Top 10 Most Beautiful places in Colorado, United States

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Colorado is a famous American tourism sector for its abundant natural beauty. There are a number of fascinating mountains, lakes, gardens and parks. You can find both green landscapes and desert in Colorado, U.S.A. I am going to describe about top 10 most beautiful places in Colorado here.

10) Denver museum of Nature and science, Denver

It’s a perfect place to visit with your children, if you are going to Colorado with your family and children. This place offers a very huge view of science and nature. Starting from the pre-historic era, when dinosaurs were everywhere on the earth. This is not only assumed, but also there are some fossils of them. It continues to the space adventure. Your school aged child will love the visit for sure, you will enjoy as well. If you are visiting Denver, Colorado in U.S.A, then you should go there.

9) Denver Art Museum, Denver

You must be willing to awake the little Picasso in your child’s heart. Then Denver Art Museum is the best place for you to go with your children. Your children will love the discovery thing. You are going to enjoy exploring the discovery. So, while you will be enjoying the colors, your children will turn into a Picasso in their mind. If you are visiting Denver, Colorado in U.S.A, then you should go to the Denver Art Museum.

8) Denver Zoo, Denver

The Denver Zoo is one of the best places for tourism you should enjoy, if you are visiting Denver, Colorado in U.S.A. There are about 650 species of animals which will be 3500 in total. The animals are friendly there and your family and children will be interacting with them very easily. Tourists often visit this place.

7) Denver Botanic Garden, Denver

If you are visiting Denver, then Denver Botanic Garden is a must go place for the tourist and for you. The green landscape will blow your mind. The site is the breathtaking with the best collection of flower. Tourists often turn or act as a photographer being fascinated by the views of the garden. You are going to be flooded with green and flowers, when you would be entering.

6) Elitch Gardens Theme Park, Denver

The Elitch Gardens Theme Park is the most visited places by the tourists, whoever visited Colorado since 1980. No need to think that parks are only for the children and young. All the people who are young and who are not old from heart can visit the Elitch Gardens Theme Park and enjoy. In America, Elitch Gardens Theme Park is the only downtown theme and water park.

5) Vail, Eagle County

Vail, Eagle County

Vail is a ski town in the Eagle County, Colorado. This is considered as a resort destination for the tourists or skiers. This place is a tourism sector for its mountains and beautiful top view. In every winter, lots of skiers visit Vail, they are mostly from the North America. Bikers and people who love hiking, visit the Vail as well. It is just 100 miles away from the Denver.

4) Maroon Bells- Snowmass Wilderness, Aspen

Maroon Bells- Snowmass Wilderness is located at Aspen, Colorado in U.S.A. Every Year most of the visitors come to this place in the attraction of mountain, River and forests. People make their tours to the Maroon Bells for hiking. There have 100 miles hiking trails. You can find such steeper trails that might be felt extremely enjoyable to you.

3) Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs

Garden of the Gods is located just outside the Colorado Springs. The unique rock formation is very different other mountains in the country. Those are really fascinating and attract the tourists. It’s famous for Hiking and biking. Travelers may enjoy the view of Pikes Peak from the park.

2) Pikes Peak in Pike National Forest, Colorado Spring

Pikes Peak is 14,110 ft high from the ground. You can reach passing 3 miles northwest of Manitou Springs. You can go there for hiking through 19 miles of the Pike Peak. It’s the most visited mountains through the year round. If you want to have an adventure and thrill in your life, you can enjoy hiking on the tracks of Barr. It’s always the best for the nature lover. It contributes to the Colorado tourism a lot.

1) Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is located in Estes Park, Colorado. It’s a huge treasure for the Colorado. Most of the tourists come to Colorado for the attraction of Rocky Mountain National Park. People do hiking, camping, climbing, skiing; horse riding as many more things at Rocky Mountain National Park. Some go there to watch the activities, in case they are not capable to do all these. You can take the beautiful Train Ridge Road to go through the entire park and enjoy the view and activities. But remember, it remains closed in winter because of heavy snowfall. But you can enjoy snowshoeing that time. This mountain contains so many categories of wild lives. There are lots of lakes, and natural beauty.

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