Top 10 most beautiful places in Minnesota, Unites States

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Minnesota is a state of United States that has a border with Canada and Lake Superior, which is the largest lake in the world. When we have to define Minnesota in one word, we will say “Water”. Minnesota is known as “Land of 1000 Lakes”, but in actual there are 11,842 lakes. The beauty of lakes in different ways makes Minnesota a charming place for visitors. The other attractiveness is its wilderness which is explored by paddlers in most charismatic way.

10) Orpheum Theatre

Thinking about to enjoy a show while staying in Minnesota? Orpheum Theatre is the best choice ever. Its beautiful historical building, which was built in 1921 is still well maintained and full of charm. There are two separate structures in Theatre. One is a very long lobby that extends to Hennepin Avenue and other is auditorium. The auditorium is decorated with amazing swags, medallions and number of garlands. This theater has seating capacity of 1500 on main floor and 1100 on balcony, which is distributed in three levels. The famous shows are “The Lion King”, “Wicked”, “Avenue Q” and “Motown”. These shows gained outstanding popularity and are always performed amazingly.

9) Forestville Mystery Cave State Park

This park has dual attractions in form of natural wonders on both above and below the ground. In summer, tourists not only enjoy amazing views but also get protected by heat when visiting underground. There is a mystery world underground equipped with stalagmite, stalactites and underground pools. Park is open for cave visit throughout the summers, but in spring and fall you can enjoy views only on weekends. Above ground, there is restored 18th century village that gives historical cultural look with facility of ride on horse to cross stream valleys. In winter you have an option to ski with fun.

8) International Wolf Center

International wolf center situated in Ely, Minnesota has an educational purpose. Its role is to maintain the survival of wolf by teaching about wolves, their eating habits, their relationship with other wildlings and role of humans in their future. It also includes the study of human tolerance. The center raises awareness in humans because for the people it is very hard to respect or tolerate for what they have terrible fear. All the arrangements and surroundings in this regard are deserved to be seen and has long lasting impression in people’s mind.

7) St. Cloud Clemens Gardens

Munsinger Clemens Gardens in St. Clouds Minnesota, is a summer beauty of city. There are approximately 80,000 annual plants along with surroundings full of trees, fountains, swings and ponds. This garden is known for having more than 1,100 bushes of rose. Moreover, half of the gardens are all white giving comfort to eyes by equipping all white flowers and shrubs. These gardens are just feast for senses. In summer, you can also enjoy concerts on Sundays without any cost. These concerts are arranged by Munsinger Clemens Botanical Society.

6) Aerial Lift Bridge

Earlier name of Aerial Lift Bridge was aerial transfer bridge. It is situated in Duluth, Minnesota. This bridge was built in 1905 in massive way that carries more than 60 tons of traffic. This historical bridge has astonishing charm for visitors. Through this bridge, residents of Minnesota find it easy to reach mainland. Not only it is built to amaze the tourists, but also the way it works, blows away people’s mind. This bridge is listed on National Register of Historic Places.

5) Superior National Forest

Superior National Forest covers the area of Northeast Minnesota with beautiful lakes and fresh rivers. The boundary waters canoe Area Wilderness is an attraction for the tourists in United States and Canada because of the adjacent boundaries between these two countries. This area is famous for kayaking trip and fishing. Superior National Forest covers area of more than 3 million acres, out of which 445,000 is covered with water.

4) Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium

Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium is located in the Mall of America where dwells thousands of sea creatures including big sharps, stingrays and fresh water fish. In this aquarium, there is a 300 foot long tunnel equipped with thousands of fishes, which attract the visitors to enjoy sea life while remaining dry. Stingray adventure is real time fun that let guests to touch and feed stingrays. The area of jelly fish discovery provides interesting information about different kinds of jelly fish. Another astonishing feature is rainforest that exhibit different fishes, tortoise and crocodiles. You can enjoy underwater parties, birthdays and even weddings that are hosted by sea Life Minnesota.

3) Glensheen Historic Estate

This historical place is marvelous peace of architecture which was built in early 20th century. This is a mystery place for double murder. Its awesome luxurious settings are attraction for tourists as well as unsolved sensational mystery. The mansion is now owned by University of Minnesota that provides tours. Photography is strictly prohibited inside the house during visit and only allowed in outdoors.

2) Valleyfair

Valleyfair is an amusement park with 75 rides and eight outstanding rollercoasters which is an attraction for adventure loving persons. This park is a thrilling place for all kind of fun. The water park enhances charm and is called “soak city”. In Soak city there are amazing rides like “lazy river”, “A wave pool” and many water slides. Beside this, Valleyfair hosts various performance venue and live entertainment that has no additional charges.

1) Mall of America

Mall of America is a place of various kind of facilities, entertainment and adventure. There are dozens of restaurants, theaters, hotel accommodation and different kind of entertainment and amusements. Top amusements are Nickelodeon Universe (which is a best place for kids including rides and different kinds of games), Fly over America (which has an amazing attraction of wind, mist and even feelings of sands while passing across spectacular sights through virtual flight technology), amazing mirror maze, Moose Mountain Adventure Golf (which provides fun adventure for whole family) and A.C.E.S Flight Simulation Center (where you can enjoy adventure of having your hand at landing on an aircraft carrier).

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