Top 10 best tourist places in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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Sharjah has a vast area and has been categorized as UAE’s third largest city. Sharjah has a heritage of art and crafts on its every corner, which makes it pure traditional and cultural region. There are many old houses that depict the traditions of old ages. Due to a large population of more than 500,000 people, this city always remains very crowded. People have to face a lot of rush and long traffic at office timings. Sharjah is considered as Cultural Capital of UAE due to its immense focus on culture and traditions.

10) Sharjah Cricket Stadium

The Sharjah Cricket Stadium was built in 1982, which entered in the Guinness Book of World Records because of more than 200 one day internationals matches were played in its first two years. It quickly earned a lot of fame for organizing local and international matches. The stadium has recorded memorable moments in the game of cricket and is used as a home venue for those countries, where matches cannot be organized because of security reasons like Afghanistan. This stadium also arranges matches between rivals, Pakistan and India because these two countries do not host each other because of bad terms between their government.

9) Adventureland

Adventure land is one of the most established and highly entertaining theme parks in Sharjah. It is a place where parents and kids can have a lot of fun and enjoy as well as many tourists are attracted from all around the world. The park has been given the name of a “Jungle Theme”, which includes terrifically entertaining and adventurous rides and many other attractions. Hang time is the place, which gives the experience of mountain climbing. There is an 8-meter wall made of bricks, which is innovatively designed for this purpose. The Parachute is an area which attracts the future pilots by hands on the control to fly up and down.

8) Al Majaz Water Front

Al Majaz Water Front is an ideal destination with a lot of attractions. There are six types of restaurant and four types of cafés, which are specialized in different kinds of dishes that represent the best dining experience over here. The restaurants are well maintained and known for the best service and quality meals. Other attractions include City Sight-Seeing Sharjah, Family Train and a Jogging Track. There is also a place called Alwan, where parents can leave their kids under the supervision of professionals and kids to learn art work and play different games.

7) Sharjah Fish Market

The Sharjah Fish Market is a neat and clean place that offers a wide range of variety of fishes. One statement which is usually heard from the vendors of the Sharjah Fish Market is “it is fresh and clean, but no bargaining”. The most amazing part is its structure, which is built to facilitate the visitors and truly expresses the modernism. Inside the fish market, there is a tidy air-conditioned environment. All the customers can have a free tea and snacks from the management of the fish market when they are waiting for their turn to buy fish.

6) Sharjah Aquarium

Sharjah Aquarium is a place to explore the hidden and mysterious world of the sea as there are many different kinds of creatures in Sharjah Aquarium. The collection includes more than 150,000 species and has covered an area of 6,500 square meters with 20 aquariums. People can have a close-up look at the amazing fishes and guides are also available there to give a short brief about the important features of a specific specie of marine life.

5) Al Noor Mosque

Al Noor Mosque is the biggest Mosque in Sharjah. Its architecture is inspired by the Turkish design of Ottoman Era. The Mosque got a Guinness world record in 2014 for organizing “World’s Largest Wooden Charity Box”, which was made for the charity campaign by the mosque in the month of Ramadan. It has the capacity of 2,200 people to offer their prayers at the same time. Al Noor Mosque is the first Mosque that has opened its doors to Non-Muslims with a proper dress code. However, registration is required and the tour is accompanied by the only guide who is registered from Centre of Cultural Communications.

4) Arabian Wildlife Centre

The Arabian Wildlife Centre established in 1999 is considered as the learning centre in a safe area, where people can discover a variety of creatures found in the Arabian Peninsula. The Centre provides protection and home to those species which are extinct or about to extinct. It ensures that the survival of wildlife heritage of Arabia. An aviary has been established, which provides a pathway through the mountains, aquatic habitat, desert and a cave where people can also see Omani Blind cave fish. During the trip to The Arabian Wildlife Centre, a day-night cycle is switched that provides the visitors an opportunity to see nocturnal species like foxes, mongoose, wild cats, porcupines and Honey Badger.

3) Sharjah Fort

By visiting Sharjah Fort visitors can get the opportunity to know about the history of Sharjah, the ruling background and old methods of defense. It is equipped with traditional and old items that demonstrate the life of 200 years ago. The material of construction of this fort is coral stones, which have been collected from the depth of Arabian Gulf’s sea water. Teak Wood has been used in the architecture of its doors and in the ceiling as well as mangrove trunks have been used. By visiting the rooms of the fort, visitors can see many photographs and art crafts. People can learn about defense tactics used by Sheikhs and the lifestyle of rulers by visiting the Sharjah Fort.

2) Wasit Wetland Centre

The Wasit Wetland Centre is a place to have a closer look to the coastal bird population. The widespread dunes, salty lagoons and mud flats are significant natural features of the Wasit Wetland Centre and it also includes a fresh water pool in this Centre. It provides shelter and food for the wet wildlife. People can have unique opportunities to view more than 60 species from many hides that are located within the boundary of this site. Visitors can get to learn themselves about different species of birds with comprehensive birds information provided by the Wasit Wetland Centre.

1) Sharjah Art Museum

Sharjah Art Museum is a world of beauty and creativity. It is a place for people of artistic love and attraction that includes splendid art collections and exhibitions from all around the world. This place also provides the opportunity to participate in Sharjah Art Museum programs and workshops, organized by the management of the Museum. By observing the mesmerizing masterpieces painted by local painters, you can get an idea about the history of the region. The exhibitions are of two kinds; first is the permanent museum collection and second is the local and international exhibition.

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