Top 10 most beautiful places in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

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If you’re wandering around all over the world to look for gorgeous places or if you are addicted to your wanderlust, Northern Ireland is good enough to scintillate your imaginations and power of reasoning. Due to the administrative country of United Kingdom, Northern Ireland is crammed with stunning scenery of dark mountains, thick forests and the abundant breathtaking coastline shores. You won’t need the magnifying glass to find the exotic landscapes and beaches of Northern Ireland. Your naked eyes might not believe such quaint and romantic realm to be a part of this noisy world. No doubt, it’s a little difficult to narrow the list of beautiful and striking places in Northern Ireland, a country is known for its glacial valley and mountains. After a struggle of long hours, below are some of the top best tourist places in Northern Ireland which might give you inner peace.

10) White Rocks Beach

Whiterocks Beach is an incredible asset among the brimming beautiful places of Northern Ireland, UK. This beautiful place is popular among locals and international visitors for its carved caves and sandy rocks. It’s located on a stunning natural coastal line stretching from Curran Strand to Dunlace Castle. This distinguishable beach was awarded the prestigious blue flag award again in 2015 for its unique limestone cliffs, smooth sandy rocks and clean water, on a whole, it’s a perfect combination of natural beauty and friendly environment. Whiterocks Beach is an award winning place of Portrust on Northern Ireland’s coast. The enchanting beach is a favorite spot of water sports enthusiasts in summers. Whiterocks beach is premiere beach destination for the people to aspire and adore the beautiful and unique limestone cliffs and dazzling sand. Whiterocks Beach is a perfect and gorgeous spot for romantic peeps and water lovers in Northern Ireland, UK.

9) Tollymore Forest Park

Northern Ireland is such an awe-inspiring country that it became the scenic backdrops for the Game of Thrones. The crazy fans of Game of Thrones must recognize the Tollymore Forest Part, as this magical Northern Irish location is filmed in the very first episode of Game of Thrones. This outstanding Tolyymore Forest Park was established on June 2, 1995 at Bryansford, covering an area of almost 630 hectares at the foot of Mourne Mountains. It’s an influential park with the magnificent entrance of Deaodar Cedars. Tollymore Forest Park is a real treat for science students to explore the experimental forest plots, exotic trees and tall giant redwoods. This splendid caravan park is highly recommended to have a lifetime fun with Game of Thrones tour. Visitors love the experience to visit the park as its rich with amazing history and spectacular sites. It’s a beautiful place with lovely walks and suitable for all ages.

8) Queen’s University Belfast

Queen’s University, Belfast is a respected institution of higher education and research which grants academic degrees in various educational disciplines. Apart from its prestigious image of renowned educational institute of UK, Queen’s University, Belfast is known for its unique and eye-catching building. The giant building of red bricks is stunningly beautiful and it’s worth a visit to explore the phenomenal architecture statement in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It’s an amazing place to study the history and architectural work of ancient times. It’s famous for the wonderful botanic gardens. No doubt, it’s one of the most beautiful and attractive monument in Belfast. The virtuoso and highly respected University have many notable alumni including Marry McAlees (Irish President) and Seamus Heaney (Noble Prize winner for literature). The visit of Queen’s University, Belfast is mandatory to experience the pleasant botanic gardens for at least once in lifetime.

7) Strangford Lough

Stranford Lough is an inlet in country Down, situated in the east of Northern Ireland. It’s a beautiful breath-taking paradise with stunning scenery, a perfect spot for the photographers in real. It’s surrounded with old Norman Abbeys, villages, castles sets of Game of Thrones and even St Patrick’s grave. The magical scenery of Stangford lough renews the faith in nature. You might have to pinch yourself to make sure that you are dreaming about Water Lake in heaven. Having walk along the shores of Stangford Lough, you won’t be bored for guaranteed. The place is best for pleasant walk and campsite while watching the outstanding natural beauty, sightseeing, exploring the birds and marine life.

6) Belfast Castle

It’s situated in north Belfast and it’s a superlative venue for wedding functions in the city. This amazing castle on hill simply provides the spectacular views of city and amazing architecture of the building. The gardens and historical surrounding of this gorgeous castle are ideal for a royal wedding. Belfast is all about exploring the caves, the cat art through the castle and gardens, and the scrumptious traditional Irish meal.

5) Silent Valley Reservoir

This amazing and peaceful reservoir is lying within the Mournes Mountains. The location of amazing valley has turned it as a paradise of peace and tranquility. Silent Valley Reservoir offers the best facilities to visitors including the restaurants and conference centre. The location is merely 10 minutes away from Kilkeel, Northern Ireland and it’s a great place to refresh you by having fresh air and breathes in the nature’s love. Silent Valley Reservoir is literally the drop dead gorgeous location and it takes you right into the heart of Mournes. It’s a quiet heaven of Northern Ireland along with calming and hypnotic water with the most stunning back drop of Mourne Mountains.

4) Waterfront Hall

Waterfront hall is a spectacular building in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Opened in 1997 for multi-purpose gatherings, it is considered as an astonishing contribution of human beings to splendid beauty of Northern Ireland. Its location is ideal, closed to the centre of city and its well liked for being stylish and modern. It’s stacked with more conference space, gallery, giant auditoriums, opera and comedy shows. On a whole, it’s a perfect package of entertainment and thrill. If you’re looking for an excellent arena for concerts, incredible restaurant and bar with phenomenal views of city, Waterfront Hall is right there! An iconic and incredible building along the riverside.

3) Mussenden Temple

This remarkable curved temple is situated at coastline of Northern Ireland. Mussenden Temple was built in 1785 by Romans on a cliff top, high above the Atlantic Ocean to provide the breathtaking scenery to people in search of god and peace. This world class place is genuinely a very scenic place even from the beach below. No wonder, this temple is filmed for burying of old gods in Game of Thrones making it an over dramatic scene at real dramatic place. This is an inevitable spot of Northern Ireland, to stand up on the edge of 120-foot high cliff and explore the magnificent world beneath your feet.

2) Dunluce Castle

Let’s break the typical pattern of pouring words for a place and then depicting its detailed picture. Check out the most realistic picture of Dunlace Castle with your bare eyes. Hopefully you won’t demand a magnifying glass. Does it not look like an animated image from the Narnia movie or some over rated series of Disneyland? Well Dunlace Castle is a real thing of this world! This dramatic and breathtaking building is situated at most picturesque location on the edge of County Antrim (between Portballintrae and Portrush). It’s a sensual and striking place of Northern Ireland which is must to view before dying to experience the romantic aura and formidable scenery of surroundings.

1) Giant’s Causeway

For the nature lovers, Giant Causeway is all what they can desire to see in this whole world. The buildings on the edge of cliffs may seem a little over dramatic to some people but the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is a top attraction for locals and international visitors. Northern Ireland is literally loaded with breathtaking places and magnificent sights of natural beauty which are beautifully scattered in this splendid country of UK. Among all the phenomenal places situated at the coastline, Giants’ Causeway is something which is more than a world place. A splendid spot located on the north coast of Northern Ireland, (County Antrim) turned out as a result of cool lava from ancient volcanic eruptions is loaded with cliffs, rocks and breathtaking view of sea. Its beauty and magical scenery is inexplicable. It’s a must see place to visit to give a break to your vocabulary.

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