Top 10 best tourist places in Tulsa - Oklahoma, United States

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Tulsa is one of the largest city in Oklahoma state. It is counted as the most populated city area of Oklahoma state. Tulsa city is known as Oil Capital of the world as it serves as a hub of oil for American industries. Along with being economic wealthy in terms of the oil field, Tulsa city has also been enjoying high profits and growth success in fields like energy, technology, aviation, finance, and telecommunication. Sports teams of the city are also one of their countable achievements. The Tulsa city is widely recognized in name of arts and culture worldwide having a worldly recognized art museum, music and dance organizations and art decoration companies. Tulsa city is known as most livable and large city among the list of cities in America and is also named in the best cities of United States. The city people are called as Tulsans.

10. Tulsa Zoo

Zoo at Tulsa city has been growing rapidly in context of preservation and storing a wide number of animals and wildlife species for few years. The tourists are being more amused at the sight of animals at the zoo for the last few years as Tulsa zoo has not only increased the wildlife and animals in number but also has arranged simulation for the visitors that is near to their native and belonging environment. Tulsa zoo has lions, antelopes, white rhinos, giraffes and some of the rare species, like snow leopards. Many animals have recently been introduced at the Tulsa zoo belonging to the Asian region.

9. Route 66

The route 66 in Tulsa city is designed to promote slow driving keeping in mind the safety of drivers along their enjoyment of the whole ride though. The route is lined up with some old buildings of the Tulsa city. Route 66 takes the tourists to the small town area following the American living style. While passing through the route, there appears movie memory screens snapped with the walls, tasty food restaurant themed following the inspiration of cars movie, railroad back up and an old fine hotel widely spacious and quite costly. Route 66 also allows you the visit of Contennial Plaza that is the source of amusement for the visitors through a wide number of sculptures standing there.

8. Tulsa Drillers Baseball

Drillers Baseball area at the Tulsa city is specified for the baseball players across the city. Players usually have the baseball game at the drillers baseball. Along with this, the area is also used for celebrating many events and promotional activities. Always surrounded by tastiest food stalls in the town, drillers baseball area is one of the biggest attraction of the Tulsa town. Even the food stalls remain available for everyone when the baseball game is being played in the stadium.

7. Botanic Garden

The botanic garden at the Tulsa city is one of the most beautiful, peaceful and attractive place for the tourists. The garden sight always remains full and mesmerizing with spring bulbs. Lake in the botanic garden with flowing water is one of the most beautiful sights for the tourists. Along with lake, the garden is full of roses, trees, plants and many other related species. A discovery garden is also located within the botanic garden along with a pool that is specially designed for the children. Along with this, the garden also arranges an area for activities to participate and enjoy for the tourists.

6. Philbrook Art Museum

The Philbrook Art Museum in Tulsa city is surrounded by a wide garden with number of flowers, trees and greenery. Along with this, there appears a number of sculptures in the garden. The garden is designed keeping in consideration the taste of Italy and Renaissance. Inside the museum, there appears a unique and mesmerizing collection of artistic workpieces belonging to Africa, America, Europe and many other countries as well. The gallery section designed within the museum contains a wide collection of the history of old mummies of Egypt. The museum remains open for the tourists for the whole year.

5. The Golden Driller

The Golden driller at the Tulsa city is one of the most visited place by tourists. Although the tour remains very short it is worthwhile to have a visit there. The golden driller statue at the Tulsa city represents the historical happening of the city. A quite long statue embedded at the place is as long that it is quite difficult for it to get captured in a single picture. Tulsa city has been popular for drillers across the city. This practice is very common there.

4. The Brady Arts District

Brandy arts district located in the Tulsa city is a master piece of art in the town for the amusement of the visitors from all over the world. The art district is famous for a dancing hall that organizes programs related to dance and other art. Along with the hall, the art district also have shops, theater, studios and coffee shops.

3. Tulsa Segway Tours

Segway tours at the Tulsa city provides the tourists with a well planned tour along with proper guidance and information of each and everything passing by. The tour is full of scenes exhibiting the artistic work related to a number of districts like Deco district, Brady district, Oneok district, and Bok center. Tourists are also provided with information related to historical events and places of Tulsa city along with driving through the Segway tour plan.

2. Tulsa Performing Arts Center

The Performing Arts Center at Tulsa city contains theaters and an art gallery for the entertainment and amusement of the tourists. The theaters at the art center arrange dance performance and musical shows daily. Along with music and dance artwork featuring, the art center also showcases the performance of standup comedians and influential speakers. All these activities that are arranged in the art center are quite relevant and embedded with the culture of the Tulsa city. The art center in Tulsa city is so huge that it covers almost half of the city block and the architectural design at the art center is quite attractive and mesmerizing.

1. A Gathering Place for Tulsa

Tulsa city has introduced a gathering place for the tourists within the town. It is a widely spacious place along with a flowing river. The gathering place absorbs a park area full of flowers and greenery along with a walking pavement, specified area for sports activities, a boathouse, a lodge, seating area and an individually preserved green area for organizing musical concerts for the tourists. A wondered fact about the park is that it is made from donation money

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