Top 10 Most Beautiful places in Oklahoma, United States

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The Oklahoma is a beautiful state of America. It’s full of tourists every year. The tourism sector is really enriched with so many parks, waterfalls, museums and more. It’s perfect to spend family time. I’m going to describe about the top 10 most beautiful places in Oklahoma here. Take a look through the content if you are interested.

10) The Oklahoma City zoo, Oklahoma City

It’s such a place where you can spend some quality time with your family. If you’re going to Oklahoma with your children, must take them to the Oklahoma City zoo. They will really enjoy the zoo animals. There is a huge collection of beautiful animals like birds, elephants, bears, lions and many more. The marine life and the fishes are breath taking beautiful. You can also visit the botanical garden by the Oklahoma City zoo and the butterfly garden. Your children will enjoy the most because of the children’s zoo. Lots of pets are there and children can feed them with their own hands.

9) Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, Indiahoma

Tourists, who love wildlife and love to watch them from close, should visit the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Here are lots of wild animals, who stay at the outdoor. The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is such a place where you can spend some days and enjoy the animals there. This grassy area is a safe home to bison, prairie dogs and elks. You can see other animals there as well. You can do other things as well like watching birds and hunting them, fishing and hiking come as advanced.

8) Bricktown, Downtown Oklahoma

Bricktown, Downtown Oklahoma is such an area where people of all ages. There are so many sources of attraction that tourists from all around the world make a tour to Bricktown, Downtown Oklahoma. You can just go on a tour with your family or your friends. If you are there with your friends, then the city is ready with its night parties, drinks, music and dance. You can visit the American Banjo Museum. You can also ride the Bricktown water taxi and you can also visit the Bricktown ball park. There are so many restaurants with exquisite food for you.

7) Turner Falls Park, Davis

Turner Falls Park is another great destination among the top 10 most beautiful places in Oklahoma. You may love this outdoor vacation spot. You need to hire an RV and take your own tent with you. It’ll be a good experience of campaign for you and your family. You can enjoy the hiking trails and watch the spectacular views of the waterfalls, which are 77 feet high at the Turner Falls Park.

6) Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa

It’s another attractive place among the top 10 most beautiful places in Oklahoma. Anyone who is interested in American art and history should make some time and visit the Gilcrease Museum. This museum is full of preserved art and history. The Gilcrease Museum has an arrangement like an executive tour through the museum to explore the collections and their exhibitions. You can also participate in their affiliate programs like lectures, film shows and art programs. You can attend their workshops as well. They have different arrangements for the children and the adults.

5) White Water Bay Water Park, Oklahoma City

It’s such a place where you can spend some quality time with your family. If you’re going to Oklahoma with your children, must take them White Water Bay Water Park. Your family is going to enjoy the water rides. There are variations like slide rides, raft rides, as well as family rides. The White Water Bay Water Park is all set to take your breath away with excitement and fantasy. The musical shows and the dine-in moves at the park are really enjoyable.

4) Frontier City Theme Park, Oklahoma City

Frontier City Theme Park, Oklahoma City

This park is one of the top 10 most beautiful places in Oklahoma. It’s perfect for all ages. Tourist and even their children can enjoy the rides here. There are so many funny and exciting rides including, water rides and different thrilling rides. There is an arrangement of enjoying musical shows and concerts, so that grownups don’t get bored with just the rides. You should visit this Frontier City Theme Park in your Oklahoma tour for sure to add a beautiful experience to your memory.

3) Myriad Botanical Gardens, Oklahoma City

It’s one of the most visited tourist spots and top 10 most beautiful places in Oklahoma and it’s really beautiful. Myriad Botanical Gardens is full of flowers and plants. Those are thousands in number. This acts as the premier horticulture showcase of in Oklahoma. Your day is going to be full of flowers and colors of them. The flowers and the arts in the garden are really exceptional. Those are there to participate in the kind of educational and informative programs for the grown ups and the children.

2) Oklahoma City National Memorial, Oklahoma City

19 April, 1995 is such a date when lots of people died of bombing in Oklahoma City. The Oklahoma City National Memorial is made in the memory of dead people of that day. You can walk through the memorial and be guided on the tour and got to know about the pathetic day of April, 1995. How unlucky the peoples were. I can assure you that the story and the views are going to leave a great effect on your mind, which your views may change forever. It’s another most attractive place for tourists among top 10 most beautiful places in Oklahoma.

1) National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City

If you are attached with culture and enjoy watching them in material then you should visit National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma. There are some really amazing art and cultural museums in Oklahoma. You need to give some time for your Oklahoma tour to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museums. There are some good pieces of collections. Places and works like Silberman Gallery, Museum of the Frontier West as more like this are really going to make you amazed. Those are among the Top 10 most beautiful places in Oklahoma.

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