Top 10 best tourist places in Nebraska, United States of America

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Nebraska is the only US state which has an independent legislature and is situated in the mid-western region of the country and houses 2 million citizens. Its state capital is Lincoln and its largest city, Omaha, is located on the banks of Missouri River. Nebraska is branched into two areas: Dissected Till Plains and the Great Plains. The state is the leading producer of several agricultural products and its other important commercial sectors are IT, manufacturing and transport industry. Nebraska is also home to some of the outstanding tourist destinations in USA and lures millions of visitors annually.

10) Scotts Bluff National Monument

Scotts Bluff National Monument is a towering landmark that lies within the Great Plains and is located 800-feet above the North Platte River. This imposing natural monument was used as a marker by Native Americans. The region consists of five rock formations with cliffs and bluffs. The Scott Bluff is rich with geological and human history and offers a lot to discover for the touring travelers and archaeologists. Moreover, visitor centers have been formed around the area which store exhibits, collections and historical information of the National Monument. Hiking trails have also been refined which lead to higher elevations and great viewpoints of the surroundings.

9) Old Market

Old Market is a small district covering 12 square-blocks in downtown Omaha, Nebraska. The area is full of graveled streets and red-bricked buildings which give glimpses of Omaha’s expected appearance in the early 1900s. The neighborhood houses a variety of restaurants, galleries and is a terrific shopping area. The dim advertising panoramas, covered sidewalks, horse-carriages and street performances add historical charm to the place’s overall view. Most of the classical structures have been renovated. Moreover, walking tours to the surrounding historical and tourist sites are also accessible for travelers.

8) Chimney Rock National Historic Site

It is a highly esteemed rock structure in the west of Nebraska and is designated as a national historic site. The top of the rock is at a staggering height of 1300 meters above sea level and it served as a landmark for the people of surrounding areas in the pre-historic times. The milestone, today, looks similar to when it was rediscovered hundreds of years ago. Tourists can explore the digital exhibits featuring different photographs and displays to examine the artifacts and artworks of the site’s original documentation. While wandering along the trail, visitors can have a sensation of experiencing the lifestyles of Native Americans who lived here.

7) Durham Museum

Durham Museum is situated in one of Omaha’s great asset, the Union Station. The museum has been committed in preserving the history of the western region of the country. It offers guided tours for visitors to explore the broad dimensions of interactive exhibits including history and culture, to science and industry. Durham Museum has an official affiliation with vital sources that includes, Field Museum, National Archives and the Library of Congress. The museum also conserves compilations and artworks of prominent American artists.

6) Ponca State Park

Ponca State Park is a state park situated alongside the bluffs of Missouri River and is named after a Native American tribe, Ponca that inhabited the surrounding area. The Park was established in 1934 and encompasses almost 1,400 acres. Ponca State Park is one of the many places in Nebraska that provides an enchanting wildlife and outdoor experience. The dense forestlands offer habitats for several exotic species, including wolves and foxes. Additionally, the park is noted during the spring season when it bursts into blooms of beautiful, chromatic bunches of flowers. A historic museum as well as high-class hotels and camping sites are also available within the park.

5) Sunken Gardens

Sunken Gardens is a botanical garden in Lincoln that features natural arts and floral displays of 30,000 beautiful plants each year. It was developed in 1930 and is a heavily visited destination due to being a communal pride for the city. The place itself is divided into three main gardens which are regulated and upgraded with new designs and themes every now and then. Visitors can stroll around the trails to explore the marvelous and blooming flowers and plants. Ponds and recreation centers are also established to entertain the tourists.

4) Niobrara National Scenic River

Niobrara National Scenic River is situated near the city of Valentine, Nebraska. It is a premier outdoor recreation site in the state and known for its beauty and geological importance. Hundreds of streams and waterfalls spill into the Niobrara River during its flow through different sand hill formations and plateaus. With 1 lac annual tourists, this site is enjoyed as a superb place for kayaking, canoeing and fishing. Campgrounds are formed to accommodate visitors during the tourist season. Travelers may have a thrilling experience as they hike through pictorial trails for bird-seeing.

3) Nebraska State Capitol

The State Capitol of Nebraska was created in 1920s in Lincoln and houses the legislative and government departments and councils. Nicknamed as ‘Tower on the Plains’, the state capitol of Nebraska is a unique one. Comparing with the state capitols of other states, it has a 400-foot long tower rather than the traditional dome. All the chambers, councils and offices are developed within this 15-storied tower. Nebraska State Capitol depicts democracy through its carved murals and the mosaic tiles and the magnificent interior halls reflect its grandeur, thus luring thousands of visitors to it.

2) Strategic Air and Space Museum

Established in the city of Ashland, Strategic Air and Space Museum is a museum which focuses on aviation and aircraft technology. It extends to an area of 300,000 square feet and boasts different exhibits related to space crafts, nuclear missiles and air vehicles. Amongst its features are: glass atrium, aircraft hangars, an interactive gallery for kids, a museum collection and a theatre. Therefore, the museum is an extremely favored destination for many tourists and aims to preserve aircraft treasures and provide educational programs.

1) Henry Doorly Zoo

Declared by a renowned survey organization as the “world’s best zoo”, Henry Doorly Zoo is a zoo located in Omaha, Nebraska. Spanning over 130 acres, the zoo is home to the world’s largest jungle and desert and also features an underground aquarium. Henry Doorly Zoo accommodates more than 17,000 animals and is the top-paid tourist attraction in the state with an annual estimation of 1 million visitors. It offers captivating and interactive exhibits for visitors along with different educational programs. Trams and camel rides are available to travel around the place. Moreover, an IMAX theatre has been constructed to provide the last touches of amusement to the fatigued visitors.

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