Top 10 best tourist places in Sweden

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I am going to introduce the top 10 best tourist places in Sweden. The green nature and modern cities surrounded with lots of channels make Sweden one of the most appealing tourism spots. Once you reach at Swedish land, you are sure to come back again on any of your vacation, the views are that stunning.

10. Cathedral, Uppsala, Sweden

The cathedral is one of the most significant buildings in Uppsala. It has got a different architectural view and made with home brick. The extraordinary glow of the red church appears in the summer sunset and gets brighter in winter. The most incredible thing of the cathedral is its interior view of French Gothic ambulatory; it’s washed with a golden glow. There is also a small museum in the cathedral to display the tombstones and religious relics.

9. Visby, Gotland, Sweden

Visby is the capital of the Island. It’s called the of place of roses and ruins. It’s located at the northwest shore of Gotland. The governor of Gotland County’s seat is located here. It’s a mystery enclosed within the world of Visby. The medieval part of it has been sealed. The Visby has gotten the honor of World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

8. Gothenburg, Goteborg and Bohus County, Sweden

Gothenburg is a tourism sector of Sweden because of its city view. You can visit this city to just have fun; the city will offer you so many fun options that you will be in a fix which one to go with. There are great arrangements of seafood, restaurants and you will find them world-class. Gothenburg is in 2nd position in the largest city list of Sweden and 5th at Nordic countries. The Gothenburg University, the annual film festival, art museums, parks and free theaters, everything make the city more perfect for tourism.

7. Vaxjo, Kronoberg County, Sweden

The Vaxjo is the greenest city in the entire Europe and got a name as “greenest city in Europe” from the BBC in the year of 2007.  It is located at the southern part of Sweden. This city was born from the efforts of making a habitable environment. In the 1970 the city started to make itself and its canals clean, since then the city is just approaching forward. Now it has become the e sweetheart of nature. The authority of the city has decided that by the year of 2030 the city will be free of fossil and fuel.

6. Oresund, Helsingborg, Sweden

Oresund is the beautiful channel between Sweden and Denmark. The Swedish city of Helsingborg located at the cheapest part of Oresund. Helsingborg is known as Helsingor (Elsinore) on the other side of the Oresund in the Denmark. People come on a tour to Helsingborg to watch the strait. There is a plan to make a bridge over the Oresund then it will attract more travelers.

5. Tree Hotel, Harads, Sweden

The Tree hotel of Harad is sure to remind you about the scientific movies of 19’s. But it’s not an imagination to stay up from the ground. The Tree hotel rooms are there for the nature lovers. It looks like a bird nest or mirror cube. They are completely safe and will give you the opportunity to have a bird’s eye view of the valley. The Lule river view is also very pleasant and this will make you forget the missing of modern facilities which are by keeping the nature in mind.

4. Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge, Bergslagen, Sweden

Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge is famous for lakes and the dark taiga forest. You can reach there by your car, catching a train and bus within 2 hours from Stockholm.  Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge is a combination of 12 forest huts. Those hurts contain two beds which are covered with sheepskin covers. There are fireplaces, but you have cut the wood for fire and light by yourself. There are different tour packages with and without food. You can choose yours one.

3. Falun, Kopparberg County, Sweden

Falun is the main city of Kopparberg region. It is located on the both sides of the Falun River. This river flows between Varpasjo and Runnsjo. The old things are being carried away from Falun and its being built as an executive center of Kopparberg region. This is a good industrial town and mostly attracts tourist with the winter sports or snowboard competitions. This city is one of the best tourist places in Sweden, which contribute a lot in the Swedish tourism.

2. Aurora Sky Station, Lapland, Sweden

The Aurora sky station is one of the best tourist places in Sweden and the best place to enjoy the Northern light view. You can plan your tour to Lapland in the month of September because it’s the best time for the light show of nature. The light show is being seen the best from the station, which is located at the Abisko National Park. Lights depend on the clouds, let’s think positive. If everything remains perfect, then the view from the station may blow your mind within moments. But you need to take care as it’s so cold up the station.

1. The Royal Palace, Stockholm, Sweden

The Royal Palace, Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. It’s the 700 years old royal city which is enriched with historical museums, palaces and buildings. The Royal palace is one of the best tourist places in Sweden. It’s the official residence of his majesty. But it’s not the private property of the royal family. This palace is also known as Kungliga Slottet. There are guest rooms, royal apartment, chapel and the hall of Estates, offices of the recent majesty and the royal court as well

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