a seating capacity for more than a 50,000 spectators and it is most populous during the summers.

6) Times Square

The Times Square, located on the 7th Avenue is a major commercial interchange and a busy intersection of art and commerce. It is widely known for its eye-catching digital advertisements, billboards and its brightly-lit shops and malls. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. Times Square is also home to many prominent media centers such as MTV, ABC and the New York Times. Moreover, it is the center of attraction during the Christmas days as the famous New Year’s ball drop also occurs here.

5) Museum of Modern Arts

Being one of the biggest museums in the world, this majestic institution from the late 19th century presents a collection of 2 million masterpieces of art from every corner of the world. The collections highlights endless artifacts from the prehistoric Egyptian times to the modern photography. Notable exhibitions also include decorative artifacts, musical instruments, arms and armors. Like the other landmarks, the Museum is also a highly preferred destination for millions of tourists.

4) The Brooklyn Bridge

It is one of the most iconic landmarks in the New York City. The Brooklyn Bridge, having a span of 486 meters, connects the cities of Manhattan and Brooklyn by traversing the East River. The bridge, which was nearly completed in 1883 is the world’s first ever bridge made out of steel wires. It also features two stone towers midway through and offers a terrific panoramic view of the city. Unlike similar world-class bridges, the Brooklyn Bridge is easy to walk across for pedestrians.

3) Central Park

It is impossible to plan a trip to New York City and don’t add Central Park in your destinations list! This beautiful place is situated in mid-Manhattan within the New York City. The Central Park is the most toured park in the whole US with visitors reaching almost 40 million per annum in recent years. There are many attractive sites and hubs within the park, including the well-known Central Park Zoo. In the winter season, people from different areas join in for snowball fights, romantic spins and sledding down the small hills. Whereas the summers are booked for sun tanning, skating and playing sports.

2) Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is widely famed as one of the greatest landmarks in the world. In fact, the 102-storied skyscraper stood as the world’s tallest building for almost 40 years! With an astounding height of 381 meters, the 86th floor of the skyscraper offers marvelous observatory decks and magnificent 360 degree views of the city. Millions of tourists visit the Empire State Building to experience the 25-minute elevator ride from the top. Due to its international fame, the building was also featured in many renowned Hollywood films including King Kong.

1) Statue Of Liberty

The very first thing that comes rushing into your mind when you hear of New York City is the Statue of Liberty, of course! Originally built in 1886, the Statue of Liberty was sent to the USA as a gift from the French people and is currently located on the Liberty Island. It can be seen as a worldly symbol of freedom and a great American icon. The statue is still the largest in the world and stands at a staggering height of 152 feet above sea level. It offers a beautiful scenic view of the New York Harbor and the Liberty Island. To reach the base of the statue, tourists and local visitors travel on boat and sometimes on ferries as well.

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