Top 10 best tourist places in Ağrı, Turkey

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Ağrı Province is one of the highest regions in Turkey because of its hilly formation. This province is situated in the East of Turkey on 1650 meter high upland and extended to the Iranian Border of Turkey. A major portion of the Ağrı Province’s population is Kurdish. Ağrı Province consists of 8 districts, which are famous for its mountainous range, historical and ancient architecture, natural beauty and Turkish cuisine. Mountain skiing is one of the top most attractions for tourists in this province.

10) Bubi Mountain Skiing

Bubi Mountain Skiing is a ski resort on a mountain, which is situated in the south-west of the centre of Ağrı City. This resort has an earthly atmosphere and the land is covered with pastures of Alpine, which hides under 2-meter snow in winters. Skiing season in the Bubi Skiing resort usually runs from December to April. There are slopes, which are extended to 4 kilometres for snowboarding and skiing. The resort has 3 lifts for the transportation of the visitors. In fact, visitors can enjoy chairlift and T-Bar here. The ski lodge is under the ownership of the Ağrı City Directorate. A café is also available in the resort to serve different eatables and meals to the visitors.

9) Diyadin Hot Springs

Diyadin Hot Springs at the volcanic ground is a place of primitive importance, which is situated about 60 kilometres away from the centre of the Ağrı City. The site basically contains thermal springs of healing mineral water where local and foreign people come to take a relaxing bath and for the cure of different skin and bone diseases which probably makes it one of the main attraction for tourists in Diyadin. The place is not very much developed and has natural pools where people take thermal baths. A hotel is available in the nearby area to accommodate the visitors and offer them appropriate meals.

8) Hani Baba Turbesi

Hani Baba Turbesi is an ancient tomb of 17th century’s great poet, writer and Saint Ahmed Khani. The tomb is situated in the Dogubeyzitta, Ağrı and is also a popular tourist attraction in the province. The tomb is a famous historical monument in Ağrı Province. This tomb has restored by the Government to its original ancient glory. Hani Baba Tomb is standing in its ancient state. Aluminium frames with an outstanding artwork is added to the windows and doors of the tomb. A tea garden and some cafes are created around the tomb for refreshment and meals for the visitors.

7) Ağrı Meteor Crater

The Ağrı Meteor Crater is a meteor hole created on the ground of Gulburak Village near to the Iranian border. The hole was formed when a comet fell there in 1892. This meteor hole is world’s second largest meteor hole and an important tourist site in Turkey. The meteor hole has a depth of 60 meters with a diameter of 35 meters. Its walls contain a lot of jackdaws nests and are half filled with dirt and soil. The hole is situated in the Turkish Military area and is accessible via personal vehicles or a taxi after verification on the check post.

6) Grand Cena Hotel

The Grand Cena Hotel is a luxury 4-star hotel, situated near the centre of Ağrı City. The hotel is located close to the airport and offers a 24-hour service. There are luxurious single, double and triple rooms in the hotel, which are facilitated with comfortable beds, attached bathrooms, newspaper, air conditioning and free Wi-Fi. Meetings and conferences are also organised in the hotel for corporate purposes by different business groups. The hotel is also offering a perfect gym for exercise. A fine quality sauna and a steam bath is also available for relaxation for the customers. Restaurant in the hotel serves a diverse variety of meal, drinks and snacks.

5) Noah’s Ark Site

Durupinar Site is a huge natural rock formation, which is situated in the southeast of Dogubeyazit, Ağrı Province. According to the native people, a mountain in this formation is Mount Judi, which is explained in the Holy Quran. The site is considered as a final resting spot of Noah’s Ark. The shape of the Mount Judi is like a huge boat, which was initially discovered in 1948. It was concluded that the huge boat shaped mountain is not artificial but formed as a result of natural phenomenon. The importance of the site was avoided for a long time, but not by a wise archaeologist Ryon Wyatt. So, he convinced the local people that it is Noah Ark. Proper roads are maintained for the tourists with signboards which leads the way to the Noah’s Ark site.

4) Ice Cave

Ice Cave is an astonishing landmark, situated in Dogubayazit, Ağrı Province. The cave is the masterpiece of nature. This slippery rocky cave has no fancy decorative lighting system, but only the sparkling light from the entrance of the cave. The floor of the cave is covered by the ice shells. There are many spectacular icy scenes and ice sculptures, which are clearly representing the beauty of nature. Temperature is high outside the cave while the temperature is incredibly low inside the cave. This beautiful wonder of nature has no fee to experience this unique landscape.

3) Lake Balik

The lake Balik is Turkey’s highest altitude fresh water lake, which is situated in the north-east of the Taslicay village in Ağrı Province. The lake is 2,250 meters upper, from sea level. The Lake Balik is an important tourist attraction, which was neglected for a long time due to some security reasons. The lake is important for both; summer and winter season tourism. In summers, people visit here for boat trips while in winters, people enjoy ice skating as it completely freezes in winters. The water of the lake is rich with the species of fishes, whereas the trout are most popular species in this lake. Area of the lake also has unique species of birds like seagulls, swans, cormorants and velvet duck. It is declared as one of the hundred bird species protected area. A restaurant is also available there since last 30 years to serve meals to the visitors. The lake Balik is a must visit place in Ağrı, Turkey.

2) Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat is a national symbol of the Armenian people, which is situated in Ağrı near Iranian and Armenian borders. It is a dormant volcanic mountain, which is the highest peak in Turkey and the upper part of the peak is always covered with snow. The Mount Ararat offers a spectacular view of nature from its top. Visitors are also entertained by various sportive activities like mountain climbing, hunting and skiing at this astonishing landscape. Mount Ararat has announced as 35th National Park of the Turkey by the order of Turkish Parliament in November 2004 and is one of the most scenic and one of the most visited tourist spots in Turkey.

1) Ishak Pasha Palace

The Ishak Pasha Palace is the last huge memorial structure of the Ottoman Empire. This palace is genuinely a great example of ancient Turkish Palaces. The Palace’s construction was completed over a whole century by the different generations of Pasha Family in Dogubeyazit city of Ağrı Province. The complicated structure of the palace contains exterior facades, the men’s quarter, first and second courts, a mosque, a soup kitchen, baths, arch gates, ammunition rooms, a mausoleum, dungeons, bakeries and harem section. A central heating system was installed in the palace. The palace is a combined masterpiece of Armenian, Persian and Ottoman architectures.

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