Top 10 best tourist places in Amasya, Turkey

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Amasya is the province of the Turkey, which is situated in the northern belt of the country on the Yesil River in the Black Sea Zone. The province is divided into 7 districts. Amasya City is the district and capital of Amasya Province. The weather in this province is quite hot in summer season while it has a relatively cold winter season. Amasya has been famous for its madrassas since Ottoman Era. It is an agricultural province due to its fertile land and famous for many delicious fruits and vegetables. Amasya is considered as the best place to produce top quality apples in Turkey.

10) Kunc Koprusu

Kunc Koprusu is a bridge in Amasya province expanded over Yesilirmak River and joins the district of Bayezitpasa and Samlar. The bridge was constructed by the Hundi Hatun, daughter of the Seljuk Ruler Sultan Masood ΙΙ. This bridge was totally built using bricks and cut stones in accordance with Seljuk architecture. The wide road of the bridge is lying on three huge arches standing in the river. Kunc Koprusu is an ancient landmark in Amasya Province and initially it was named as Hundi Bridge on the name of Hundi Hatun. Sometime later, local people named it Kundi Bridge instead of Hundi Bridge and finally the word Kundi is replaced by the Kunc. Kunc Koprusu is also known as the Bird Bridge.

9) The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower in Amasya is a cultural heritage of the Ottoman Empire and is situated at the end of Hukumet Bridge. The tower is built by the composition of bricks and wood in accordance with Ottoman Architecture. This ancient landmark was initially built in 1865 by Ziya Pasa but, was damaged during the construction of the bridge and then rebuilt in 1940 and restored again in 2002. The importance of the clock tower is associated with an ancient history of the local people. Attractive lighting in the tower along with the double sided fountains with lights on the bridge increases the beauty of this ancient landmark at night and the place is famous for selfies in front of this lighting tower among the tourists.

8) Kumacik Hamami

Kumacik Hamami is a traditional Turkish bath, which is situated in the Bayzedpasa Quarters in the center of Amasya city and was constructed by the Ayas Aga in the mid of the 15th century. The facility is built from the broken rubber-stone according to the ancient Ottoman architecture. The bath chamber of the hamami includes a cold, a warm and a hot room for the clients. The roof of the dressing room is covered by a huge dome, which is decorated with the Turkish Triangles by the Alaturka Lime. It is a great place for the relaxation of the visitors on vacation in the Amasya city.

7) Hazeranlar Mansion

Hazeranlar Mansion was built in the 19th century by Hasan Talat Efendi as a gift for his sister Hazeran Hanim. The mansion is situated in the center of the Amasya city and represents the astonishing masterpiece of civil architecture of Ottoman Era. This two-story mansion has a section for men and a Harem for women. Seating arrangements in the mansion include four iwans in corners and a central sofa. After the restoration in 1984, the mansion was arranged to serve as a Museum House. About 1,000 ethnographical artifacts are displayed in the house, which includes ancient carpets, kitchenware, Kilims and 19th century’s jewelry that represents the culture of the Ottoman era. It is an important historical attraction for the tourists from all over the globe.

6) Borabay Golu Ve Piknik Alani

Borabay Golu Ve Piknik Alani is a spectacular lake and tourism center located in the Tasova, Amasya Province. The lake is 80 meters wide and has an average depth of 25 meters. Surroundings of the lake have casinos, 9 bungalow houses, picnic and camping areas for the visitors. The beautiful beach of the lake, fresh air and emerald green color of the lake attracts the tourists from all over the world. There is a forest around the lake, which has cedar, yellow pollen and chestnut trees and various recreational activities are operated by the officials. Its surroundings are full of natural beauty and wilderness, which attracts thousands of local and foreign visitors from all over the world.

5) Citadel

Citadel in Amasya is the ruins of a castle and an ancient structure, which have an abundance of historical treasures to experience about. The history of Citadel is associated with early Bronze Age and is situated on Harsena Hill near Merkez Amasya. There are a lot of scenic views to see, which include historical walls of the castle, spectacular views of the Green River & its Valley and considerable deep wells of water connected with the river. Visitors can either go up to the hill by their cars or they can also climb up to the hill for an adventurous trip. A cafeteria is available there to offer qualitative eatables and hot Turkish tea to the tourists. This is one of the best places for family trip and vacations.

4) Kral Kaya Tombs

Kral Kaya Tombs are the Tombs of the Kings of Pontus located on the southern side of the Mount Harsena in Amasya. These monumental tombs of the kings are carved in the rock by the kingdom of Pontus when Amasya was declared as the capital city of the Kingdom. There are huge stone chambers for the graves of the kings inside the tombs. This area of chambers is called “Valley of the kings”. There are five rocky tombs in this area, which are 8 to 15 meters high. This site was included in the speculative list of the cultural group of UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a great tourist spot in Amasya.

3) Amasya Museum of Archeology

Amasya Museum of Archeology is a national museum of Turkey, which is situated in the Amasya. Three story building of the museum contains a service unit, a laboratory and a storeroom in its basement while a compartment, a small exhibition room and a lounge on its ground floor. First floor of the museum has two large halls for the exhibition of prehistorical excavated artifacts and other anthropological objects related to the 11 different civilizations. Garden of the museum exhibits mummies of llkhanate age along with ancient stone relics. About 24,000 historic objects and artifacts are exhibited in this museum at present, which explains the culture of ancient civilization and educate people about them.

2) Amasya Castle

Amasya Castle is a fortress, which is situated in northern region of Turkey in Amasya city. It is also known as Harsene Castle and is a great historical landmark associated with the military history of the region. This magnificently structured castle was constructed by the Pontus King Mitridates in Hellenistic Era. The castle has 4 special gates for entrance, which are known as Maydonos, Meydan, Helkis and Saray doors. The ruins of Mosques, baths just like hamams of the Ottoman Empire, warehouses, armories, cisterns, water tanks, dungeon and a secret passageway with 150 steps of stairs are most famous attractions in this castle. Every year, hundreds of tourists from the whole world visit this castle.

1) Sultan Bayezid II Mosque

The Sultan Bayezid ΙΙ Mosque is an ancient mosque, which was constructed at the end of the 15th century in Amasya. The mosque is the part of a huge complex, which includes a mosque, a madrassa (Islamic Education Centre), a mausoleum, an Imaret (Public Charity Kitchen), a library and a fountain. Prayer area of the mosque is covered by two huge domes while its porch is covered by five domes and two minarets along with a balcony. This historical mosque presents the masterpiece of ancient architectural art of the 15th century. The building of Madrassa is built in the west of the mosque in accordance with the “U” shaped structure while the building of Imaret & guest house is standing in the east of the mosque with an “L” shape structure. This beautiful mosque with its spectacular ancient architecture makes it one of best places to visit in Amasya.

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