Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Toledo - Ohio, United States

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Being perched out at the western end of Lake Erie, Toledo city of Ohio State, USA enchants families and couples for a memorable vacation. In this moderate-sized Toledo city, tourists can get plenty of fun options of national attractions and local favorites of the city, which are altogether the promising ingredients for making your holiday time unforgettable. One might overlook this industrial so-called ‘The Glass City’ to look for favorable options, but we are here with the Top 10 Best Tourist Places In Toledo which will definitely change your perceptions of Toledo city as hectic industrial neighborhood. One of the big melting pots of USA, Toledo city enjoys great ethnic festivals, being populated with different communities’ i.e. European, large African American and Hispanic communities. Home to the Toledo Museum of Art loaded with Visual Arts and the Glass Pavilion and artist studios and The Peristyle Concert Hall are heartening enough for a rocking holiday in Toledo city along with Tony Packo’s Favorite Hungarian Hotdog! Let’s get started with our Top 10 Best Tourist Places In Toledo to explore the juiciest barbecue and beer hangout spots, art and entertainment centers and zoos, which are literally the hidden gems of the Toledo city, Ohio.

10) Hollywood Casino Toledo

What can be more thrilling than eating scrumptious food for a wonderful dining experience and gambling to win loads of money in poker rooms at one single place. All these entertaining make Hollywood Casino Toledo a favorite tourist attraction which is typically crammed with great food, desserts and game along with your favorite drinks. For the couples and your dear buddies, this place must be in your bucket list of Toledo vacation as nothing can be much pocket-friendly and exciting than Hollywood Casino Toledo featuring old Hollywood photos, more than 2000 slot machines, 60 table games and a 20 table live poker room.

9) Middlegrounds Metro Park

Lying beside the Maumee River, there lays Middlegrounds Metro Park over an area of 28 acre which has become a favorite hangout spot for the residents and tourists of Toledo. Looking for something peaceful for tranquility, then this is the right place for you and your dogs as well. This urban park for being free is ideal for picnic time and lunch break along with a golden opportunity of kayaking in summers. Sit on clean benches or walk around the greenery of the park and quiet trees to cherish the lovely view of Toledo downtown. Ideal for writers in Toledo city, as this place really offers an aura of calmness.

8) Toledo Botanical Garden Board Inc

Toledo’s only botanical hub loaded with gardens, wildlife and sculptures stretched over an area of 60 acre is famous tourist attraction of the city. The serene location of the place blesses couples for making memorable wedding photography and the very best thing of this outstanding jewel of Toledo is its ever-changing exhibits. In the industrial Toledo neighborhood, these botanical gardens had to be relaxing paradise featuring cold breezes, the humming of birds, shady trees and an incredible variety of plants which are always sprouting in every season. If you are in Toledo, never miss the art fair in summer which always surprises the visitors with spectacular themes of the gardens.

7) Toledo Museum Of Art

Unlike typical museums, Toledo Museum Of Art displays live demonstration of glassmaking which literally tempts tourists to take a stroll of this magnificent complex. A free stroll of the museum holding more than 30,000 objects of glass art, American art of 19th and 20th century along with Japanese and Roman collection is definitely a must-to-do thing in Toledo. The museum is never boring for spending a quality time as their ever revolving exhibits keep engaging you throughout the year. If objects of past do not inspire you, still the place is intriguing for a free veteran’s glass blowing demonstration and endless glass exhibits. (Note: The glass blowing activity might cost you few bucks and yeah it worth the fun and adventure.

6) National Museum of the Great Lakes

Installed at a historical location of embankment of Maumee River, National Museum of the Great Lakes is educational museum of Toledo, Ohio. The museum charge few bucks for self-guided tours, but it totally worth the money for s meaningful stroll of six exhibit galleries and an interactive exhibit of the century-old Col. James Schoonmaker ship. Along with such informative and interactive exhibits of ships, dedicated to the Great Lakes, there is an outdoor maritime park to hang out in such a cozy environment. Loaded with history pieces, the place is highly recommended for nerds and children to explore the Great Lakes and American history in such a simple yet informative place.

5) Swan Creek Preserve Metropark

Totally an ideal place for spending a quality time with family in such serene and quiet place to take time out of the monotonous routine for building strong bonds with your dear ones. Swan Creek Preserve Metropark is Toledo’s unspoiled patch of paradise, brimmed with swinging bridge, forested park, miles of scenic trails and water fountains along with bird viewing room while sitting with a hot coffee. Lying in the middle of the city, this place is filled with enchantments of wildlife and nature all over the corners, making you believe the beauty of world does exist on earth!

4) Old West End

Old West End is a live example of Toledo citizens that they never take their history for granted! The place is really an electric mix of new and old splendor mansions and big houses of Victorian architecture. Old West End hosts a festival in the early spring season for proper tours of refurbished mansions to explore the royalty of this historic neighborhood. Being one of the largest collections of late Victorian houses and only one mile away from Toledo Art Museum, this place tempts tourists to explore the magnificent mansions and feel the aura of Victorian times.

3) Maumee Bay Brewing

One might not expect a beer pub in top tourist attractions of a specific place, but in Toledo, Ohio this beer pub installed in Historic Oliver House along with several restaurants is favorite spot among local residents and tourists. If you have not tried their signature Maumee bay brewpub soup made with buckeye beer and cheddar cheese, you better think 10 times to miss this legendary place and countless craft beers. Not for kids, but a thrilling place for adults and couples for a serious fun time drinking beer with finger-licking wings and pizza in such a friendly atmosphere, loaded with a beer in tanks on-site.

2) Imagination Station

Established on riverfront in the middle of Toledo city, Imagination Station is popular hands-on science museum. Affordable exhibits of 300 exhibits of diverse variety at one place are great fun for kids and adults as well. No matter if your children choose science experiment or house construction, this science museum is something unusual for parents and kids. And yeah they serve chocolate cookies and smoothies to summer camp members too for filling their energy for endless fun.

1) Toledo Zoo

Home to more than 800 species of animals and featuring a modern aquarium, Toledo Zoo is top of the notch of Toledo city. Being a long-standing regional zoo, Toledo Zoo was voted no.1 in a national poll. The Toledo Zoo is a real surprise for its visitor which amazes the audience with their more than 3000 aquatic animals and mammoth illuminated Chinese Lanterns in animal-shapes lay throughout the zoo. A genuine asset of the Toledo city, complete package of education and entertainment is welcoming you for spending hours of excitement in Toledo, Ohio.

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