Top 10 most beautiful Places in Mississippi, United States

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10. Tombigbee State Park, Tupelo

Tombigee State Park it self is a destination to reach finally after visiting attractive places via drive starting from Tupelo. People make this spot as their first attraction to begin a wonderful journey a head of them. Cottages, Hotels and camps are available to spent a wonderful night. Some times we saw people complaining during winter season that camps are not warm enough to spent even a single night however those people are very rare. Camps are renovated to fit every need of tourist now a days. Internet and Cable TV facility is very rare around Tombigee State Park.

9. Deer Island, Mississippi

400 acre Deer Island Also Known As Ghost Island because it is said that strange lights appear on the island on dark nights is the closest island to the coast of Mississippi and can be easily visited by near beach. It was used for fishing in early years and also occupies ten different kinds of endangered species and had an amusement park in 1915 which was left by the residents after the huge hurricane named Camille. Some stories were also developed about the island like the people say that it is the island haunted by the ghost of a pirate who died in there and his ghost now protect the treasure and some other self-made stories.

8. Mississippi Petrified Forest, Madison County

The only Petrified Forest in eastern United States is almost 35 millions of years old and was believed that they were fir and maple tree that were washed in here by ancient river channel. These tremendous trees were hundred feet in the sky and had trunks of 12 feet. That time they were buried into the mud and with the passage of time the erosion process took place and logs were exposed that gives a fascinating effect to the visitors. In addition this site features a museum that can be reachable when once forest is visited on a trail around the site and ends at the museum which has a huge collection of fossils, minerals and rocks and most remarkable features to be seen are whale bones, dinosaurs footprints and turtle shells.

7. Maywood Beach, Olive Branch

Maywood beach is actually a water park opened by Maurice and May Woodson where many people spent their summer days. There is a man made lake which is lined with several hundred tons of white sand which further fed into two lakes one named Lake Shahkoka named after an Indian who once lived there and after that the beach was given with number of activities so all can enjoy the spot like it includes picnic spots, bonfire, mini golf course and bowling alley. People living within the nearest areas spent their summers and are also visited by people around the world when once they visit Mississippi.

6. Jackson Volcano, Jackson Mississippi

A silent volcano since 75 million years named Jackson volcano located just below the Mississippi coliseum is not visible from the surface because it is covered by 2,900 feet of sedimentary deposits. Since 1860,s geologists had seen an underground feature named Jackson dome below the city and the volcano has not been erupted for 75 million years and was cretaceous period.

5. Falls Water Theme Park, Choctaw Mississippi

It is the park located in the central Mississippi that contains 8 acres of white sand beaches which is the most attractive sight for visitors and has a 370 meters long river along with waterfalls along the way that gives cool effect while boating in. It has a thunder lake that produces the highest man made waves in the south east which is really a fascinating activity for the tourists as they enjoy their swimming, skiing and these park features 12 exciting waterslides like four lane racing slide for both young and children, snack bars, birthday huts and picnic areas. The crystal clear swimming pools are surrounded by almost 300 palm trees and can enjoy sun bath there. This theme park was annually visited by 2millions of tourists around the world.

4. Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo, Tupelo Mississippi

The Tupelo buffalo park and zoo was founded by Dan Franklin is the largest zoo in state and is the huge collection of rare white buffalo. It has a large number of other species of animals, birds and other attractions like rides, snack bars, camping areas and petting feeds. Once the buffalo area is visited can get history of the specie and also can get chance to hand feed them. There is an outstanding picnic area and a large playground for the children where they can also enjoy marry go rounds, horse riding and a comfortable train ride. It is the best place for children to get enjoy themselves.

3. Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, Jackson

It is the largest museum located in Jackson and was founded in 1933 and feature mesmerizing aquariums housing 2oo species and a huge collection of fish, mammals, reptiles, birds, plants and fossils. It is a place of great inspiration as you walk through indoor and outdoor exhibits that concede its biological diversity. It is the full package to enjoy both the nature and many family adventures that can be performed as one can touch the creatures in the saltwater touch tanks and open air theater events and a gift shop.

2. Vicksburg National Military Park

This military park was built in 1800 century that preserves the site of the American Civil War Battle of Vicksburg and memorializes campaign, beset and defense of Vicksburg, Mississippi is located to the west of Natchez Trace Park. People are always keen of visiting historic sites and this park provides full interest to the tourists as park includes almost 1,325 monuments and markers, two antebellum homes, 144 cannons and the Grant’s Canal Site. It has a cemetery where almost 1,600 union soldiers were buried. The city’s strategic position high above the river made it the gateway to the northern stretches of the Mississippi.

1. Natchez Trace Park, Mississippi

Natchez state park located to the west of Tennessee is situated between old routes of Natchez and Nashville is woodland path that provides number of exciting and captivating activities to the visitors. It covers an area of 10, 154 acres and facilitates with camping areas, playgrounds, picnic sites, cabins, group lodge, archery range, horse riding, skiing, hiking, fishing, swimming, resorts, restaurants and lots of more. It includes four lakes named Cub Lake, Browns Lake, and Maples Lake and the largest recreational Pin Oak Lake providing number of dazzling activities, the Pin Oak Lake only provides water skiing and fishing is one of the favorite activities for the tourists. Almost 2 million people visit this park from all around the world.

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