Top 10 best tourist places in Tunisia

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Tunisia’s tourism products lack diversification, as tourists are used to coming to the country just for its beach resorts and sun and sea destinations. Tunisia has, nonetheless, a lot more to offer in terms of culture, ecotourism, health and wellness, and even golf tourism. All of these aspects of Tunisian tourism were overlooked in the past, with some significant missed opportunities. The government’s new strategy is aimed at boosting the appeal of these niche areas and better promotion of a number of different activities in order to increase the length of stay, and also to diversify with regard to sources of tourism. MICE tourism is another area that is underdeveloped and which is likely to see more developments in the future. Tunisia is an eclectic blend of people and scenery and has allowed many individuals, couples and families to enjoy a beautiful time in this location. Knowing where you are going to go and what you are going to do before arriving in Tunisia will enable you to capitalize off of the Tunisia experience. Here we have listed Top 10 best tourist places in Tunisia that you can visit:

10) The ruins of Cathage, Tunisia

Cathage was the capital of Phoenician Government, and later it became the capital of the Roman government in the south. Its location is very easy, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea with spectacular scenery. In this area tourists can see the ancient architecture of the Roman, the former palace Roman. There is also the Punica Ports, Antoni baths with a picturesque garden.

9) Ancient City, Tuni

Tunis is the capital of Tunisia is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The area usually known as the old city of Medina. This area is surrounded by a huge wall fence. The wall has a main door and other smaller doors for entry and exist. Wall fences were erected to keep the city from enemy attack. It is a perfect place for the tourists to see the history of Tunisia.

8) Ezzitouna Mosque, Rue Tourbet El Bey

Ezzitouna Mosque is one of the oldest mosques which was built in 114 H / 732 by Ubaidillah bin al-Habhab, the governor of Africa in the period of Hisham ibn Abdul Malik of the dynasty Umayyad. Renovation was carried out by Abu Abbas Mohammed bin Aghlab Aghlabiah Dynasty. The mosque is situated in the middle of the old city market. This mosque is located in its role, and also considered as a center of learning and preaching in the Middle Ages.

7) Bardo Museum, Rue Mongi Slim

Brado Museum is perfect for those visitors who want to know the history of Tunisia. Its unique architecture and old civilization attracts many tourists. Before independence, the Bardo Museum was a palace of the King of the Tunisia. This museum is considered the store of historical civilizations that once lived in Tunisia. Museum is open every day expect Monday.

6) Acropolium, Colline de Byrsa

Acropolium is one of the old churches, which is located in Carthage. The real name of Acropolium is Saint Louis Cathedral and it is one of the largest churches in North Africa. Nowadays, this church is functioning as a famous tourist attraction and the Conser Hall Priminary on the Carthage Acropulim in the summer as well.

5) Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou is a name of Sufi cleric who will bear the name of the residential places. This area consists of buildings that cause the motivation of Andalusia, the white buildings and blue doors and windows. Sidi Bou said in a position 10 km west of Tunis. Its location is high due to the hilltop area, is perfect to be for those who want to enjoy the beautiful and awe-inspiring views of Mediterranean Sea. .In Sidi Bou Said are Souk Medina is a traditional market that sells a wide range of traditional goods Tunis

4) Hammamet, Tunisia


Hammamet is known as the fishing town and located on the shores of the Mediterranean, about 60 Km in the east of Tunis. It is small town in Tunisia, because of its beaches it became the popular destination for the tourism, famous place for swimming and water sports. It was first tourist’s destination in Tunisia. Hammamet has spectacular and picturesque views, green and soothing fresh air. Hamamet contrast of contemporary and classic feel, with a typical Mediterranean style and impressive, it one of the main objectives of nature tourism in Tunisia.

3) Nabeul, Hammamet

Nabeul is very unique tourists attraction, and located about 20 Km from the city of Hammamet. It is famous because of the handicrafts and especially pottery. In this city tourists can see the Andalusian-style house. Nabeul is also known as the administrative center of the Mediterranean coastal citizens, who have been hereditary since Roman times. For this reason, the city is also known as the Roman Neapolis. There is a market day on every Friday in Nabeul, 10 min walk from Hammamet.

2) Sbeitla, Kairouan

The city is located in the middle of the Tunisia, which is about 107 KM from the Kairouan. Sebetila also known as the Byzantium Roman Culture centre on the continent of Africa. Roman relics, like Capitoline temple became the famous tourist’s attraction in all over the world. An impressive Roman ruin which is already large in size but not fully excavated. It took a couple of hours to fully explore the site

Whilst there are some photos on the internet showing the ruins, they are deceiving as there is so much more to the site than shown. Tourists mostly stayed in Kairouan overnight and it was an easy 1 hour drive to Sbleita. Definitely worth the effort to head into rural Tunisia. It is great, but isolated place.

1) Sahara region, Sahara

If you’re visiting northern Tunisia then you simply can’t miss Sahara Region. Tunisia offers the tourists an immersion into a world where camel and desert nomad reigned supreme. It was here that the breathtaking desert scenes from the English Patient and Star Wars were filmed. The Sahara is a magical place, camel rides in the desert, road jeep adventure, sunset drinks on the dunes, or a night under canvas in an air-conditioned tent will provide memories for a lifetime.

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