Top 10 most beautiful places in Alaska, United States

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Alaska is one of the most beautiful place and also widely superabundant. It is very expensive and isolated place. It is very famous among tourists; there are many places in this world with the spectacular and awe-inspiring beauty. Alaska is considered most wonderful place not because Mt McKinley one of the highest peak in North America, but there you can also see the stunning sight of wonderful lake at Denali National Park. If you to make your tour memorable with your family than must visit this place. Here you can see small icy cars, Glacier Bay National park, and Prince William Sound as well. Alaska is favorite place for adventuress, but the accommodation of Alaska is very expensive. Here you can read most beautiful places in Alaska.

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10) Buskin River State Park

Buskin River State Park is one of the most interesting state parks; here you can see most productive fisheries on the Kodiak road system. Here you can enjoy through hiking, biking, and climbing. It is also considered the best place of Alaska.

9) El Dorado Gold Mine

El Dorado Gold Mine is gold mine and allures many tourists; it is also considered the best touristattraction of Alaska. It was founded in 1990s, and with the passage of time it transforms in tourists attraction so that people can see it.

8) Anchorage Museum of Natural History

Anchorage Museum is famous place to see Alaska’s art and Alaska’s history and science. The museum opened in 1986 in almost 10,000 square foot, exhibition of 50 Alaska’s paintings, and huge collection of 2500 historic buildings arts. With the passage of time the museum grows and it became very popular place. Here you can learn about Alaska’s fauna, variety of different exhibitions.

7) Alaska Native Heritage Center

Alaska Native Heritage Center is very famous place and also allures many tourists ever year. The native heritage is popular because of its programmers’, huge variety of displays, craft making work place. You can enjoy native and friendly environment of Alaska. Here you can learn many languages, several traditions, and values, norms of Alaska’s natives.

6) University of Alaska

The gallery is famous because of its ancient art work; here you can see full variety of Alaska art like contemporary art and designing, sculptures of native and non native. The most famous exhibition of this museum is “the place where you go to listen”, where many artists came to see the light environment between sun and moon. The museum represents many art crafts, specimens and many cultural traditions.  Here you can discover many interesting facts about Alaska history and about Alaska’s people its historical buildings. Alaska is very famous because of its wildlife as well.

5) Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai Fjords National Park is the best place of Alaska, and was established in 1980. The park covers almost 1,760 miles. It is located near the Sward. When you will visit this place you will feel like you are visiting the ancient time of ice age.  Kenai Fjords National Park is prominent by the huge Ice field. It is also considered to the home of different species and mammals. It’s also known as the best of the tourist place of Alaska.

4) Anchorage and Fairbanks

Anchorage is one of the largest city in Alaska, and most famous for tourists. Here you can see spectacular views of mountains, impressive cultures, and icy glaciers as well. It offers many tourists fine dining, different culture attractions and comfortable accommodations as well. Fairbanks is the second largest city in Alaska and of the famous, best place for tourists and also forAlaskans’. It is famous because of seeing astrophysical things as northern lights. The different colors glow becomes the reason of illumination of the night sky especially during August and April.

3) Juneau

Juneau is the capital of Alaska, and also considered the home to the Alaska State Museum St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church. There are many mountains, spectacular views, omnipresent mountains one of the most impressive place.

2) Denali National Park

Denali national park is famous because it also attracts many tourists, it offers several opportunities like wildlife viewing, hiking, and camping as well. Here you can see spectacular and awe inspiring view of Mount McKinley in Alaska Range. Denali National park is famous because of its highest peak Mount McKinley, which has 20,320 feet tall; it is one of the highest peaks in North America. It is also peak’s diverse fauna which attracts many tourists in Alaska, like 37 species of mammals and almost 150 birds as well.

1) Glacier Bay National Park

Glacier Bay National Park of Alaska is located in southeastern Alaska; it is also one of UNESCO World heritage site. The park is very famous among tourists because of its enormous glaciers. Here you can see wide range of wildlife, kayaking or you can easily reach this place. Glacier Bay National Park allures almost 40,000 tourists in every year. It is famous place in all world for cetaceans watching.

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