Top 10 best tourist attractions in Brunswick, Canada

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New Brunswick is one of the original provinces to join the domination of Canada in July, 1867. It is situated on the eastern shore of Canada, bordered by the province of Quebec from its North Side, Nova Scotia from the south eastern side and Maine, state of USA from its West. Fredericton is the capital city of the New Brunswick. It is a place of multicultural populations and the only province, which has officially equal status of two languages, English and French. The province has broad oceans, beaches, rivers and mountains. New Brunswick waters have largest tides in the world. There are many small towns and large established and modernized cities with an abundance of attractions for tourists.

10) Huntsman Fundy Discovery Aquarium

The Huntsman Discovery Aquarium is also known as the Huntsman Marine Science Centre. It is situated in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick. This facility is spread over an area of 20,000 square feet, which includes aquarium, education and research centre and some other establishments for refreshment and entertainment for visitors. People can touch different sea creatures without entering into the water. Children enjoy live feeding of Salmons and fun tricks of Harbor Seals and Snorkels. This centre includes Banquet hall with unique settings for private functions, well established boardrooms, comfortable theatre with seating capacity of 218 persons. There is also a well maintained restaurant that offers buffet, coffee, breakfast, lunch and a playing area for children along with a gentle walking path to the shore. Its marine science centre works with government departments and private organizations for the purpose of research on marine ecology and provides education to the students and visitors.

9) Hartland Covered Bridge

Hartland Bridge is the longest covered bridge in the world. This bridge joins Hartland and Somerville over Saint John River in New Brunswick. It is a 1282 foot long bridge, which was originally constructed in 1901 and was an engineering wonder of the history. Government of New Brunswick bought this bridge from the Hartland Bridge Company in 1906. The bridge is also famous as a “kissing bridge” because ancient young men trained their horses to stop in the center of the bridge to provide young couples, some delightful opportunity to love and exchange a couple of kisses, then walk away. The Olympic torch of winter Olympics 1988 was also crossed through this bridge. It is one of the best tourist attractions in New Brunswick.

8) New Brunswick Museum

The New Brunswick Museum is the oldest operational museum of Canada. It is situated in Saint John, New Brunswick. The museum provides exceptional chances to find out the history, arts, natural science, cultural heritage, ecology and unique geology of the province. There are two main facilities of the museum. First is the National Exhibition Centre, which is situated at Market Square that contains three levels of natural science, history and art. Models and actual skeletons of atlantic whales, historical way of ship building, tides of Fundy Bay are some of the most interesting attractions for the visitors. Second facility is the Brunswick Museum Collections and Research Centre, which is situated at 277 Douglas Avenue. There are abundance of historical art and natural science subjects for research, knowledge, education and reference purposes. There is also a library, that contains books of military, social and political history including natural sciences and geology. This place is collectively an entertaining and informative place for visitors of every age.

7) Shediac’s Giant Lobster

Shediac is known as “Lobster Capital of the World”. Shediac’s Giant Lobster is a sculpture of steel supportive concrete, which is situated at Rotary Park, Shediac. Giant sculpture was made by a great artist Late Winston Bronnum appointed by the Shediac’s Rotary club in tribute of the lobster industry of Shediac. It is famous as world’s largest lobster as this sculpture is 11 meters long, 5 meters tall and 5 meters wide, which has 90 tones in weight. A staircase rises from the base of sculpture, which enables visitors to climb on this giant lobster to have photographs. It is one of the largest attractions of the city, which attracts about 500,000 tourists every year.

6) Saint John City Market

Saint John City Market is the oldest functioning market of North America, which is situated in Saint John city of New Brunswick. The building of this market has a different design rooftop that resembles with the wooden braced bottom of an inverted ship. This market presents a distinctive shopping experience to the visitors and native public of the city. This historical market building includes local vendors that offer some finest hand-made crafts and artifacts including green grocers and farmers selling fresh fruits, vegetables and seeds. Different restaurants offer visitors delicious local and international meal. The market always flourishes with the voices of shopkeepers and customers. It provides an exceptional traditional shopping experience with a large variety of goods in the whole province.

5) Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain is the largest artificial attraction and a water park of Atlantic Canada, which is situated at Moncton, New Brunswick. About 800,000 gallons of water is used in this water park, that is heated by propane heaters. The water park mainly has two zones; splash zone and fun zone. Splash Zone includes six different and adventurous slides. There are several places for tubing and matting fun like tornado, pro racer around Lazy River, an ocean-like giant wave pool, hot tubs for the relaxation of visitors and a specific area for the enjoyment of kids, which has a kids splash pad and an appropriate pool with three mini adventurous slides to enjoy. Fun zone of the Magic Mountain includes an arcade and a mini golf course of 18 holes with beautiful landmarks, fountains, waterfalls and colorful lights. After long day swimming and fun, hungry visitors can have fresh and delicious meals from three of its restaurants in different locations.

4) Carleton Martello Tower

Carleton Martello Tower is a National Historic site of Canada, which is situated on Carleton Heights in Saint John, New Brunswick. It is a round shape mini stone fort, which played a key role in protection and security of Saint John City and its Port till 1944. It includes restored military barracks, an institute powder magazine and some other historical exhibits. During World War II, it has served as the regional headquarter of anti-aircrafts defense and fire-fighting. Two floors of concrete and steel was added to the tower during World War II. Visitor Centre of the tower educates tourists about the life stories, hardships and military enhancements of that time through its knowledgeable guides. Top of the tower enables visitors to have a spectacular panoramic view of Saint John city and the whole Bay of Fundy.

3) Kingsbrae Garden

Kingsbrae Garden is a horticultural heaven located in the beautiful city of Saint Andrews, New Brunswick. It is one of the most beautiful gardens in Canada that spreads over an area of 27 acres, which has more than 50,000 perennials decorated with numerous themed gardens. Many small ponds, delightful streams, awe-inspiring sculptures and old-grown acadian trees along with colorful and beautiful birds including small animals are found here. Cedar maze, climbing castle and play houses are best attraction for children. An award winner chef, Alex Haun hosts the visitors for lunch with delicious cuisine in the Garden’s Cafe.

2) Hopewell Rocks

Hopewell Rocks is a formation of rocks, which is situated on the Coast of Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick. It is the home of many spectacular views of nature and the highest tides in the world. These tides are 40 to 70 feet high that appear twice a day. It is also known as the Flowerpots Rocks, which has formed by abrasion over centuries. This award-winning tourist site has an interpretive centre with a multimedia display to show a detailed explanatory program. The site also includes a unique gift shop and a restaurant offering delicious food. These amazing rocks attract over 180,000 tourists a year.

1) Magnetic Hill Zoo

Magnetic Hill Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Canada. Situated in the Moncton, besides the Magic Mountain and Magnetic Hill. It spreads over an area of 40 acres and is home to more than 400 animals of 90 species from all over the world. East African crowned cranes, Burmese pythons, squirrel monkeys, south american jaguars, grants zebras and Siberian tigers are some of the most famous species in the collection of the zoo. Visitors can have an educational and informational guided tour, in which they can meet zoo keepers and get to know about different animals. An animundi section of the zoo exhibits some items relating to the endangered species of animals. It is also a great place to celebrate birthdays of your kids with different packages with a host birthday cake, lunch and gifts.

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