Top 10 most beautiful places in Grafton, Australia

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Grafton is a beautiful city located in the Clarence River Valley. The population of Grafton is about 18,000 people. The city is famous for its Jacaranda tree lined streets and is often called the Jacaranda city. The major industries in Grafton are tourism, fishing, beef cattle and sugar. Grafton also hosts a famous Jacaranda festival annually. Grafton has many historical buildings which are quite interesting for the tourists. The town is also famous for the the double decked bridge on the Clarence river. Following is a list of top ten most beautiful places in Grafton which every tourist should visit

10) Grafton Regional Art Gallery


The Grafton regional art gallery is housed in a restored Prentice House of 1880’s. It is a premier visual arts center of the Clarence valley and serves as the cultural hub for the area. The gallery has a huge collection of artworks and is continuously developing its vibrant collections. The gallery hosts 40 exhibitions every year. It also presents a number of programs every year. Grafton regional art gallery’s collection has many fine Australian drawings.

9) Glenreagh Memorial Museum


The museum is located on the main road through the village. Glenreagh memorial museum has some amazing items on display. You can find relics from the gold mining days here. There are also relics of the early timber days and china pieces are also featured. The museum also has an interesting entertainment corner. You can see radios from as early as 1920’s. Visiting this museum, you are sure to enjoy your walk down the memory lane. Upon your visit to Glenreagh memorial museum, you can also take the heritage walk in the Glenreagh village. There are also some great parks and gardens close to the museum where you can enjoy picnics.

8) Clarence Gorge

Clarence Gorge Grafton Australia


This rugged gorge is located about one and a half hours drive from Grafton. The gorge has some beautiful and thundering water falls and deep pools. The gorge has three main waterfalls. Rainbow falls are quite famous as they form rainbows on the sunny days. Clarence Gorge offers beautiful scenery and is an excellent place for fishing. You can take the guided 4WD tours to this place or stay overnight at the properties near the gorge. The place is sure to provide you with a great scenery and an adventurous experience.

7) Squatters Rest Private Museum


Featuring 16 old style buildings, vintage tractors, farm machinery and engines, Squatters rest private museum is an amazing place to visit. This outdoor attraction will give you a unique experience of the old fashioned bush entertainment. It is highly recommended for group tours. The museum also has a cook house of 1880’s. The bushman’s bread and the billy tea of the cook house are a must try. You will get a guided tour of the place. It is a great place to experience the rural life of earlier times.

6) Alumny Creek School Museum and Reserve


Alumny Creek school museum and reserve is a living museum of school life. The Alumny school was operated from 1872 to 1969. The museum features various memorabilia, school records and equipment from the various stages of education from the years it was active. There is also a reserve surrounding the school. The reserve provides excellent facilities for sports and picnics.

5) Christ Church Cathedral Grafton


This is a beautiful church in Grafton. It has a beautiful building which looks even more beautiful in combination with the jacaranda trees on the street. Christ Church Cathedral was built in 1884 and was designed along Gothic lines. The church has beautiful stained glass windows, towering arches and spacious interior. The building is classified by the National Trust. Don’t forget to take a camera with you to capture the beauty of this wonderful building. It is open for visitors seven days a week.

4) Washpool National Park


Washpool national park provides unparalleled landscape. It has some steep gorges. The place is famous for the clear waters. It also features the tracts of ancient rain forest. It is one of the most natural and undisturbed places in New South Wales. The national park has some of the worlds largest coachwood trees. The amazing specimens of giant red cedar are sure to impress you. You can enjoy some amazing walks, do camping and take on some adventurous exploration in the Washpool national park.

3) Old Glen Innes Road and the Historic Tunnel Grafton


This amazing road was constructed in the 1880’s. The road provides scenic drive and breathtaking views. Old Glen Innes road is not wide so one has to be very careful while driving on this road. There is a short tunnel on the road few kilometers  from Dalmorton. It is carved out of the rock and you will find graffiti from the 1880’s on the ceiling of the tunnel. The road has some great natural as well as historic places to see. There are also a lot of opportunities for camping and picnics along the road.

2) Nymboida National Park


Nymboida national park will provide you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the nature completely. The place has great opportunities for 4WD. There are some amazing rock formations and excellent bush lands which are ideal for camping. It is also a great place for bird watching with many different species of birds present in the area. Nymboida and Mann rivers provide great opportunities for canoeing. The walks are amazing as well. It is a great place to visit for family picnics and camping.

1) The Clarence River


This large river is a great tourist attraction of Grafton. Clarence river dominates the lifestyle and landscape of Grafton. Clarence river is quite famous for the amazing fishing experience it provides. There are some great adventure activities which you can enjoy at the Clarence river. Power boating, water skiing and sailing to name a few. You can hire a canoe as well. The foot bridge at the famous Bendy bridge provides excellent birds eye view of the river. Bendy bridge is itself a great tourist attraction. This engineering marvel was built in 1932. Clarence river also hosts many boating, water skiing and other sports competitions annually. It is an excellent place to visit.

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