Top 10 best tourist places in Greece

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Greece is a country in Southern Europe , and it attracts the 17.5 million people each year. Greece has been an great attraction for local tourists and as well as foreign visitors . There are many best tourist places in Greece and most of them are beach. We have shared Mediterranean and other scenic beaches which most attracts the tourists in Greece.

10. Myrtos Beach , Mouikis Villaga

It is located in the north west of Kefalonia , it is the plus point about this beach that it is world famous beach because of its colorful magical beach . Whenever you have to take any tour of this beach it is wonderful place for the tourism . You can enjoy the natural ecosystem here.

9. Corfu , Loni-an sea

Corfu is the Greece’s famous tourists destination which is located in the Adriatic Sea . Corfu is famous as lonely island . Corfu also attracts the tourists because of its unique culture and architecture .

8. Rhodes , Aegean Sea

Rhodes is very famous place in Greece it also grew the tourism industry in the Greece because of its great beaches and historical culture . Which is located near the Aegean Sea near the Turkey Coast . It is also regarded as one of the most beautiful and scenic beach all over the world .

7. Peloponnese , Southern Greece

Because of its unique shape like leaf , it is traditionally called as Morea , which means mulberry leaf. It is located in the southernmost region of both of the countries Europe and Greece ,. Peloponnese is a wide range of natural beauty . It’s ecosystem attracts the tourists .

6. Mykonos , Cyclades

Mykonos is very crowd area , buzzing night life and also friendly environment of are just two main reasons of its most visited place in the Greece . Mykonos feature as colorful verandas and traditional whitewashed houses increase the tourism industry in the Greece .

5. Crete , Mediterranean Sea

The one of the largest island in the Greece , it is very specious island because of its scenic beauty and different colorful contrasts , picturesque landscape and olives trees . There are different coffee shops different bars and hotels , restaurants for the tourists are available . You can take any tour through the boat and enjoy the while beauty of this place .

4. Delphi , Valley of Phocis

Deplhi is the second place to the Acropolis in Athens , it is one of the most visited archaeological site . It is located about two and half hour from the Athens . Deplhi is also known as the center of the Greece as the center of the earth . Here you can see the wide range of the different mountains .

3. Thessaloniki , Macedonia

Thessaloniki is Greece’s one of the second largest city and very famous place for tourists destination . Lively life different festivals , social events and cultural nightlife make this city very attractive and beautiful .

2. Athens , Capital of Greece

The first glimpse of the Athens will forced you to take tour of this wonderful place . Athens usually known as the cradle of the Western Civilization and also the birth place of the democracy .

1.Santorini , Aegean Sea

It is one of the famous place and one of the tourists place in the Greece because of its scenic and picturesque beauty its increase the tourism industry here . Colorful blends and natural beauty .
Just Amazing Place to visit .. !!

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