Top 10 most beautiful places in Blue Mountains, Australia

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Blue Mountains is a mountain range located in Australia. Blue Mountains Range is located in the central part of the Sydney Basin, and it includes range of mountains and plateau. It is a beautiful place for tourists to discover, providing scenic views, extensive variety of flora and fauna and some pretty cool tourist attractions. The Blue mountains are popular for hiking, climbing and mountain biking as well. The place has become a major tourist hub with excellent restaurants, spas, museums, and guided tours. Here’s a list of top ten most beautiful and interesting places for tourists to visit in Blue Mountains.

10) Villa Thalgo Spa

Your spa experience at Villa Thalgo begins when you arrive and see the gorgeous surroundings. The villa has a spacious lounge. They have pretty cool fish tanks as well. You will enjoy relaxing massages from friendly therapists and will surely get a satisfactory treatment. The facilities in the spa include steam rooms, indoor pool and hydrotherapy pool. You can also enjoy a delicious lunch at Villa Thalgo Spa.

9) Leura Mall

Leura Mall is actually the main street of the Leura Village in the Blue Mountains Area. This beautiful street lined with cherry trees has some really nice shops. Here you will find gift stores, art shops, boutiques, book store, cafes etc. Leura Mall attracts a lot of tourists. You will find the cafes full on most days and it can be difficult to find a table in the summer time because of huge number of visitors. Although the shops here are a bit overpriced but u may find some pretty unique stuff.

8) Hawkesbury River Boat Cruises

The cruise will give you an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Hawkesbury river. It is easily accessible and leaves from near the Hawkesbury railway station. On the Cruise you will be served with some nice coffee or tea and biscuits. the boats are quite large and you can feel relaxed and even walk around. Along with magnificent scenes you will also enjoy the informative commentary which will increase your knowledge about the history, flora and fauna of the place. You will be served with lunch as well. The cruise will take you to the islands in the Hawkesbury river and you are guaranteed to have an exciting and adventurous experience.

7) Norman Lindsay Gallery and Museum

The beautiful Norman Lindsay Gallery and Museum was owned by the talented Australian writer and artist Normal Lindsay. It is located in Faulconbridge, Blue Mountains. The main building is a stone cottage and there are some smaller buildings as well. The total area of the property is 42 acres. The property is a famous tourist attraction. It has the art work of Normal Lindsay on display. The wonderful artwork, beautiful gardens, walking paths and the Lindsay’s Cafe provide a great experience for the tourists.

6) The Australiana Pioneer Village

The Australiana Pioneer Village Blue Mountain Australia

The village is located at the Rose Street in Wilberforce. Once you enter the village you will get a feeling of stepping back in time. The  Australiana pioneer village has a lot of volunteers dressed in old style clothing which adds to the experience.  You can enjoy some amazing food at this place including BBQ. It is a must visit place with friends and family to get a feeling of the village life, back in the earlier days. You will also be able to get some great souvenirs at good prices.

5) Mayfield Garden

The Mayfield garden located near Oberon is owned by the Hawkins family. This beautiful garden spans an area of 160 acres. It is one of the worlds largest privately owned garden. Having a staff of about 25 people, the garden is very well kept. Picnics are not allowed in the garden, neither are pets allowed. You can enjoy food at the cafe in the garden. The garden is highly recommended during autumn season. You will experience the most colorful autumn in the Mayfield Garden.

4) Josophan’s Fine Chocolate

Well who doesn’t like chocolate? and when they are as delicious as the Josophan’s Fine chocolates you surly cant resist. This place is located on the Leura Mall. You can enjoy some delicious chocolates and truffles at reasonable prices. The whole place has a very nice chocolaty smell. They also have tasty hot chocolate. The place can be described as the chocolate heaven. There’s a huge collection of chocolates available to choose from. Kids and adults booth will love this place equally

3) The National Pass

The National Pass Blue Mountain Australia

It is one of the best walking trails in Australia. the trail has a length of about 6 kilometers. This incredible trail has amazing scenery and some beautiful waterfalls. There are several waterfalls along the way including the famous Windworth falls. The scenery is breathtaking throughout the trail. You will have great photo opportunities, bringing a camera and binoculars are highly recommended. You should wear good footwear and and stay on the trail, don’t stray off the trail.

2) Waradah Aboriginal Center

The Waradah Aboriginal Center is the Australia’s number one Aboriginal culture center. It is located on the Eco point road in Katoomba and is open 7 days a week from 9 am to 5 pm. Here you can enjoy fantastic live performances followed by a question and answer session which will add to your learning and knowledge of the culture. The artwork presented here is superb and the staff has a lot of knowledge which they will share with you happily.

1) The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters Blue Mountain Australia

The three sisters is a formation of rocks in the Blue Mountains. The legend says that there were three sister who wanted to marry three men from another tribe but they were forbidden to marry because of a tribal law. The men tried to capture the sisters to marry them and because of that a battle started between the two tribes. During the battle an elder of the tribe turned the three sisters to stone so that they could not be captured. Today the three sisters rocks provide amazing views. The place has excellent restaurants and camping sites. There are also some pretty cool festivals held here annually.

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