Top 10 most beautiful places in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

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Fujairah is situated on the eastern coast of United Arab Emirates. It is the only state of  UAE, which have a coastline on the Gulf of Oman instead of the Persian Gulf. It is famous for its beautiful beaches and mountains, which have great attraction for tourists.

10) Al Badiyah Mosque

Al Badiyah Mosque also known as Ottoman Mosque was constructed in the 15th century. It is situated in a small village in North of Fujairah and considered one of the oldest mosque of United Arab Emirates. Structurally it has four dooms with no minaret and the apparent reason this mosque is without traditional minaret is because it was build to accommodate increasing worshipers instead of making it as an icon for Islam. This historical mosque provides great delight and memories of ancient Arab culture and civilization to the tourists.

9) Fujairah Corniche Bull Fighting

Every Friday an exciting cultural heritage show for Arabian Bull Fighting is arranged in a fenced muddy field opposite to the Fujairah Corniche by Locals.

Arabian Bull Fighting should not be mistaken with Spanish Bull Fighting as there is no animal cruelty, blood and human involved in it. Arabian Bull Fighting is a just a tug of war contest between 2 Bulls, where one bull have to push the other bull outside the circle. Who ever succeed in pushing other bull outside the circle, wins and reward for the winner is in the shape of increased value and respect. This whole enjoyment is free of charge.

8) Fujairah Historic Fort

Fujairah Fort is the oldest historical fort in United Arab Emirates. It was built in 16th century but by who, no body knows. Historical record shows it was some kind of a defense building for ruling royal family of that time. In 1925 the British bombarded the Fujairah Fort, in which its sea facing towers got severely damaged. It was the last time, when the British gunboats opened their fire in the Gulf of Oman before they signed the peace treaty agreement with Fujairah. The Fort has been renovated by the Ruling authorities of Fujairah and restored to its historical glory.

7) Fujairah Museum

Fujairah Museum was established on 30th November, 1991 by the Ruler of Fujairah and expanded in 1998 by the Department of Heritage and Antiques. The Fujairah Museum provides the visitors an image of its cultural background and archaeological evidence to prove its inheritance since 3rd Millennium B.C. It is an interesting place for archaeologists and the tourists who holds great interest in ancient archaeology. The Museum is divided in 2 large halls for antiques and 3 large halls for heritage to exhibit the artifacts. A laboratory and a section for Archaeological excavations are also established in Fujairah Museum.An ancient riffle called Khedewi which was made in 1916 is displayed in this museum. The most unique exhibit in Fujairah Museum is an Ostrich egg, which is dated back 2500 years B.C.

6) Ain Al Madhab Garden

The Ain Al Madhab Garden is a popular relaxation spot located near the foothills of huge Hajjar Mountains. It is more than just a mineral spa where people come for swimming in the warm sulphuric water. There are two pools, one for men and other for women.These pools contain special mineral water springs mixed with the warm sulphuric water. There is an outdoor theatre where different festival performances such as traditional singing and folklore dances are organized on public holidays. It also includes a Heritage Village, which displays fishing boats, cookware, pottery and ruins of old Fujairah Fort. The entry in the Garden is free.

5) Fujairah Friday Market

Fujairah’s Friday Market is situated at Masafi. It is a great place for tourists to stop by a point on the road and buy some fresh fruits and vegetables which are grown by the locals. There are some stalls of carpets and pottery shops, which allow tourists to buy cultural art pieces of Fujairah. This market has a special feature of bargaining to decide a price which is not applicable in well organized shopping malls. On asking price, merchant ask ten time the price of good then the actual price, if you are unaware of the market price you will pay immediately and if you know the price, you will offer them even less then the the product actually cost merchant. By bargaining, eventually you will settle down on a reasonable price. Recently a gas station was added to the market to facilitate tourists and electricity has also been provided to this market. This market is a big weekend deal for tourists.

4) Snoopy Island

Snoopy Island is an incredible rocky marine island which has an immense natural beauty and abundant sea life. Its name is on a cartoon character dog which this island resembles in shape. It is situated about hundred meters offshore from the Sandy Beach Hotel & Resorts at Al Aqah in Fujairah. It is a place where you can find many beautiful species of fish and sharks. Here people can encounter many species of sharks. It is a tremendous place for snorkeling. Scene of marvelous natural beauty and different colors of fish is sufficient to make the trip memorable.

3) Tennis & Country Club Fujairah

Tennis & Country Club Fujairah is situated against Hajjar Mountains in Fujairah. People of all age groups come here not only for relaxation but also for enjoyment. The Club has five international floodlight tennis courts and a tennis stadium with the seating capacity of 2,000 persons. There is Evolution Fitness Centre equipped with cardio machines, weight machines and complete set of free weight equipment. The  Club has multipurpose-indoor sports hall and has an outdoor playground for children. It also has McGettigan Irish Pub, a tea & dates café, large pools and dance studio to enjoy in different ways. Meetings and conferences are also organized in this club.

2) Century Mall

Century Mall is the biggest mall in the eastern emirates of UAE. It has covered an area of 300,000 square feet. This mall is situated on the New Al Anjaimat Road next to Al Shabab Club in Al Mazmar Area of Fujairah. The Mall includes six major brand stores with Carrefour and one of the largest and famous hypermarkets of the Middle East. In addition, the mall has 75 special stores. It also has a Food Court with nine outlets which have a seating capacity of 240 persons. There is an Ansari Money Changer to change the currency of tourists. A well-managed car parking has added good reputation to this great mall where 800 cars can accommodate the visitors.

1) Wadi Wurayah

Wadi Wurayah is an area of 12,700 hectares situated between Masafi, Khor Fakkan and Bidiyah in UAE. It is first Mountain protected Area in UAE. It is the origin of more than 100 species of mammals, birds, insects, fish and more than 300 species of plants. Many of the species are unique. Wadi Wurayah National Park and waterfall from the middle of Hajjar Mountains are rare natural beauty. It is a great place for a weekend picnic and camping due to its beautiful natural scenic environment.


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