Top 10 best tourist places in Aydin, Turkey

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Aydin is a province of Turkey, which is situated in the Aegean Region in the southwest of the country. The city of Aydin is the capital of the province. The region of the Aegean has a typical climate, which is very hot in summer. The countryside of the province is rich with olives, figs and citrus trees. The economy of this province is based on the agriculture and tourism. It is the home of some amazing summer beach resorts, archaeological sites, ancient landmarks, beaches, lakes and many other tourist spots. Tourists are attracted towards the Zeybek folk art, war dance and traditional local cuisine of the region, which includes kofte and kebab.

10) Lake Bafa

Lake Bafa is a lake and a natural reserve, which is situated along the border line of the Soke District of Aydin Province. The main water sources of this lake are the water floods in the Great Menderes River and the mountains of the surrounding area. This is a peaceful place with a great beauty of nature. Sides of the lake are covered with pine trees, tamarisks and olive groves. The lake is full of various species of water plants, which appreciates living of many species of fishes in Lake Bafa. The lake is also a home to the various species of birds like dwarf cormorants, sea eagles, chameleons, owls, pink flamingos and many others. It is one of the best tourist places to visit in Turkey.

9) Kusadasi Markets

There are three main local markets in the district of Kusadasi, which are organized open air at different places on specific days of a week in the centre of the Kusadasi city. The special market of fruits and vegetables are arranged on every Tuesday and Friday where people can buy fresh vegetables and fruits at fewer rates. These fruits and vegetables are brought to this market by the local farmers from the villages nearby the Kusadasi District. Wednesday market is arranged on every Monday from where people can buy various clothes and textile products at lower rates. First copies of the original branded products are the main attraction in this market. This market provides its visitors a local shopping experience of purchasing with the technique of the bargain. Many local and international visitors are attracted every year to experience this unique shopping in Kusadasi.

8) Kaleici Camii

Kaleici Camii is a beautiful and a grand mosque, which was constructed by the Mehmed Pasa in the early 17th century in the Kusadasi District by Aydin Province, Turkey. The mosque is an impressive ancient attraction of the Ottoman Empire. The structure of the mosque is created on different crushed stones, cut stones, bricks and various types of marbles. The Mosque is equipped with a single huge dome and a minaret, which are restored more than once to maintain its ancient glory. The artistic wooden and ornamental work on the walls, roofs, doors and windows of the mosque is a great example of Ottoman architecture. About 550 worshippers can offer their prayers at the same time in this awe-inspiring grand mosque. It is a great point of interest for the tourists from all over the world.

7) Forum Aydin

Forum Aydin is a beautifully designed open-air shopping mall located in the centre of the Aydin city of Turkey, which is not only a shopping mall but also the best place for meeting and entertainment in the city. It is the greatest shopping mall of Aydin city, which offers various enjoyable activities and entertainment to its visitors. The mall has more than 100 stores, restaurants and cafes, which include Kipa Hypermarket, Media market and many other national & international brands. Various famous restaurants and cafes are also available in the malls offering quality meals to the visitors. Forum Aydin has seven maximum cinemas where visitors can watch latest national and international movies with great luxury. Visitors can enjoy the outdoor pleasant stay with its stoned streets, caged balconies and open terraces. About 7.5 million local and foreign visitors visit the mall every year.

6) Ruins of Tralles

Ruins of Tralles are the excavation site located in the Adyin Merkez in Turkey. The excavation was started in 1888 and a number of ancient relics and artifacts were discovered, which were kept in the Istanbul Museum of Archaeology. The site currently includes the ruin named as the Do Goz, which consists of 3 large arches and a part of the gymnasium in the Roman Period. Two more structures of a theatre and a stadium is also discovered on the site. These structures are built with the mortar, stone blocks, bricks and shielded with stucco. The site is a famous tourist spot on Aydin, although, permission is required to see the structure of the stadium.

5) Aydin Museum

Aydin Museum is an archaeological and ethnographic museum, which was established in the Aydin city in 1959. There are 3 main halls in the museum, which are dedicated to archaeological and ethnographic artifacts and ancient coins. These halls display the various sculptures, relics, columns and ancient stone craved artifacts, which belong to the Hellenistic, Byzantine, Roman, Seljuk and Ottoman Eras. All these exhibits are excavated from the digging of ancient cities like Magnesia, Nisa, Harpasa, Tralleis and many other cities. Currently, the Museum has a collection of 4,000 ethnographical and 11,000 archaeological artifacts, more than 45,000 ancient coins and 3,000 different articles on the display of the museums. Aydin Museum is one of the top ten museums in Turkey, which attracts many tourists of different regions.

4) Kusadasi Castle

Kusadasi Castle is the iconic landmark of the Kusadasi, situated in the Pigeon Island adjacent to the city center of the Kusadasi, Aydin Province. It is also known as the “Pirate castle” because of its presence on the coast to prevent the attacks from the sea. The castle belongs to the Ottoman era and presents the best mixture of culture and nature at the same time. Kusadasi castle is adjacent to different swimming beaches and surrounded by the awe-inspiring, romantic and spectacular panoramic views. The castle includes a small museum, restaurant with disco for the entertainment of couples and other visitors.

3) Temple of Apollo

Temple of Apollo is an ancient monumental temple at Didyma, Aydin Province. It is considered as the most visited temples of the Hellenistic Era in Turkey and was constructed in the second century by the Greeks. This is a huge temple, which is surrounded by the 120 columns in two rows. These columns are 19.70 meters high and erected on the sides at the front of the Cella. A vogue statue of Apollo is placed in the tetrastyla in the Cella, besides the shrine. Oracle’s room is situated on the 2nd floor of the temple, which is supported by two Corinthian Columns. A 24 steps staircase is available there, leading to the room of the Oracle and the roof of the Temple. It is a great ancient place to visit, especially for the people having an interest in history.

2) Dilek National Park

Dilek National Park is a piece of heaven for the people who simply love swimming and lying on the beaches, hiking on mountain trails or capturing the beauty of nature. The National Park is the collective landmark of awe-inspiring mountain trails, beautiful and clean beaches, cool and fresh greenery and spectacular panoramic views of the natural wilderness. It is a perfect picnic spot for families and friends. Picnic tables, benches, toilets and shower facilities are available for the visitors. Surrounding of the park is rich with the various species of flowers, plants, birds and wild animals. Some cafes are also available there to provide visitors with eatables and drinks. It is one of the best places to visit in Turkey.

1) Adaland

Adaland is an aqua park and the coolest place to hang out in Kusadasi. The aqua park is full of water entertainment, adventure rides and aqua splash fun. Adaland Aqua Park is the place of entertainment and fun for the people of all age groups. People can enjoy the thrill of adventure water slides and various rides for fun. Visitors can relax in the lazy river or enjoy the sun bath by lying on the cool and grassy beach. Dolphin Park is also the part of Adaland Water Park, where visitors can enjoy amazing dolphin show in the alternative week days. A café is available in the park to offer different eatables to satisfy the appetite of the visitors.

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