Top 10 most beautiful places in Dubbo, Australia

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Located in the Orana region, Dubbo is a city known for its recreational places, festivals and sporting culture. Dubbo being the main city in the area provides health and educational facilities to the residents of surrounding small cities as well. Dubbo is well connected by railway, buses and highways. Dubbo also has its own airport with daily flights to a number of major and small cities in Australia. The city has an excellent sports culture and hosts a number of sporting events including the famous Dubbo International Body Building Championships. Many arts, cultural and agricultural events are also held in Dubbo annually. Dubbo has some excellent sites for tourists to visit. Following is a list of top 10 most beautiful places in Dubbo

10) Old Dubbo Gaol

This old jail will give you a very unique experience. Old Dubbo Gaol is located in the center of the city. It is a very interesting place with plenty of stuff to see. It is a part of the New South Wales history and is very well maintained. The displays look alive and present a very interesting story in an entertaining way. The staff is quite helpful. You can also follow the guide or map provided. Each exhibit has detailed information with them on a plate. Stuff like interactive attractions and scary dark rooms make this place quite scary and interesting. You can also spend some time in the solitary confinement if you dare so.

9) Royal Flying Doctor Visitors Center, Dubbo


The Royal flying doctors service provides medical services to the Australians in far flung areas through air ambulances. The Royal flying doctors visitors centre is a must visit in Dubbo. It is equally attractive to the Australians as well as the people visiting from overseas. You will be warmly welcomed by the hospitable staff who will brief you about RFDS. You will get to see a DVD on the operations of RFDS and also be able to see the aircraft landing and taking off. Simulator is quite an exciting experience as well.

8) Orana Mall


Orana Mall is the best place to shop in Dubbo. It is a huge mall and has almost all the shops one can need. Here you will find basic shops, pharmacies, fashion and jewelry shops, some stores with very reasonable prices, some high price stores as well as a few supermarkets. The food court has a lot of restaurants. The mall has an undercover car parking which is free and the mall is open 7 days a week.

7) Macquaire Regional Library


Serving the population of Dubbo and the surrounding areas, Macquaire regional library has more than 150,000 books and multimedia. Library runs various programs for the community, including reading programs, internet learning and popular story sessions for the young ones. The library also has a very fast free Wifi which is a blessing for the tourists. You can sit and relax, read newspaper, grab some books and use free internet at this library.

6) Lazy Rivers Estate


Having scenic views and nice setting, Lazy rivers estate is a very relaxing place for tourists. The food here is great. The place is also popular for hosting weddings and other events. You can take a walk and wander in the beautiful surroundings. It is a nice place to chill and have some good food.

5) Western Plains Cultural Center


Located on the Wingewarra Street, the Western Plains Cultural Centre is a beautiful combination of modern design and old architecture. The place features a fantastic art gallery, a great museum and a pretty good cafe. You will find great aboriginal displays as well as displays from the early European settlements. There is a huge variety of modern art work too. Exhibitions are held in the gallery frequently. The admission to the place is free and the cafe is reasonably priced.

4) Trike Adventures

Trike Adventures Dubbo Australia


This is an awesome attraction in Dubbo. You will get to discover many local sites on a pretty cool tri-motorcycle. The tour will take you to different streets and the driver will tell you all about the places, their history and some cool stories. It is often described as the best way to explore Dubbo by tourists. This fun ride is going to be a memorable experience which will remind you of Dubbo.

3) Taronga Western Plains Zoo


Taronga Western Plains Zoo has a very open feel. It has vast grounds and a huge variety of animals. The zoo doesn’t have any visual fences and the layout is good as well. The zoo makes sure that the animals live in an environment which is close to their natural habitat. You can do camping and safaris at the zoo. The zoo also has a club house with a swimming pool in it. If you are going with family, hiring a golf cart might be a good idea.

2) Adventure Watersports


This is one tour on which kids and adults both will have fun. It is highly recommended for families. The whole experience will be well organized by enthusiastic, friendly and experienced professionals. They keep in mind your safety as well as the adventure aspect and give you the best. You will be provided with excellent gear, necessary instructions and some basic training. There are many activities available. The tour has excellent boat activities for all age groups. You can do water ski and kayaking as well. This tour will give you and your family a lot of laughs to remember and some pretty good water adventures

1) Shoyoen Japanese Garden


This is a masterpiece. A very very beautiful garden with excellent sights, wonderful smells and a relaxing atmosphere. There is a variety of Japanese plants including Japanese maples. This colorful garden is a perfect place for photography. Garden has a pond with fish in it.  There is also a conservation area where you can learn about the wildlife of Australia. Garden is very well kept and one has to appreciate the curators, gardeners and other staff who maintain it. The garden is a good place to visit for families. Kids will love to feed the giant gold fish and the cute ducks.

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