Top 10 best tourist places in Miami - Florida, United States

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Miami the vibrant city of Florida has an incredible array of tourists’ attraction. Exquisite beaches, art museums, natural wonderful parks and shopping places of Miami make it superb destination for vacations. This city has pleasant weather, a tropical monsoon climate. Numbers of recreational and outdoor activities are offered by this glamorous city to attract its visitors. We have highlighted some charming destinations of Miami which you may admire.

10) Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium is a fabulous stop for family entertainment in Miami. This historic oceanarium covers 38 acres and it houses killer whale, fish, sharks, sea turtles, and dolphins. Interesting shows are presented here on daily basis. Here you will experience a unique educational adventure among the amazing sea life and wildlife. Friendly penguins and dolphins cheer their viewers by their playful acts. There is a ‘swim with dolphins’ program offered by Seaquarium that offers people to come and enjoy sea life in an absolutely thrilling way.

9) Coral Castle

Edward Leedskalnin created this mysterious limestone structure named as Coral Castle. Incredibly carved numerous stones are worth watching at this momentous place in Miami. This mystical world was created in 28 years of effort. 1100 tons of stones are part of Coral Castle. Oolitic limestones were shaped in form of walls, furniture, and a castle tower. This unbelievable sculptured area is the point of attraction for many art lovers visiting Miami. The famous structure of castle is eight-foot tall revolving gate weighing 9 tons is often documented in TV programs.

8) Matheson Hammock Park

Matheson Hammock Park is a family spot with scenic views of beach Sea Breeze. 630 acres are allocated to this amusement place having unique restaurants. Tourists take joy here in delicious dining experience with fascinating night views of the park. Other attractive activities of this place are kiteboarding, renting kayaks and paddle boarding. Swimming pool, rest areas, and picnic spots are other facilities provided in Matheson Hammock Park. Kids will definitely enjoy this family-friendly park on a sunny holiday. The spectacular view of Miami skyline is a marvelous backdrop to explore here.

7) Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

While visiting Miami, don’t forget to put Vizcaya Museum and Gardens on your list. This Italian Renaissance-style villa was the former home of famous industrialist of the 20th century, James Deering. Wonderland of Vizcaya is covering 28 acres having beautiful gardens and courtyards. Royal architecture built the museum is filled with antique opulent European furniture. It gives the glimpse of a golden age of 16th to 19th century with wonderful decorative work arts. This is one of the jewels of Miami that’s why one of the dreamy destinations for couples for their wedding shoots.

6) Bayfront Park

This urban park lies in the center of Downtown Miami. 32 acres covering Bayfront park hosts many events like Americas Birthday bash, New Year’s party, and Music festival. As it is located right next to the bay so there are charming scenic views to enjoy. This wonderful place is a good option to walk and relax in front of the beautiful water. There are many restaurants and interesting spots in this clean and well-maintained park. Sunset view at this magnificent place is really mesmerizing for the viewers of Bayfront Park.

5) Venetian Pool

Venetian Pool is wonderful historic swimming pool featuring stone bridges and waterfalls. This is the largest freshwater pool in the USA as fresh water from artesian well daily displaces here. A depth of the pool ranges from four feet to eight feet but there is a special kiddy area having a depth of two feet. Lifeguard station is very active and the responsible staff is available to guide tourists for any situation. Here you can find a cafe and sanding sunny area. Venetian pool is also a nice venue in Miami for weddings and receptions.

4) Dolphin Mall

Miami has an entertainment center in the west of the city, the Dolphin Mall. Shopping lovers will go crazy at this place because here you will find what you need. The mall is crowded with the variety of food shops and many popular brands. This shopping center has 240 retail outlets including a small theater. Many stores are factory outlets, offering awesome discounts which make it an ultimate shopping destination. This is an absolutely delightful stop of Miami with great parking area. Many concerts and free entertaining activities also held in Dolphin Mall to attract its visitors.

3) Perez Art Museum

Perez Art Museum is a fantastic contemporary art museum of Miami. Its building is relocated in 2013 to Museum Park and collecting art since 1996. Museum owns a graceful architecture and home to 1800 artifacts. The main limelight of museum is on 20th century and contemporary art. Many antique displays of Perez Art Museum depict the culture of America, Africa, and Western Europe. Along with art and exhibitions, you can also enjoy good food at their restaurant. Lovely night views of Miami can also be enjoyed at this art palace.

2) Tropical Park

Tropical Park is the calm, relaxing and harmonious place to spend some time with your family and friends. This greenery rich park covers 275 acres with many attractive facilities. Locals come here to walk, run and jog even with their pets. Many visitors enjoy numerous of horse shows that held here around the year. You will see many sports lover in the park as many fields for soccer, basketball, softball and tennis courts are built in the park. There is a Santa’s Enchanted Forest within the park having carnival rides and giant Christmas tree.

1) Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is a must visit a place on the trip to Miami. Here you will meet nature in an extraordinary manner. This treasure of Miami is located in Coral Gables just south of the city. This garden has an extravagant collection of rare tropical plants, trees, and flowers. The tourists who love photography will definitely admire this site. Clinton family observatory is the exotic area of the garden where you will have a unique experience of watching butterflies. Within the 25000 square foot, enormous butterflies of many species are cheering and making moments memorable.

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