Top 10 best tourist places in Peshawar, Pakistan

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Peshawar, Capital of Province, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It has strategically important location on the map and a vibrant history. Peshawar had been the center of Gadara civilization and ruled by many nations. It’s among most populated cities of Pakistan .This city is the stalest among all cities in South Asia and Pakistan. Majority of its inhabitants are Pashtuns. It had been admired because of its marvelous beauty by many ancient poets and rulers. Beyond of its natural spectacular scenery, it’s an economic center for FATA, Pakistan .Because of its trends and unique culture it’s among the marvelous places to visit in Pakistan. Top 10 Tourist places in Peshawar are

10) Wazir Bagh

Wazir Bagh is an ancient historical place. It was constructed in 18 century in the era of Prince Shah Mahmood Durrani, the Durrani ruler. English envoy Sir Alexander Bumes liked it for rest during a trip, in 1832. Its foundation was laid down in 1810 by Sardar Father Muhammad Khan. It comprises of a mosque, pavilion, two spacious lawns, football ground and a pond with fountains in it and a football ground. Peepal trees were considered the reason for its beauty. It was famous as a picnic spot. But now it is used by children and youngsters to play tennis ball cricket.

9) Khalid Bin Waleed Bagh

At the center of the Saddar is the Khalid Bin Waleed or Company Bagh. An Ancient garden arrayed in the classic Mughal expressive style, it has a lot of big trees and are notable because it has rose bushes. It is large old trees and gorgeous big roses are a sigh to remember.

8) Mohabat Khan Mosque

Mohabbat khan Mosque was made in the era of Mughal Emperor in 1670 A.D. It’s named after Mohabbat khan, the Governor of Peshawa valley, who funded its construction. Masjid Mahabat Khan, is the merely structure that stands nowadays during a slim ally of the “Andar Shehar Bazaar” of the recent town, that reminds of the glory the Mughal kingdom and also their love for construction, Specially the mosques. The masque was later rebuilt by the Great British Government. The Masjid is open to tourist day and night, except throughout the prayers timings and specially the afternoon Friday prayers.

7) Bala Hisar Fort

Fort name is standing for “raised or great fort” represents the most significant locates of Peshawar, Pakistan. Its name was suggested by Timor Shah Durani an Afghani King. The fort was first built by Babur after conquering Peshawar in 1526. The Fort represented the central office for the Frontier corporations since 1949. At that place there’s a little museum presenting majestic scenes of city from its walls. Museum has many elbow rooms on a corridor. Each of them possesses personal composition, a few embodying full generals of West Pakistan, retrieved arms, Frontier corporations apparels”, and many more.

6) Jamrud Fort

About 18km east of Peshawar is Jamrud Fort. Constructed by Hari Singh Nalwa, the commanding officer of maharajah Ranjit Singh’s regular army popularly titled the fortress where it has constructor and founding father the Sikh commanding officer Hari Singh Nalwa took his last breath. It was attester to several fights between the Afghani and the Sikhs during the last mentioned conquering and principle of the state in the early 19th century.

5) Qissa Khwani Bazar

The absolute right place to have Peshawar’s busy ambiance is Qissa Khawani Bazaar. During the area of Kanishka merchandisers habituated arrive here, they used to manage business organization in daylight and in night they’d attend an lodge, seated close to fire, sipping Qahwa and habituated to say tales. Therefore the bazaar acquired its name “the Bazaar of Story Tellers. This Qissa Khawani Bazaar ended up being customarily not only a market, nevertheless sometime of which careful travelers might renew themselves from remarkable Stories sewed by only experienced narrators.

4) Peshawar Museum

The Peshawar Museum is among the popular museums in south East Asia particularly for its Buddhist monuments of Gandhara Era. It was grounded in the memory of Queen Victoria in 1906-07. After accomplishment of the building, the museum was set up in November 1907 to reserve the Gandharan Sculptures excavated from the major Gandharan areas of Shah-Ji-Ki-Dheri Peshawar, Takht-i-Bahi, Sahri Bahlol, in District, Mardan and later on by Jamal Garhi and additional Gandharan places hollowed by the British learners. The core collection of Peshawar Museum includes Gandharan statues, Coins, Documents and copies of the Holy Quran, Impressions, Arms, Costumes, Jewelry, Kalash Models, Mughal era and later period Paintings, House hold stuffs, native and Persian handiworks.

3) The Cunningham clock tower

It’s another place in Peshawar which should must be visited. The clock in this tower is one among the pair (second one in England) presented by Queen Elizabeth UK. It’s a masterpiece the culture of civilizations of that era. This tower was established in the celebration of Golden Jubilee of India in 1900 A.D. It’s named after George Cunningham .Cunning hum was a political agent appointed in North Waziristan but later he was promoted to the Governor of NWPF.

2) Chowk Yadgaar

Chowk Yadgaar is the central square of the Old Peshawar. This is a good place to get positioned again after walking around in the baby streets.
The memorial in the center of the square remembers the heroes of the war (1965), between Pakistan and India .It is the reunion place for the old men.

1) Sethi Houses

Sethi houses are situated in the Mohallah sethiyan. The Mohallah Sethian, the Commune of Sethis, named after the Sethis, had been famous for its titleholders and their love of architecture representing the most productive dealers, their kafilahs reaching the farthermost areas of Central Asia and on the far side of czarist Russia, they’d take back valuable physical objects from
Those far off lands. The Sethi Houses thus became the soul Peshawar’s residential architecture. These houses are unique masterpiece, an art of Ghandara Civilization and South Asia.

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    • My first visit to Peshawar was heart breaking I found it to be dirty and very dusty even though a lot of orange bus construction was on the way but still not attractive

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