Top 10 best tourist places in Fiji

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Fiji is such a group of islands which does not belong to any Continent. But it is a perfect place for tourism because of the incredible view of the Pacific Ocean and different tourist spots. Through this article you will come to about the best tourist places in Fiji.

10. Albert Park, Suva

Albert Park is located on Viti Levu, Suva. If you are having a tour of Suva then you can take a look of this park. This famous park was first brought to light at the time of Charles Kingsford- Smith when he landed here by emergency on 1928.This Park becomes full of crowd of gets a festive look in the month of august  and the food stalls, rides and other stalls become full.

9. Nukulau Island, Suva

Nukulau Island is a desert island located off the east coast of Suva. It was first owned by John Brown Williams. This island symbolizes the Fiji’s relation with the other end of the world. The reputation of this island had been going down because of the Nukulau Prison. In the year of 2006 on 18th December Fiji’s interim military ruler announced the prison as a public park.

8. Colo-I-Suva Forest Reserve, Suva

Colo-I-Suva Park is located in Suva .You should plan your tour to this park but only with a full preparation to survive with the rapidly changing weather in Suva. It may rain anytime then the roads become slippery. So be prepared. You can enjoy the waterfalls and the rain forest with hiking trails, swimming, bird watching etc.

7. Thurston Gardens, Suva

Thurston Garden is a very beautiful green garden and it’s called as a botanical garden. There are so many plants and flowers which makes the Garden landscape nice. There you can have a glimpse of the Mongoose. This is a perfect place for relaxing under the big trees. And the Fiji Museum is a bonus here. Travelers also visit the place when come to this garden.

6. Mount Tomanivi, Viti Levu

Mount Tomanivi is the highest mountain in Fiji. It’s a perfect place for tourism for the mountain climber. There are so many resorts around the mountain. You can climb up the mountain and take a rest coming back to resort. You can turn back besides the rainforest after climbing up.

5. Navua River, Navua

Navua River may be the perfect place for those tourists who are interested in warm River water rafting. People make their tours to Navua River to enjoy the white water rafting. There you may observe the riverside views including the Rainforest Mountains and the island site. This place is a perfect place for tourism.

4. Rainbow Reef, Vanua Levu

This is one of the most fabulous resorts in Fiji which will make you back to Fiji. This place is close to Tavuni. You only can go there by boat which will make you feel like paradise. The hotel management is also very good and the stuffs will treat you as a family. If you are there for any special purpose then you will be greeted with nice songs, coconut drinks and foot massage too. This place is perfect for Honeymoon.

3. Fiji Museum, Suva

Fuji Museum is located in the botanical garden and the garden is also a complete heritage site in it. The museum has been a house for 3700 years back tradition. There are lots of archaeological materials in the museum and their collection is very rich. Here you may learn about the remarkable history of Fiji.

2. Sigatoka Sand Dunes, Sigatoka

Sigatoka is a famous place to tourists because of lots of places to be visited there.Sigatoka Sand Dunes is one of them.It is located near the village kulukulu which is 2 kilometers away from the south of Sigatoka.As a bonus you may enjoy  the  Sigatoka skyline and the Kula Eco park with 500 birds from tropical countries.

1. Kula Eco Park, Sigatoka

Kula Eco Park is one of the best nature or wildlife areas in the Fiji or in the world. This park has won several awards because of its world class facility including the Society for American Travel Writer “PHOENIX” Award in 2012.It’s a park along with Zoo. Different foreigner tourists make their tours here for recreation.

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