Top 10 best tourist places in Nigeria

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Tourism in Nigeria centres largely on events due to the country’s different ethnic groups , rain forests, savannah, waterfalls and also other natural attractions . The tourism industry is regulated by the Ministry of Culture . There are also held some festivals and other cultural celebrations which attracts the tourists not only local but also foreign tourists as well . Here is the list of best tourist places in Nigeria

10.  Lekki Market, lagos

Lekki market also called Elegushi market , it has wide variety of crafts from around Nigeria and West Africa in generally calm sitting . It is located in Victoria  Islands , a posh Lagos neighborhood . Market offers wide range variety of pearls , paintings , cloths , rings  made from animal skin , ivory and wood .

Weekend is ideal time to visit and to get a good ideal !

9. Lekki Conservation Center, lagos

It is run by the Nigeria conversation foundation and this center   has a huge tract of wetlands set aside for its wildlife viewing . Raised walkways enable you to see monkeys , crocodiles and various other birds . Early morning is the best time to visit and to take breath in fresh air in greenery . There is a conversation center and a library as well.

8. Dala Hill, Kano state

Dala hill is a hill which is located in Kano state , it is almost 534 meters high . You can reach at the top of the hill through the steps which are nine hundred and ninety nine foot steps . It attracts the tourist to visit this hill.

7. Nigerian National Museum, Lagos

The museum was founded in 1957 by the English man . It is a national museum which is located in the city of Lagos , Nigeria . The museum also has notable collection of different Nigeria art , like pieces of statuary and carvings and ethnographic exhibits . There also many art pieces which made terracotta like terracotta human head Jemma and this art called part of the Nok culture .

6. National Church of Nigeria, Abuja

The church is built in a neo –gothic style and has several arches , here stained glass window which are simple but attractive mix colors yellow , green  , red color can be seen all over the church . It is open for the public , when church not being used for the Christian ceremonies . Mostly Christian take tour of this church .

5. Oguta Lake, Lmo State

Oguta lake is one of the largest natural lake in Lmo State which is located equatorial rainforest region . Oguta lake is one of the famous destination for the tourists and also source of different activities like source of water and fish also famous for the tourists tour . Uhamiri is considered to be the goodness of the oguta lake .

4. Kunta Kinteh Island, Gambia

Lunta Kinteh Island basically james Island , It is an island in the Gambia River , 30 Km far away from the river mouth near Juffureh . Fort James also located on this island . Famous and perfect place for the tourists .

3. Aso Rock, Abuja

Aso Rock is a large outcrop which is located in Abuja , Nigeria . It is one of the famous and noticeable rock of this country , Aso means Victorious and the proper mean ( The People Of Victory ) . Best place to visit ever .

2. Zuma Rock, Abuja

Zuma rock is a large monolith which is located in Niger State , Nigeria . It is sometimes referred to as “Gateway to Abuja “ . Zuma rock is a beautiful natural sight to behold . You should drive slowly at there . God’s hand work and you can make your tour memorable through taking pictures of it from different places .

“Beautiful sight to behold” !

1.Victoria Island, Lagos

Victoria island is also exist in Canada and in Lagos , Nigeria . It is the main business and financial center of Lagos , Nigeria . Victoria island is one of the most expensive and also exclusive area to live in Nigeria , it is considered the posh area of the Nigeria . Many traders visit this area for own trade .


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