Top 10 best tourist places in Russia

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Best tourist places in Russia is the main discussion among tourist before they start their adventurous journey. They want to explore each and every tourist spot in russia during their visit. In this article we decided to share our experience on best tourist places in russia so that travellers can explore more places in less time. Russia is very large country and cover a huge surface of world map. They have a war history with an ancient culture and heritage which tourist like to visit and hear stories about old war weapons and ancient sculptures and many natural artistic sites. Many of them are situated in Moscow and St. Petersburg.  Some beautiful places of Russia are being described below.

10. New Holland Island, Saint Petersburg

New Holland is located in the heart of Saint Petersburg. It’s a like a small cultural city in the St. Petersburg City. In 1719 this place came to light holding the hand of Peter the Great. You can have a look on the heritage sites including the cultural sites of the city within a few minutes. The iconic island is like one of the mainland for tourism in Russia.

9. Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

Saint Basil’s Cathedral was built in Moscow between 1554 and 1561. It’s one of the main tourist attractions in Russia. This place contributes a lot in tourism. The interior and outside cathedral architecture are the main attraction. This architecture symbolizes a shape of a full flame of a bonfire. This is so attractive to tourists that it seems that it is the best structure of the earth.

8. Pushkin Museum, Saint Petersburg

Pushkin Museum is one of the literature related museum which is dedicated to the famous poet of Russia. This house stands as a symbol of the poets’ houses of Russia. This palace belonged to Alexander Pushkin and he lived here for a long time near 1836 to 1837.

7. Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

Tretyakov is a gallery which is another attraction of Moscow. Once you visit this place, you will be sure to come back. There are lots of Russian artworks here which were created by the most famous artist of Russia. This Gallery is also famous in whole world. The Russian designed gallery structure and the collected works will fascinate the artists and art lovers.

6. Bolshoi Theater, Moscow

Bolshoi Theater is one of the important places for tourism in Russia. This Historical theater symbolizes the Russian History. There are many amazing structure here to watch such as The Petrovsky theatre and the Beethoven hall are the main attractions of this theatre. This Theatre also plays an important role to be the home to The Bolshoi Ballet; it’s one of the biggest and oldest ballet companies.

5. Peterhof, St. Petersburg

If you are having a tour of St. Petersburg then you should not miss the Petergof. This place is full of fountains, parks and spectacular palaces. Here you may visit the summer palace as an additional experience in St. Petersburg. This tour will surely be memorable for you.

4. Gorky Park, Moscow

Gorkey Park is famous in Moscow and tourists from different cities of Russia and from different country also come here on for a tour to enjoy the relieving and enjoyable surroundings here. You may take a ride on the boats in big the pond of this park which is a main attraction of people of this theme park. Also you can just walk and chit chat with your dearest by the pond side park roads.

3. Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg

Hermitage Museum is one of the most attractive places in Saint Petersburg. It’s also an attraction point to the foreign travelers to make them come to visit the City. There you may watch a huge collection of the painting work of the world’s famous painters including the legends like Da Vinci, Rembrandt, and Michelangelo etc.

2. Moscow Kremlin, Moscow

When you are going to Moscow then you should surely visit the Moscow Kremlin. It’s like a center of Russian tourism with an incredible beautiful appearance. The place is enriched with citadels, four palaces, four cathedrals and the Kremlin tour as well Kremlin walls. This place is always being an attraction to the tourist but it’s also used for the governmental purposes.

1. Kizhi, Karelia

Kizhi is in the Northwestern Region of Russian which works as a Russian Border between the Finland and the White Sea. Kizhi is an island and its being a place of the Karelians since the 13th century. There the most enjoyable thing is the Open air Museum which catches the attentions of the tourists the most. The main fascinating structure of the museum is the 22 domed 120 feet high church. Dozens of wooden houses, windmills, Chapels etc. are also very noticeable there.

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